Former Stig Drives Electric Cars On The Track – Video


Which one do you like?

Which one do you like?

Former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins takes a spin in 7 different mid-range &/or lower-price range plug-in electric cars with 7 different passengers.

The 7 passengers were part of this “Daily Telegraph competition winner” thing, and they will be testing these vehicles at the Millbrook test track.

In the short video above, Collins briefly talks about the performance & handling as a whole, & states that “These cars are a lot of fun to drive“.

Also, notice how each person seems to have really enjoyedtheir experience with each vehicle… Glad to see more and more individuals are understanding and liking plug-ins!

Videos (below): Some short promos we assume were taken at the same time by Go Ultra Low

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Robb Stark

The BMW i8 is a mid-range &/or lower-price range plug-in electric car?


More than half of them are PHEVs…


Yes, Mr Collins (‘The Stig’… *not* being a TG fan and never having seen him in the flesh – as it were – before, I always imagined he was a spotty ‘yoof’/oik, but he’s quite a sensible chap, really, isn’t he?!) gets it right with “ultra low emission vehicles”, why can’t Mr Anthony?

Mr Anthony, here’s a clue for you if you can’t figure it out for yourself… the real EVs haven’t got exhaust pipes!


There is an early episode of TG where you get to see him doing stunt driving without the helmet. Look for the one where a skydiver lands in the back of his cabriolet

Cody Osborne

Really, they group the gawd awful Prius in with these cool cars? WTH? How would anyone in their right mind call a Prius fun?
Other than that tho, good stuff.


+1 on the PiP, would rather try making love to a hedgehog than drive a PiP every day.

The Prius is like health food, you know from the taste (or in this case the driving experience) that its good for you. It still has a place in the automotive world but only as a last resort.


These video’s pose and interesting question, how fast can you go in a Leaf backwards?

I’ve always wanted to be famous but I don’t think I would do well in a prison environment. What speed do you think I would need to be going in reverse on the freeway in my LEAF to get on the news but not go to jail?

Warren M

I already tried in my 2012 LEAF. Speed in reverse is governed to a fairly slow speed.

Someone out there

Ben Collins should be the new host of Top Gear!


Yeah he seems like a very level headed guy compared to the people he used to work with. He did a review of the LEAF a few years ago and he was very fair describing how it drove and the pros and cons, unlike the LEAF ‘review’ that was on Top Gear.


Robert Llewellyn just did an episode of Fully Charged where he found the exact Leaf that Top Gear used and panned the silliness of the episode.