Ford Showcases Electric Cars Through Art – Video

DEC 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

Ford recently did an experiment with electric cars, leaving a few of them to visual artist Trina Merry.

The result is painted cars that highlight the environmental aspect of EVs:

“We teamed up with Bodypaintings by Trina Merry to tell the story of how we try to blend into the environment. Here’s a sneak peak.”

Judge for yourself:

Ford Showcases Electric Vehicles Through Visual Art

Ford Showcases Electric Vehicles Through Visual Art

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Oh, Ford isn’t giving up on the C-Max Energi, is it? This is sort of what happened to the Ampera in the UK. Let it only to be known by featuring it in low scale projects.

I guess if you can’t sell them, paint them. 😉

I just find this very odd.

Am I the only one that thinks this was a waste of good advertising money? What did they spend on this? Several thousand dollars, no doubt. I could have done a much better job for them.

I think the art work is rather impressive. The idea of adding models is a bit odd, but makes things even cooler.

Why am I reminded of the Chevy Volt Dancers?

My FORD Focus EV is 100% electric noy just a hybrid. It has not lost any battery capacity even in the Phoenix Heat after 2 years. The Guess-o-meter still estimates 100-130 miles on a charge. I’ve even gone 140 a time or tow must most of the time it’s just 40-45 miles.

Now that’s real life art. Real driving with long lasting batteries for an overall great world experience. It’s all Solar power too from our 100% Electric home that makes extra for the car and even sells 10% back to the GRID each year in the end.