Ford Releases Teaser Video For Mystery Plug-In At 2016 NAIAS


Ford Teaser Video For Mystery Plug-In At 2016 NAIAS

Ford Teaser Video For Mystery Plug-In At 2016 NAIAS

Along with Ford’s recent electrification announcement, which included info on the 100-mile 2017 Ford Focus electric car, was an image of a mystery plug-in vehicle that Ford will debut at the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit in January.

At the time, we speculated that the mystery car under wraps could be the the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi, a next-generation Fusion that’s been spied testing already; although we’d really like it to be the much speculated Focus Energi, as that would be a best-seller for sure.

Well, we’ve now got a brief teaser video of the wrapped Ford.

To us, it still looks like the 2017 Fusion Energi (or at least in its vehicle class), but perhaps there’s something you all see that could sway our guess?

Regardless of which vehicle is it that gets unveiled, we’re excited to see Ford making a big deal about an upcoming plug in.



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If you watch carefuly, the car actually looks different from Ford Fusion
look at the lower portion seen in 12 Second

Yeah, looking at it again, I can see what you’re saying. I wasn’t even thinking Taurus, I was thinking Focus, since the author mentioned it. Definitely does not look like a Focus to these eyes.

I am now convinced that it is the Fusion… the :12 mark looks just like the sneak peak of the fusion (

And it is parked right next to the Focus EV.

It appears to be a Ford Taurus judging by uncovered lower partition in the picuture
(thanks @tweetermeyer)

So maybe they packed larger battery into it?

Yeah it looks more like a Taurus to me than a Fusion with that more aggressive front clip.

Try the new Ford Falcon from Aussie with a EV platform

From the size and the sculpted hood, I too think it’s most likely the 2017 Fusion Energi.

One thing is for certain, every year gets more interesting than the one before it for plug-ins. These are exciting times!

So what’s Ford got in the pipeline for a fast-charging network? …the other half of the EV car.

I just don’t get how the major car makers expect to compete in the EV space without concurrently building out a fast-charge network.

Ford’s “fast-charging network” is the network of gasoline stations throughout the world. Like it or hate it, Ford seems more focused on the PHEV side than the BEV side. I think that’s ok for this decade. We just need to start converting gas miles to electric miles now. As batteries improve, the equation will get better.

I’m ok with Ford following GM rather than leading. At least they are following unlike a certain other “big 3” auto maker…

Ford only reverse-engineered a Model S, so they kinda forgot about the other half of the equation. They never took apart a SuperCharger. 😉

Sure feels like a Taurus Energi to me. You can download the 1080p version of this video from the Ford Media website (linked video is only 720p): (select videos on the right hand side).

Trying to figure out if that charging inlet supports CCS (if not, it’s an Energi for sure).

Definitely no CCS supported in this plug (see about 4 sec). I have to believe it’s an Energi.

Good point. That pretty much guarantees it to be a PHEV of some kind. I would imagine any pure electric going forward would either have CCS or at least you’d be able to see there was room for it in the plug.

I generally agree that it’s likely a PHEV based on the charge port. But the Bolt concept did not have a fast charge port. Also, and this may be a stretch, but it could support low power DCFC through the standard j1772 port, up to about 30kW. of course, that would require a new kind of DCFC station that doesn’t exist yet, but I have heard ford hint at PHEVs with DCFC ports.

I REALLY hope that Ford is not about to introduce yet another QC standard. If allow for QC on their PHEVs, they should just use CCS, like they are going to do on the 2017 Focus EV.

Good point about the Bolt, though. Just because a prototype / concept / teaser doesn’t have the QC port doesn’t mean the final product won’t. Although given the nature of this teaser, and the fact that Ford gave us a view of the lack of QC, I am still guessing it won’t be on the product.

if it is a Fusion or Taurus, I sure hope they have an all electric version with ~ 200 miles of range.

The shape of the hood does not match the Focus. I’d come closer to believing it was a Mustang than a Focus. In all likelihood, I’m going with Fusion as well.

I agree with you David. I was also thinking it was possibly a Mustang. It would certainly be a step in the right direction for Ford if it is.

I’d love an E-Stang. But it’s really just wishful thinking. There is nothing to it except pure speculation.

It’s a pure electric Mustang with a 2.9 second 0-60 time!!

Well, it is good to dream! At least we know you’d like to see Ford compete with a Tesla on acceleration, if they can’t on range!

Honestly. I would LOVE a well designed Mustang BEV with 250 mile range and inspiring performance

But this is Ford we’re talking about. 🙁

Its a Ford so im not excited

Brutal, but true.

Clean Technica was convinced this was some sort of SUV or crossover based on the width of the car, but I really don’t see it in the silhouette. Actually, the author followed up in the comments and said maybe something like a Honda Crosstour, which would be interesting:

Ford would likely go CCS DCFC which suggests this is a PHEV as there is no fast charger under the cap. Maybe there would be a BEV version of what ever they release but the one in the image is most likely a PHEV.

I think a reasonably priced Focus Energi would be the best likely outcome especially since the EU CO2 emissions regulations are starting to kick in. It has focus like fog lights and is about the right shape. Its mirrors also look to curvy to be a mustang.

It’s a Ford so it will share parts with other Ford vehicles so really it could be anything – my hope is that it is something they are going to sell in large numbers and start selling soon.

This vehicle seems to look taller. Will it be a Crossover since this segment is red hot now and already has 30% market share in USA.

The huge wide, flat hood should be a give away that it’s the New Taurus. Looking at the charge port, it’s an Energi model.

Now with Focus Electric getting a 35% range increase from it’s new battery pack(LG Chen batteries), the expectation for the Energi models to be over 30 EV miles from their upgraded battery packs(Same Panasonic battery cells as Tesla).

Well, for the Energi models to go from 19 to 30 miles, would be more like a 50% increase. Still, I think that is exactly what they need to do. Just from a marketing perspective, anything that starts with a 3 sounds a lot better than 19. And from a practical perspective, 30 EPA miles is a significant amount of EV range and could allow a significant portion of the population a 100% EV commute every day.

If it’s an EV and it has only got Type 1 (J1772) charging capability, then it’ll be dead in the water… like the e-Focus. MW