Ford’s Big China Push Includes 15 New Electrified Vehicles

DEC 7 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Ford has announced a new plan for growth in China that focuses on smart vehicles, electrification, expanded local production and also a leaner business structure.


By 2025, Ford intends to launch at least 15 all-new electrified vehicles in China (which yes, means hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric offerings) under its Ford and Lincoln brands.

Eight all-new SUVs will be launched too, though we don’t know how many of those will be of the plug-in variety (but at least 1 for sure…see below).

Revenues are expected to grow by 50% over 2017 results.

One of the new SUVs, scheduled for 2019, is to be a global all-electric, small SUV locally assembled. This is the same model, announced earlier this year, for the U.S. was originally to be manufactured at the company’s Flat Rock plant, but Ford has now reportedly moved all EV production from that plant to Mexico, so it can focus on autonomous tech at home. Range of the new utility vehicle will be no less than 300 miles.   (Hat tip to GeorgeS)

In addition to all those plans, Ford has kicked off its new Zotye-Ford JV, that will launch an all-new range of affordable all-electric vehicles, but in this case -for Chinese consumption only.

Bill Ford stated:

China is not only the largest car market in the world, it’s also at the heart of electric vehicle and SUV growth and the mobility movement. The progress we have achieved in China is just the start. We now have a chance to expand our presence in China and deliver even more for customers, our partners and society.”

 Press blast:

Even More Smart, Connected Vehicles: The company plans to offer more than 50 new Ford and Lincoln vehicles in China by 2025.

The expanded product portfolio will reflect an even stronger emphasis on SUVs – with eight all-new utilities, along with more electric vehicles.

The company will launch at least 15 new electrified vehicles from Ford and Lincoln.  And the new Zotye-Ford joint venture will deliver a separate range of affordable all-electric under a new brand, pending regulatory approvals.

“From luxury Lincolns, to Ford cars and SUVs, to an all-new electric vehicle brand, we will meet the growing desire and need in China for great new energy vehicles,” said Jason Luo, chairman and CEO, Ford China. “Each of them will be safe, efficient, fun to drive and backed by an ecosystem that makes charging, sharing and servicing easy.”

Plus, by the end of 2019, 100 percent of new Ford and Lincoln-badged vehicles in China will be connected through either embedded modems or plug-in devices. Company leaders also are working on broader infrastructure opportunities to improve future mobility experiences.

Ford is one of the founding members of the Board of Baidu’s Project Apollo, building on the agreement signed earlier this year. The Apollo Open Platform accelerates the development, testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles. Ford’s participation supports the company’s robotics and artificial intelligence research efforts and provides an opportunity to contribute to a platform that will be key to developing autonomous vehicles in China.

“We are responding to the rapid pace of change by delivering increased connectivity and working to improve and simplify mobility for everyone,” Hackett said. “This builds on our commitment to deliver smart vehicles for a smart world, helping people around the world move more safely, confidently and freely.”

 Closer connections to Chinese customers: In 2019, the company starts producing five additional Ford and Lincoln models in China for Chinese customers, including a new Lincoln premium SUV, and the company’s first global fully electric small SUV.

Producing vehicles locally speeds time to market, while providing greater opportunities to fully leverage the local supply base. It also allows Ford to further tailor vehicles to more closely meet the needs of Chinese customers.

“Some of our most advanced manufacturing and innovation facilities are here in China,” said Peter Fleet, group vice president and president, Ford Asia Pacific. “Producing more vehicles for China locally allows us to improve the benefits for our customers, our partners and our bottom line.”

Ford last month opened the Nanjing Test Center, which furthers product development capability and innovation in China. The test center – which includes close to 80 different types of real road surface conditions, a three-kilometer test track and a sophisticated emissions testing facility, will allow Ford to speed development of  new products, services and technologies to meet the unique driving requirements of Chinese customers.

The company also is committed to improving the ownership experience for customers with the launch of Quick Lane, its global fast, high-quality service provider.

The first two outlets open in Nanjing and Chongqing this month, offering routine vehicle maintenance such as oil and filter changes, light repair services including brake repair and tire replacements on all vehicle makes and models. Ford plans to open 100 new outlets next year.

