Former Chrysler CEO Discusses Tesla Direct Sales Concept – Video


“Former Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Robert Nardelli discusses the auto business and his outlook for Tesla on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Bob Nardelli on Tesla Direct Sales

Bob Nardelli on Tesla Direct Sales

Nardelli, if you recall, served in a similar capacity at The Home Depot from December 2000 to January 2007.

Prior to that, Nardelli held one of the top spots at General Electric.

Nardelli has the distinction of being named one of the “Worst American CEOs of All Time” by CNBC.  Probably not a distinction Nardelli is fond of.

On the flip side is Tesla CEO Elon Musk who has won basically every positive award/title possible for American CEOs.

This ought to be interesting.


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I think if we had “optionality” there would only be one way people would choose to buy a car. That said, options is much better than one choice.

[George W. voice] “We’re gonna electrificate the automotified industry…. heh heh heh”.

Truecar is one site and company attempting to bypass the dealer experience and drive the sale on the internet. The whole jargon about going to the dealer is hilarious. Just learn to say no and walk out. People just have no self esteem any more and can’t stand up for themselves. So they hide behind a keyboard and call dealerships “the grinch”. In english terms, that is popycock.

I’m bored with the subject.

Tesla get’s to sell direct in my book.

Level the dealer vs direct playing field – if dealers don’t want Tesla to be allowed to sell direct, then force the dealers to ONLY sell Plug-In vehicles (BEVs, PHEVs, EREVs, etc). Once they comply with that then I say Tesla should have to sell via dealers. Until then – dealers take a hike!

It’s kind of fascinating… in any civilized country with some kind of free market you would of course be able to sell your cars in any way you prefer.
This is what happens when you’re a regulated commie-country… hehe…

This has nothing to do with regulations and is as far from “commie” as possible. The whole issue is moneyed interests buying political power in a free and open representative democracy.

This is the sort of thing that happens specifically due to the fact that there are essentially no regulations on campaign finance, and the Supreme Court keeps blocking any attempt to do so.


What if you could order your car on Amazon along side pens and diving equipment?

What if you could go to Walmart and buy a car?

Why do we need dealerships at all?

Over $35 and shipping is freeee!!