Ford To Sell Plug-In Hybrids In Europe?


The all-new Ford Mondeo

The all-new Ford Mondeo

As Volkswagen is expanding its plug-in car portfolio to Golf and Passat, Ford Motor is reportedly “actively considering” a plug-in hybrid for Europe.

Ford offers Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi models in the U.S. In Europe, the new Mondeo could be the first Ford model to get a plug-in hybrid version.

Everything depends on demand for plug-ins.

Uli Koesters, Ford’s vehicle line director for large cars in Europe stated:

“I believe the plug-in take-up in Europe is not quite as ready as some people would like to think, but it is clearly a technology that can do a lot better at significantly reducing fuel consumption and that is why we are actively looking at it.”

According to JATO Dynamics data, the three best selling plug-in hybrids in Europe through the first half of this year are:

  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 8,953
  • Toyota Prius PHEV – 4,265
  • Volvo V60 PHEV – 3,233

Source: Automotive News

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Well they better start sooner rather than later because it will not be easy for them to achieve the EU emission goals.
The Ford Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo should be made in an affordable PHEV version soon to have a chance to get there.

Given that the top selling PHEV in Europe is a mid size crossover and third best selling is a midsize estate/station wagon maybe Ford wants to avoid the most crowded PHEV segment compact cars.

Maybe an S-Max PHEV would be the best option.

The Fusion Energi is a nice looking and decent PHEV. If they had put a 16KWH battery in it, it would have been downright GREAT.

C’mon Ford . . . figure out how to put more battery in there. The government tax-credit will pay for it.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Who needs a trunk anyway?


Seriously, I reckon by the time these companies stop bitching about EV mandates (and putting out crapmobiles to try and convince people that EVs are crap, which fails because Tesla) and actually develop an EV-oriented platform with body-on-skateboard Tesla will continue to be 2 generations ahead and pulling away.

Naah, may as well stick with mediocre plugin tech that will get the same tax and insurance bennies and congestion-charge avoidance as a proper EV or EREV.

As Tesla shows, no need to lose trunk space if you design well.

One with a boot which is not just a battery holder might work, otherwise why bother when there are BEVs and PHEVs which aren’t on sale here?

I think the issue is that the new Ford Mondeo hybrid (not plug-in) is rated at 99 gCO2/km which means that it squeezes in by 1g of CO2 for almost all of the tax breaks. It still misses out on the 5k government grant and will not be eligible for the new London congestion charge zone exemption limit but overall it still does very well for tax breaks etc. I am hoping that the Mitsu PHEV starts to eat into the market in a big way, along with the i3 as I think this would wake Ford up. At the turn of the century the Ford Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta were the most popular cars in Britain. The BMW 1 series took a big chunk of the top end of the focus market and SUV’s took a big chunk of the estate (focus and Mondeo) market. Ford is still huge in the UK and hopefully the threat of some of the new comers should get it moving. I think the specter of the round abouts of Milton Keynes being clogged with reps in a Japanese SUV is probably as scarey to Ford as an efficient silent luxury American saloon shooting… Read more »

Fiesta is #1 and Focus is #2 selling cars in the UK.

If Ford was to launch a plug-in Mondeo in the UK, it should be the Mondeo Estate. The wagon is popular and offers much more room to hide a larger battery pack.

Also C-Max Energi has been ‘scheduled’ for launch in the Europe for a year. Now with the MY2015 refresh, it’s expected the Energi model will be pushed back to MY2016.

So that’s 16,000 sales that Ford has missed out on. You are too late Ford.
•Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 8,953
•Toyota Prius PHEV – 4,265
•Volvo V60 PHEV – 3,233