 Streamlined Business: Ford is strengthening ties with its joint venture partners Changan and Jiangling in 2018, establishing one distribution services division responsible for the marketing, sales and services associated with all Ford vehicles sold in China.

The new distribution services division will seek to offer a simplified, improved and consistent customer experience for all Ford customers in China.

Lincoln, which has become the fastest-growing luxury brand in China, remains a stand-alone consumer-facing brand and maintains its separate dealer network to offer the brand’s unique “Lincoln Way” one-size-fits-one customer experience.

“Now is the time to deepen the partnerships we have with Changan and Jiangling Group and present one Ford brand in China,” Fleet said. “The new distribution services division will enable us to offer an enhanced experience for our customers and more closely connect with our dealers and the community.

“All of the actions outlined today reflect an unprecedented commitment to focus on the needs of consumers in China through a more fit and streamlined Ford,” he added. “They are proof of our dedication to grow our business in China.”

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According to wsj this a.m. Ford is planning to move all EV Manufacturing to Mexico. Flat Rock will not manufacturer EVs anymore.

That is a good tidbit to add to the story George, thanks will do that now!

Ford gives Trump and America the finger.

15?! Need to sell 100,000 plug ins for 2019 to get to 10%.

It seems Ford is still doing the bare minimum required by any government as it relates to plug-in vehicles. Ford is very loose with the term ‘electrified’ and the term ‘new’. Which means the current Mondeo PHEV with 31 EV miles is considered new and electrified…and counts at 1. Hybrid and PHEV focus hatch = 2, hybrid and PHEV focus sedan = 2, Hybrid and PHEVEdge = 2…, hybrid next-gen explorer and navigator = 2….get the picture. The ONLY EV Ford has planned for US or China is the compact CUV for 2021. That’s it… Ford’s focus is more on trying to create a demand for commercial autonomous self-driving conventional ‘hybrid’ vehicles(that Hackett himself won’t ride in) Which seems to be tied to trying to keep dealerships profitable with service. Oh yeah…Ford just announced they are sending the compact CUV EV to Mexico for cheaper labor costs while building the commercial autonomous vehicles in the US. Funny thing is that it was Ford that pointed out that designing, building and selling EVs is much cheaper than ICE vehicles. SO why send the most cost-effective model to Mexico and keep the most expensive to build a model in the US, if… Read more »

Correction…..there is more to the story, or this lack of logic is why Ford has to keep changing their plans after reviewing ‘new’ data.

Ford likes to build the Mexican Economy as Ford builds their own Economy. They Expect to do it by selling Their Mexican Products to the Americans that Ford is taking away Jobs from & exporting these Jobs To Mexico , Some how that doesn’t sound fair or make much sense ………………. Something Like GM & Canada ..GM Moved out Just about all their Operations from Canada except maybe 1 or 2 & Canadians Are still Buying GM Products …How Foolish Is That!

I loved reading how Ford is partnering with Alibaba to test direct sales in China. Irony.

Apparently, EVs and a direct sales model are good for China but bad for the USA.

Ford will Partner Up even with the Devil as long as it can make Money.

EV direct sales are bad in USA for the Cry Baby ICE car Promoter Dealers That Discourage EV’s because they make a Killing on Phony Repairs , Extensive maintenance & High Sales Margins…. What ever is good for traditional Dealerships Is Bad for the People Because the Public always takes the loses….Their Gain Is the Our Loss ..

EV direct sales are bad in USA for the Cry Baby ICE car Promoter Dealers That Discourage EV’s because they make a Killing on Phony Repairs , Extensive maintenance & High Sales Margins…. What ever is good for traditional Dealerships Is Bad for the People Because the Public always takes the loses….Their Gain … Our Loss ..

Wait, don’t tell me… planned for the next 3-5 years from now, right?

Was I right?? (I was right..)

I wonder when this website is gonna figure out one (or both) of these 2 things:

1) The BMW i8 sucks really bad and doesn’t deserve any more press at this point

2) Every car manufacturer who really doesn’t want to commit to EV’s but wants everyone to think they’re committed to EV’s says “Yeah, releasing a whole new lineup of EV’s in 3-5 years..”