Formula 1 Champ Sebastian Vettel on Formula E – “I Don’t Like It At All” – Vettel’s Racing Team Red Bull Considers Joining Formula E


Sebastian Vettel Thinks the Silence of Formula E Racing Would be No Fun

Sebastian Vettel Thinks the Silence of Formula E Racing Would Make It No Fun

Sebastian Vettel of Formula One’s Red Bull racing made some comments directed at Formula E that perhaps he shouldn’t have put out there in the open.

Vettel's Red Bull Racing Team is Now Considering Joining Formula E

Vettel’s Red Bull Racing Team is Now Considering Joining Formula E

Quoting Vettel:

“I don’t like it at all.

“I think the people come here to feel Formula One and there’s not much to feel when a car goes by and you don’t even hear anything else but the wind.”

Vettel’s racing team Red Bull stated that it’s now considering joining Formula E, which certainly adds a twist to the comments by Vettel.

There’s no chance that Red Bull can get into Formula E’s inaugural season as the 10-ten lineup has been finalized.

Formula E is expected to expand its race schedule and to allow additional teams in during the second season of the racing series, which will kick off in 2015.

Vettel’s comments seem to put him alone on the side of the fence that’s against Formula E.

Former Formula 1 driver Michael Andretti entered a team in Formula E.  Audi has a stake in Formula E.  F1 legend Alain Prost is involved in Formula E.  Virgin Racing is involved in Formula E and so on.

Several huge names are now linked to Formula E, so Vettel should perhaps watch the negative words he says of Formula E, as his team (Red Bull) and perhaps even him may someday be racing in the electric championship series that is Formula E.

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As an avid EV enthusiast, I’ll admit that I find the heavily electrified powertrains coming down the pipeline for regular F1 way more exciting than pure EV. There are just so many more variables at play, intense regen and electric boost, rationing that boost, and there are more opportunities for different designs and strategies. With a pure EV, you have one source of energy and one way to extract it. Actually, when I put it this way, I’d say Formula E would make for a more pure driving experience. But then there’s also the issue of limited range – I really wish Formula E had opted for swappable batteries instead of swapping cars – that’s not going to do the technology any favours in terms of showing off to the general public.


But that doesn’t mean I agree with Vettel’s reasoning! The “lack of exciting sounds” thing has to stop, hasn’t he ever heard the TTXGP bikes screaming around the Isle of Mann??


mustang salad +1. swappable batteries. what a pit stop that would be!! Would much rather see that than a driver jumping out of a car…


As a lifelong fan of motorsports and a curent BEV owner I plan on attending the Los Angeles race. My main reason for doing so is so I can see just how much the spectator experience will be diminished by the dramatic change in sound. I love feeling the sound of a race car hitting my body, it gives me goosebumps at every pass of every car. Regarding Seb’s comments; when your the four time and current World Champion of Formula 1, not to mention one of the best drivers the sport has ever known, you have no fear about expressing your opinions to anyone.


Let’s be honest, you have to be an idiot to attend an F1 race without ear protection. Electric will just mean you don’t need any, and you’ll still get an awesome escalating scream as these things go by. I guess there might not be any gear changes to stir things up, but there’s something to be said about the uninterrupted crescendo all the way from 0 to 200 or whatever these things will do.

Dan Hue

Even with ear protection, you feel the cars through your body. Even a deaf person would enjoy that. There’s no way around it, it’s gonna be a problem for EV racing.


I never said without ear protection. I said I love to FEEL the sound. When a racing engine roars past you it’s the same effect one gets from combat jets at an airshow, a charge pounds thru your body. I don’t see the whine/zip/snap of an electric motored car ever doing that. Time will tell.

Dan Hue

Being an EV fan, I truly hate to admit it, but I have to agree a little with Vettel. Noise in racing adds drama, and it’s lacking in an EV. The harmonics of a screaming F1 engine are incomparable. To my hears, those tail pipes are musical instruments.

A classic gem:
Renault F1 playing God Save the Queen:


Mr. Vettel will be found to be correct. I give EV racing two, maybe 3, seasons.


Ah, luddites.

They’re holding Formula-E races in city centres. I’m going to try and get tickets for the London race in 2015, it will be nice to not be deafened by the cars.

Stop living in the past and get behind Formula-E, electric is the future as you should all well know if you drive an EV!

Red HHR.

I love the sounds of revving engines during a good horse race.


Horse racing is dying. “This Sunday, Hollywood Park — the 75-year-old horse racing track in Inglewood — will host its final race. The park’s closure comes as its fan base ages and attendance dwindles. ” source: (89.3 KPCC – Southern California Public Radio)

Probably not noisy enough…


I hope the E races are not as boring as F1 has been this season. I don’t believe for a minute Red Bull’s success was all Vettal. Red Bull gave him a car heads above the others. I would like to see parity by weight adjustments among the front runners.and I hope E racing has the sense to implement weight parity starting day one.


The loudest noise at any race other than motorsports is the starting pistol. I prefer sails to pistons.


People who say “no one will like racing without deafening noise” are like people in the past who warned that “no one will go to bars/restaurants/bowling alleys after smoking is banned in those places”. What happened in the latter case is that after the establishments got rid of the smoke smells and stains business boomed. In the case of the bowling alleys they got the kids back, which meant building a future customer base.

I suspect that the same will happen for racing. There are a lot more things about racing to enjoy other than the noise, and I suspect the noise keeps more people away than they realize.


FYI the bowling industry has lost around 1 million members since the smoking ban. There may be NO correlation but the numbers are way, way down.