Ford To Launch C-MAX Energi In China

NOV 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Ford C-MAX Energi

Ford C-MAX Energi

Ford recently announced RMB 11.4 billion (nearly $1.8 billion) investment in China for research and development.

On the Chinese New Energy Vehicles front, Ford intends to begin sales of C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2016.

C-MAX Energi was earlier introduced in Europe, but without spectacular success (several hundred sold so far this year).  So this may be a case of helping to optimize the company’s relatively new Euro-based e-assembly facility.

The open question now is:  How well will the C-MAX Energi will do in China?

“At the core of Ford’s plan to provide accessible innovation to change the way the world moves is Henry Ford’s belief that while a good business must make great products and a healthy return, a great business must do all this while creating a better world. In China, one way Ford’s is building a better world is through the introduction of advanced new energy vehicles, or NEVs.

Starting in 2016, Ford will expand consumers’ choice of fuel efficient vehicles in China with two new NEVs: the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the Ford Mondeo hybrid electric vehicle. Leveraging Ford’s global experience and expertise in NEV development, the two vehicles will help to reduce consumers’ fuel bills while reducing emissions in China’s crowded cities.”

We don’t expect the C-max lineup to be offered past 2018 when Ford is promising a new ‘killer-app’ hybrid (and PHEV) to challenge the Toyota Prius – so this offering may just be to test and setup in-roads inside China for future plug-ins.

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Quite surprising considering I figured they’d be killing off this model soon.

Hi Ford, in China, try to use a battery that uses less trunk space. Do _not_ reduce the kWh rating. In fact, enlarge that if possible.

As far as plug ins go I think this car is a few years outdated. It’s going to need a better trunk set up and a higher capacity battery to keep up with the cars on the road in China and coming on the market.

If they switched to the latest battery’s they’d get more range and more room.

Don’t know what their CEO is doing, Drinking? or to much Golf? But, it ain’t work.

I just checked the german ford site for several minutes and are unable to find the C-max energi. It seems it is not sold here or they hide it very well… 🙁

It’s only sold in the Netherlands (according to statistics at least). No wonder it gets poor numbers in Europe when they are not even trying…

Dont’ worry, you are not missing much.

Feb. – Sep. sales in Netherlands total 484, will probably be around 550 when Oct. numbers are known. Considering the size of the Netherlands I think that’s pretty good.

Ford & GM have been surprisingly successful selling automobiles in China.
With NEV sales taking off in China, Ford & GM are late to market due to not planning to build Ford Energi & GM Voltec products in China as part of their core product design for China.

The quote mentions two cars:
“two new NEVs: the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the Ford Mondeo hybrid electric vehicle”.

Odd that the Mondeo is hybrid but not plug-in.
Can anyone shed any light on why the Mondeo is badged as a Fusion in USA?
In Europe, the Ford Fusion was a small boxy Fiesta MPV (replaced by the B-Max):

Ford made this announcement almost a month ago. It isn’t current news. Ford doesn’t make the Energi in Europe. It makes it in the US and a reasonable number are sold in the Netherlands only considering the size of the market there. Also, it would be nice if InsideEVs would stop suggesting that the C-Max Energi will not be sold in the near future without evidence of this. This is pure speculation on your part as far as I know. If it has any basis, please write it up. Finally, we like the C-Max Energi that we’ve driven for years very much. It’s been very reliable without any problems. It gets very good mileage. More importantly for us, it has a roomy interior – especially in the driver area. I’m 6′ and this car gives me more leg room and head space than many SUVs.

Agreed. My 2013 C-Max Energi serves my needs very well and I like it very much. Much more headroom than my Lexus RX450h. Plus,I drive the Energi almost exclusively on solar-generated electricity. My lifetime average is currently 195 mpg.

I wish Ford would: 1) make a better effort to sell this model, and 2) build this model as a BEV, in addition to the PHEV.