Ford Prices Focus Electric at £33,500 ($52,330 US) in UK



Focus Electric Rolls Off the Line in Germany

Focus Electric Rolls Off the Line in Germany

If you reside in the UK and were waiting on the arrival of the Ford Focus Electric, then its price tag might shock you.

Ford announced it’ll price the Focus Electric from £33,500 ($52,330 US) in the UK, which is thousands more than any of its nearest competitors.

The UK does offer generous incentives for electric vehicles, including that £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant ($7,800 US), but still the Focus Electric comes in as an expensive purchase.

Perhaps that’s why Ford expects to only sell 25 to 30 Focus Electrics in the UK in over the next year?

For comparison, a top-of-the-line Nissan LEAF Tekna starts at £25,490 ($39,777 US) in the UK and includes the outright purchase of the battery pack (battery rental options are offered on the LEAF in the UK).

Ford says it’ll target mostly only fleet operators with the Focus Electric:

“We are responding to interest from fleet customers and in support of Ford’s market-leading business sales.”

So, not a competitor to the LEAF then if sales are mostly limited to fleets.

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I’m wholly unimpressed with Ford’s electrification strategy.

I was pretty excited about the C-Max, because it was proof of my thought that we really should be paying very little for PHEVs. After all, they’re basically just regular hybrids with a bigger battery and a charger. After tax credit, the C-Max Energi has a very small price differential over the similarly equipped C-Max Hybrid SEL, and the payback time is only a few years.

But with the Fusion Energi, Ford is pricing the plugin way above the base hybrid. The Focus electric is priced sky high. They seem to want to use plugins purely as a way to milk environmentalist Ford buyers with a high margin while avoiding volume PHEV/EV sales. Even the C-Max Energi loses a ludicrous amount of space for only 6.2kWh extra battery capacity (i.e 1/14th of a Model S’s pack), which suggests corner cutting in engineering to me, and they’re not doing much to convince C-Max buyers to move up to the plugin model.

Crikey, old chap! Probably piles cheaper to buy the US version and have it shipped to the UK, and put up with driving from the wrong side of the bloody car!

Cars are just generally more expensive here in Europe.

Ford will be building the focus in Germany, and it will still be hugely more expensive there than the focus in the US that is built there.

The price difference of the Leaf in the US was $5K between the one shipped from Japan and the one make in Tennesse.

The Model S is far more than $5K more expensive in Europe.
I could afford the projected US price for the gen III sedan, but at the price it will be sold in Europe…

The problem in the UK is that David will lose the 300% that he has on fuel. So the British Gov. wants its money in advance! I tell you if they take the whole price of the car as tax, it will hardly make a dent in the debt problem they have.

oh dear looks like ford has a capacity problem, good luck trying to win back the sales by the time you’ve caught up with Nissian.

You could have probably just about got away with the premium price tag if you had made a premium car but to be honest there are people on the internet with beards that would do a better conversion of a focus than Ford have done. You couldn’t think of a better place to put the batteries than in the boot, really? no where else? what about putting run-on-flat tires on the car and putting them in the space where the spare tire normally sits, not enough space there what about where the fuel tank was or gear box or engine or under the seats.

Yes I know it has one of the top trim levels but really who cares.

Some may think Ford is competing with the Nissan Leaf for sales volume. That’s not the case. EV sales today to the general public is at a loss. With such low volume, the high development/distribution and millions in TV marketing costs could not possibly be covered by such low sales volume. Which is why even Nissan decided to slow down production of the Leaf in the US, since more production/distribution costs would just mean more losses. Targeting fleet customers who primarily lease these low volume vehicles is a smart move on Ford’s part. Understanding that corporations don’t drive cars, employees/consumers do. So Ford would be putting EVs in the hands of potential EV owners who may be ready to buy/lease a couple years down the road when the next generation, longer range, lower cost EV are released. There will be a few early adopters in the UK as there are in the US. Pricing would naturally be higher in the UK due to being a smaller market and higher salaries. Just looking at average salaries, a retail sales clerk would earn $32k converted from EU compared with $22k in the US. But then again, the Focus Electric is a more… Read more »