Ford Recalls Model Year 2012 and 2013 Focus Electric Vehicles


Ford Focus Official Recall Notice

Ford Focus Official Recall Notice

Ford is recalling certain model year 2012-2013 Focus Electric vehicles equipped with High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights, manufactured September 15, 2011 through May 6, 2013 (note: some Focus STs are being recalled too, though they don’t plug in, so we couldn’t care less).

Focus Electric Gets First Recall

Focus Electric Gets First Recall

The issue, it seems, is that there’s some wiring incompatibility in play that affects the functionality of the front side marker lamps.

The total number of affected units is 6,308, of which most are STs, since Focus Electric sales were nowhere near that high during the time frame in question.

However, we should point out that all Focus Electrics ever made during the timeframe listed above are part of the recall, since HID lighting is standard on the plug-in Focus.

Source: NHTSA


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This is a start. Now we need a recall on the “Stop Safely Now” message that appears on info screen of many owner’s cars followed abruptly by a total loss of power.

Of the 6,308 Focus vehicles being recalled for a wiring issue, ALL 1,735 Focus Electric vehicles sold to date are part of the recall, since HID headlamps are standard on the Focus Electric. Now that Ford engineers have been able to witness the SSN message for themselves. The EV engineers have been able to catch in the SSN occurrence by recording the events and dumping the error codes as they happen. It took nearly 320 miles of driving one particular vehicle to catch. It seems Ford engineers have figured out what the problem is. The fix is to replace the wiring harness from the electric drive motor and replace the powertrain control module(PCM) and reload all software. At least now we have owners who have had the parts replaced/software reloaded and no issues in over 1,000 miles, when they were having the SSN event almost weekly prior to the replacement. Since Ford now know what to look for, they should be testing each FFE that is recalled for the defect and do the parts replacement/software reload while addressing the HID lighting issue. Looking back at how Ford has simply refused to actually market the Focus Electric, making it custom, a… Read more »

Looks like the same recall against the Focus ST. Nice to see their priorities are fixing side markers while leaving Focus Electric drivers without power on the road.

A slightly less salacious headline would have mentioned that the recall is merely for a minor lighting issue:

“Ford Recalls Model Year 2012 and 2013 Focus Electric Vehicles *Over Side Markers*”

Instead, the current ambiguous headline makes it sound like the entire Focus Electric line has been “recalled” for who-knows-what (motor dropping onto the road, battery exploding).

Not *ALL* of the Focus Electrics are part of the recall. Mine isn’t: It was made after the May 6 cutoff date and the side lights are just fine!