Former US Transportation Secretary Joins Proterra

FEB 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

Proterra Delivers Three Additional EcoRide Battery-Electric Transit Buses to WRTA

Proterra EcoRide BE35

Former US Secretaries seem to be joining EV companies almost monthly these days.

After former Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu joined battery maker Amprius, former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood joins Proterra’s Board of Directors.

According to Proterra, during time as Secretary, LaHood was an avid supporter of EV transit, leading the Federal Transit Administration’s Clean Fuels Program. Thanks to this program, Proterra sold several dozen electric buses to operators that received financing to buy EVs.

Ray LaHood commented:

“I believe in the need for dependable, lower cost, more sustainable transit options. EV is the future of transit, and I am pleased to lend my knowledge and support to building this future with Proterra – the clear industry leader and the only American EV bus manufacturer.”

Garrett Mikita, president and chief executive officer, Proterra stated:

“We are incredibly fortunate to work with an expert like Secretary LaHood, who can offer insight into so many of the key issues facing our industry. He is a true and long-standing supporter of cost effective and sustainable transportation and an advocate of both transit agencies and manufacturers. We look forward to having the benefit of his wisdom and counsel as we work to advance the American transportation system and enable better solutions for taxpayers in transit.”

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“We are incredibly fortunate to work with an expert like Secretary LaHood, who can offer insight into so many of the key issues facing our industry. ”

He’s just another career politician from the corrupt state of Illinois. Expert? Sure … at politics. They’re hiring him for his free-government-money connections.


That doesn’t mean that those connections and political pull aren’t helpful to Proterra.
Its a wicked world, and all board members of every company have to have political nous!


After reading your reply, I called Speaker John Boehner to let him know about Proterra and LaHood. So he’s gonna toss a few billion to Chevron, Koch Industries, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh! I assured him that my EV-blog-buddies would be cool with it. He was so touched by your generosity, that he started to cry. 😉


Proterra needs to start making a real bus with a real size battery. Is it such a problem to call up Tesla and put 2-3 of their battery packs in their buses. And even if Tesla says no, if BYD can do it, so should Proterra…


Proterra’s batteries charge 10x faster: 0 to 95% in 6 minutes.


Yes, that’s nice, but I wonder why are cities like London, LA or NYC all trying out BYD while none seem to be interested in Proterra…