Former Pepsi Building Now Home To Apple Electric Car Project – Report

MAR 2 2016 BY STAFF 22

News has broken today that Apple has leased a 96,000 sq. ft. facility nearby its already functioning “noisy” automotive research facility in Sunnyvale, California.

Satellite View Of New Apple Facility In California

Satellite View Of New Apple Facility In California

The property is located at 960 Kifer road, 10 minutes from Cupertino. Apple leased an entire seven building campus in Sunnyvale, less than a mile from here. One of the buildings is the one rumored to be the shell company for Apple’s car. Previously, Apple leased an 80,000 sq. ft. building and a 140,000 sq. ft. building on the same road.

Apple leased the property in November, but it was kept private since then. City permits show that Apple plans to use the old Pepsi bottling factory “as is”. It has been vacant since 2013.

The company is expanding rapidly, acquiring various locations including a former FedEx warehouse, former chip fabrication plant, numerous office buildings, and several R&D labs. Apple has also purchased 86 acres in San Jose, that could house a 4.5 million sq. ft. campus.

Apple’s timeline is still unclear, as sources are conflicted on reports. Some reports are insisting that Apple is already meeting with California officials about testing the vehicle (which assumes there is already a vehicle to view and test). Other reports have been pointing at a hiring freeze and a slowing in progress.

It’s interesting to know that years ago, Steve Jobs recruited Pepsi CEO John Sculley. Jobs asked:

“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

The Apple car will surely be world-changing when it comes to be.

Editor’s Note:  This post, and many others specific to Apple’s plans for its own autonomous/electric car  can be found at Apple Car Fans.

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I’ve been very outspoken about my skepticism that Apple actually intends to get into the heavy industry business of mass producing cars, and I know that skepticism is shared by at least some well-informed industry watchers, despite what is said in many online articles on the subject. However, after reading the Wikipedia article on the “Apple electric car project”, it does seem a lot more likely that Apple has real plans to enter the market segment. Here’s a quote from that article: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In October 2015, at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference at The Montage resort in Laguna Beach, California, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated about the car industry that: “It would seem like there will be massive change in that industry, massive change. You may not agree with that. That’s what I think…“We’ll see what we do in the future. I do think that the industry is at an inflection point for massive change.” Cook enumerated ways that the modern descendants of the Ford Model T would be shaken to the very chassis — the growing importance of software in the car of the future, the rise of autonomous vehicles, and the shift from an internal combustion engine… Read more »

Apple doesn’t need to build an assembly plant.

Well, contracting with an existing auto maker would certainly be a much more realistic possibility than contracting with an electronics manufacturer like Foxconn, as others have claimed!

But if Apple is just gonna hire someone else to make cars for them and slap an Apple logo on them, then their profit margin will be even worse than average for the auto industry… and that’s already pretty bad.

If Apple really plans to fundamentally change how cars are made, it won’t be by hiring Magna Steyr to make cars for them.

I believe this Apple Car is all misdirection for Apple’s newest product…iCola.

Maybe, but if you don’t use the OEM iCanOpener, it’ll lock you out and you can’t drink it.

That’s good because you don’t want I diabetes…LOL

They’re making it to compete with a new product from a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Chrysler called the “iAcocca”

I don’t think I want to know what that tastes like.

(as in the adult diaper) 🙂

I actually totally agree with Tim Cook’s summary there even though I’m not an Apple fan in general.

I honestly think the best strategy that Apple could follow would be to partner with Tesla.

Tesla has the experience and could use the addition resources that Apple could easily afford and for Apple they would greatly accelerate their car’s development.

Not to mention their close physical proximity and in some ways their ideologies seem very similar could facilitate a great partnership. However, I don’t think this is going to happen.

An Apple-Tesla partnership would be a serious threat to fossil fuel economy and a significant player in the transition to renewable energy-electric vehicles.

“Get Real said:

“Tesla has the experience and could use the addition resources that Apple could easily afford and for Apple they would greatly accelerate their car’s development.”

“…However, I don’t think this is going to happen.”

It does seem like a marriage made in heaven. But like you, I don’t see it happening. Apple has no reason to fund Tesla without being in control, and I can’t see Elon giving up control at present. However, when Elon is ready to get out, which he says won’t happen for at least 4 years, then I can certainly seeing him considering a buyout from Apple.

My Prediction…
Within 10 years, 1 out of every 3 new cars sold in North America will be an a Tesla or Apple car.

Tesla currently has a 27% market share in large luxury sedan category and they will soon with their upcoming Model III be also eating into the midsize luxury space.

As Tim Cook says: “It would seem like there will be massive change in that industry, massive change.”

It will be interesting to see how Apple decides to compete against Tesla’s ever growing Supercharger Network (Tesla planing to have over 500 locations in America by end of 2017).

No way. It would take 5 years just to develop one model and build a manufacturing line to build it, then another 5 years to ramp up to full production (for an inexperienced auto maker). This is for one model. Tesla is the perfect case study of how long it takes to design, test, and manufacture a car from scratch. Nobody is taking over the car market with one model. Not Tesla. Not Apple….and definitely not in 10 years.

[sarc] You guys think GM and Exxon are going to go out of busines???? I would make a long comment, but I’ve got to jump in my AMC and drive over to Montgomery Ward’s to buy a new Kodak camera. [/sarc]

Don’t forget to fill up on leaded gasoline.

While you are out could you swing by the Fotomat, my photos are ready.

Get serious, people ! Everybody knows that the Apple Car will have a voice actuated food replicator that will, on command, make any soft drink or snack food known to man.

Oooh, gimme some of dem nacho-cheese marshmallows, bruh.

Bet there’s a selfie option.

omg it’s confirmation that car will use aluminium, glass and plastics

And thin. So very, very thin.