Former BMW & Nissan Execs Form Electric Car Brand Byton

SEP 27 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Byton electric car

Chinese car company Future Mobility Corp., founded by former Nissan and BMW execs (as well as a former Tesla employee or two), have launched a new brand – Byton, with an eventual eye for the global market.

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Byton electric car

FMC has raised some $200 million, and would like to sell cars in China (from 2019), and ultimately also in the U.S. and Europe, using a direct sales model through a website combined with third-party showrooms.

Byton’s first electric vehicle is to be launched in late 2019 in China. It will be a premium midsize crossover (SUV) and we will see it at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018…if all goes as currently planned.

Daniel Kirchert, Future Mobility’s president, told Reuters:

“The car is really developed for China, the U.S. and Europe. From the beginning we planned to launch it globally, setting up our sales subsidiaries in the U.S., China and Europe.”

“After (January next year) we will start to engage with customers, take orders, and build up our sales organizations.”

As usual, with startups such as these, we hear claims of range figures that are simply ridiculous. Think 400-plus miles or so and you get the idea. The actual vehicle doesn’t exist right now, so we’ll ignore these outrageous claims for the time being.

After the SUV, two more cars are to be launched by 2022 – a sedan and a 7-seater multi-purpose vehicle.

Take a look at this huge 1.25-meter dashboard screen:

Byton electric car (Source: Reuters)

Another too-outrageous-to-be-true pipe dream?

We’ll keep an eye on Byton to see how the company progresses, but as of right now we’re not expecting much more than your typical startup claims and dreams.

Source: Reuters

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The US should do what China does. If they want to sell their products here they need to partner with a US company and share their IP to be able to manufacture and sell in the US.

China plays by their rules, in case you haven’t checked recently!

+1001 couldn’t agree more. Trade deals can be good when done well. Both Canadian and U.S. governments appear to be dupes. Canada has signed a free trade deal with Korea. We get low priced cars and electronics. Korea gets pigs?!?!?. Love Tesla for being all American even though I’m Canadian. Store shelves here are full of “made in China”. What the hell do they do for us?

And Game Theory 101.
Match their import tariff’s exactly.
If they impose a 20% import duty on cars, then You Do To.
Same with the Japanese.

And require that they put in their own money.

another Vapor2012TeslaKillerWare. LOL

You do know ICE cars are heavily subsidised, and that their prices do not reflect the many negative cost externalities?

WoW. Global Warming Crack Pot Science isn’t enough for Exxon.

Will it cost less if i bring my own flat screen? That thing is ridiculous!

Then there’s the little man standing on the driver’s seat.
What about him? Huh?

He’s the Byton AutoPilot Buddy Feature… you place him on your lap and let him steer… but acceleration & braking remains manual.

You can at time of ordering the car choose to have either a male or female AutoPilot Buddy.

You do need to occasionally feed him/her.

With all these different companies trying to build their own cars, why not invest in Tesla.