Formula E Accepts 10 Teams For Third Season 2016-17 And Adds 5 New Cities

JUL 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Formula E in Hong Kong

Formula E in Hong Kong

The FIA Formula E Championship is preparing for the third season – 2016-17, which begin on October 9 in Hong Kong.  (Watch highlights of the 2nd season finale that just wrapped up in London here)

There still will be 10 teams – with two drivers and two cars per driver (total four cars per team).

Montreal will host two Formula E races,
as well as New York

However, the number of powertrain constructors increases to 9 and there is five new cities in the significantly extended racing calendar, now with 14 rounds.

“Eight of the 10 teams have been involved right from the very beginning of the world’s first fully-electric single-seater series, even if some have undergone a name change since then.

The new entries come courtesy of Jaguar, the company choosing Formula E to mark its return to motorsport after an absence of over a decade, and the Chinese Techeetah team, that took over Team Aguri’s entry and is owned by China Media Capital, a public equity and venture capital firm based in Shanghai. Another new name is that of Faraday Future, an advanced mobility company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Southern California (USA), which has entered into a new technological partnership with Dragon Racing.”

Faraday Future Dragon Racing

Faraday Future Dragon Racing

The 10 teams entered are:

  • ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport
  • Andretti Formula E
  • Faraday Future Dragon Racing
  • DS Virgin Racing
  • Jaguar Racing
  • Mahindra Racing
  • NextEV NIO
  • Renault e.Dams
  • Techeetah
  • Venturi Formula E

Also announced today are the names of the nine constructors whose powertrains have been homologated for season three (Manufacturer/Car model):

  • ABT Schaeffler – ABT Schaeffler FE02
  • Andretti Technologies – ATEC-02
  • DS-Virgin – DSV-02
  • Jaguar – Jaguar I-Type 1
  • Mahindra – M3 ELECTRO
  • NextEV TCR – NextEV TCR Formula 002
  • Penske – 701-EV
  • Renault – Z.E. 16
  • Venturi – VM200-FE-02
 Jaguar Formula E racer

Jaguar Formula E racer

The new calendar features 14 races in 12 cities. Canada nets two Formula E rounds in Montreal, and two rounds are also reserved for New York, while there is no sign of London (at least for now) where in previous seasons two rounds were held (Brexit or something?).

“The calendar features 14 races, to be staged in 12 of the world’s leading cities, with double-headers in Montreal and New York. In addition to the ePrix, there will be a special event, the FIA Electric Mobility Forum, which will take place in Las Vegas on January 7.”

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said:

“Formula E is all about showcasing fully-electric racing together with the most iconic landmarks in the world – and the calendar for next season certainly matches our ambitions. It’s fantastic to be able to bring Formula E to new markets, but more importantly to new fans. It will be great to finish the third season in New York, pending the approval of all the relevant stakeholders. The growth and interest in the sport has been on an upward trend since the very beginning, and I’m sure that the third season of the FIA Formula E Championship will once again prove to be a thrilling spectacle.”

FIA President Jean Todt said:

“Today and tomorrow the finale of the second season of the FIA Formula E Championship takes place in London and already, the third season promises to be even more exciting. It will tackle a schedule that takes it to some of the most beautiful cities on no fewer than four continents, starting in Hong Kong and finishing in New York. It’s been less than two years since Formula E made its debut in Beijing and today it has staked its claim to being one of the most interesting and innovative championships on the current motorsport scene at a global level, which was not something that could have been taken for granted when it first began. More than any other, this championship brings together the two pillars on which the FIA is based, namely sport and mobility. It is also an amazing platform for the promotion of a new model for sustainable mobility, bringing a new form of motorsport to the heart of cities.”

2016/17 FIA Formula E Championship – Calendar

Rd 1 – Hong Kong ePrix* – October 9

Rd 2 – Marrakech ePrix* – November 12

FIA Electric Mobility Forum – Las Vegas** – January 7

Rd 3 – Buenos Aires ePrix – February 18

Rd 4 – Mexico City ePrix – April 1

Rd 5 – TBA – April 22

Rd 6 – Monaco ePrix – May 13

Rd 7 – Paris ePrix – May 20

Rd 8 – Berlin ePrix – June 10

Rd 9 – TBA – June 24

Rd 10 – Brussels ePrix* – July 1

Rd 11 – Montreal ePrix* – July 15

Rd 12 – Montreal ePrix* – July 16

Rd 13 – New York ePrix*** – July 29

Rd 14 – New York ePrix*** – July 30

Hat tip to Maciej B!

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The Formula E has been a lot of fun to watch. I’m glad it’s doing well and growing. It’ll be a lot of fun when they start to improve all the components of the cars.

I’ve been enjoying the first two series and am glad to see more constructors. Also, yeah Montreal!

The racing has been awesome!

Cannot wait for season 3 to return!

Great summary of the exciting changes for next year! Really impressed with the growth of Formula E and that the technological roadmap seems on course to eliminate the driver swap by season 5!

When will the competition be open to custom battery packs? I want to see LG vs. Panasonic vs. Samsung.

I’m not sure. They’re looking for a battery vendor to provide enough energy to complete the full race in Season 5 (no second car needed).

Agreed. I want to see the latest cutting edge batteries being used. Solid state vs air batteries vs. ?.

“What are the technical highlights of the battery?

We have designed the battery to meet specific technical specifications mandated by the FIA and Spark Racing Technologies. Fundamental requirements were a 200kg cell weight limit, a 1000V maximum allowed bus voltage, a 200kW peak power limit and maximum usable energy of 28kWh.”

This is stupid, why is the usable kWh is deliberated limited?!

Racing always have stupid rules that limit innovation, like cars have to be exactly the same. The rules are made to be human vs human. The technological innovations come from machine vs machine.

My favorite Formula E would be with autonomous electric cars, without humans drivers.

Season 2 allowed the teams to change the inverter, motor, and transmission. There are several approaches being taken with all 3 components.

If you haven’t watched the 50 min. extended youtube videos of season 2 races, you should treat yourself.

For me, racing had become an undesirable sport. Between the noise and continued pursuit of technological excellence in fossil fuel burning, I was fed up.

Formula E racing put the fun back in watching racing.

“fossil fuel burning” isn’t perfectly correct as most racing use methanol or ethanol. I should have omitted “fossil”.

Formula E sounds like a runner up! Exciting racing in the middle of cities.

Can somebody please tell me where i can watch it on TV in Europe??? EuroSport? I have never seen a race 🙁

Jean Charles Jacquemin

Please try to replace old fashioned polluting F1 tv reporting with Formula-e ones !