Ford to Target Portland and Rest of Pacific Northwest in Electric Vehicle Push


Portland Here I Come

Portland Here I Come

Chad D’Arcy, Ford’s Focus electric marketing manager,told Sustainable Business Oregon that Portland is a hot bed for electric vehicles and that Ford will focus on the city as the automaker continues to push its plug-in vehicles into markets fond of electrics.

On My Way to Portland

On My Way to Portland

D’Arcy attended the Drive Revolution event in Portland, which showcased electrified vehicles.

Quoting D-Arcy

“We really wanted to be part of this event.  Portland is an important city within the electric vehicle industry. It was one of our nine initial launch markets, and we really wanted to be a part of it.”

As Ford sees it, the Pacific Northwest is second only to California in terms of key plug-in vehicle markets.  Or, in the words of D’Arcy:

“Portland’s doing very well: California is the dominant market for EVs at this point, but the Pacific Northwest, that is, Oregon and Washington, are key markets.”

On the other hand, Nissan has already conquered those markets and is now focusing its EV efforts mainly on the East Coast, though demand for the LEAF is currently outstripping supply, so it may take some time to get East Coasters into LEAFs.

Source: Sustainable Business Oregon

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Isn’t Oregon also a CARB state?

Well not ‘CARB’ but, yes, I believe they have adopted CARB’s ZEV requirements. I’m a little confused as to why some of these compliance EVs are only offered in California and Oregon when there are also some ZEV states in the NorthEast. Perhaps those states are next in the roll-outs.

I saw a Spark EV driving in Michigan on Saturday, even though they are not sold here. (and it didn’t appear to be a GM test vehicle). I think they need to expand sales beyond CA & OR.

Ford is marketing vehicles here in California?

I went by Ford before I bought a leaf. They had exactly one of them, it was being used as a demo car, and they pushed it with the same enthusiasm as selling a 2 week old dead fish.

Sounds like PR BS to me. Spokane is the second largest city in Washington state, there are two Ford dealerships in town, and neither one has ever had a Focus EV! Plenty of C-Max’s but no Focus EV’s.

I believe that Washington state, like Oregon, has adopted CA auto emissions standards.

Well if Ford wants to target more electrics/plug-ins then they really need to do something about their idiot dealerships. They have huge ADM on Focus EVs here in Washington, $4000+. They don’t keep their Energi’s charged for test drives and the salesmen are generally ignorant/dismissive of all thing plug-in. A local dealer here actually has a charging station out front but it is totally blocked by gas powered Explorers. Inventory is very thin on plug-ins with typically 1 Focus Electric and maybe 2-3 Energi’s in stock. Ford dealers seriously lack the motivation and/or ability to push plug-ins. Meanwhile local Nissan dealers the vehicle they have the most of in stock is Leafs. Nissan’s sales people are mostly knowledgeable about Leafs and several of them actually own/drive a Leaf on a daily basis. Sales numbers reflect this with low plug-in sales for Ford and record sales for Leafs.

And this idiotic dealership system is something that should be “protected” in face of a progressive, customer-focused company like Tesla?



It’s too bad the Focus Electric has a touchy brake pedal at low speeds. During my limited test drive it was difficult to stop gently. Otherwise it was great though.
Wish the Honda Fit EV was sold in Vancouver Wa. The Focus EV isn’t just sold in California and Oregon like the Fit and Spark EV is it?