Ford Plans Family Of Model E Vehicles, Including 200 Mile All-Electric Vehicle

AUG 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 82

What Could It Be Under There?

Plug-in Ford

Ford will soon make use of its “Model E” trademark, which a few years ago Tesla intended to secure for its own upcoming Model 3.

According to the latest news/product update from the Automotive News, the Ford Model E may well not be a single model, but rather a family of compact models – both a car and a crossover, developed with various power trains.

The “E” cars could be potentially arrive as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an all-electric vehicle (just like in case of Hyundai Ioniq).

Range of the Ford Model E BEV is pegged as the long expected/foreshowed 200 miler (320 km), to compete with Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan LEAF 2.0 and Tesla Model 3.

However, the Model E will enter the party fairly late – around Spring of 2019, and will be assembled in Mexico.

source: Automotive News

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Why compacts? Why a ***** compact? “Come on guys, lets make an expendive electric car with tons of great tech, awesome driving experiance and a 200 mile range… And lets mske the car small so that no one will want to pay the expensive cost of the car”. stupid…

Kind of agree on that! Even as in making a personal EV Conversion cost much the same,for a given performance set, whether you convert a GEO Metro, or a Jaguar, so much cost goes into a good conversion, it can Triple or Quadruple the price of the GEO, but only make the Jaguar maybe 50% more expensive for the same performance!

Given a pack located below the cabin, a compact can be amazing roomy. Look at the cabin size of the Bolt. It sits on a subcompact platform but it has 94 cubic feet of passenger space. Imagine you stretched that platform to a compact size, you would be able to build a car with almost as much space as a mini-van.
But Ford will probably drop the ball. They have been sitting on the Ford Fusion Energi for 3 years now and they still haven’t figured out how to put another 4 kWh in the pack…

Unfortunately a lot of that space in the Bolt is in headroom. The dimensions they list for the Bolt’s width is actually a little narrower than the Volt which I own and is pretty narrow if you want to seat 3 people side by side.

The Volt surely could use a little more headroom in the back but I would rather see more volume going to having a wider more comfortable back seat. Or at least split the difference a little more by having a midsize vehicle with normal headroom.

It seems like for every person that wants more hip room, there’s another that wants more headroom. Basically cars are designed for the 95th percentile.

That’s why Tesla is going to walk away with most sales. The poor efforts of the current industry leaders is propping up Tesla’s Value.

Going forward, it may well be that whoever can fill the Uber/Lyft orders will have the most sales. Any OEM that cannot adjust quickly to their desires will be in serious pain.

Some sort of Flexible Product Architecture (like Volvo’s SPA) will probably be crucial for an OEM where they are no longer in control of their own production schedules.

Volvo Cars and Uber join forces to develop autonomous driving cars

Walk away? Probably empty-handed! Their BEVs are extremely expensive. You can buy three Chevy Bolt Evs for the price of a Model S.

Ford’s halo trades on looks. Inside, pure dinosaur was “job 1”:

They have no answer to LaFerrari, 918, i8, NSX, LMP1, F1, or any other kinetic, or electric tech that is leaving them critically behind.

So, why not put a city dress on automation (2021 story), and fail with a follow up pic on your Model “E” homework? Color me surprised.

Maybe Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, should step down, and let’s get an INNOVATOR in there.

Why should fields step down & give up all that money ,Stock option etc: are You Nuts! It’s every man for Himself! l m a o ……..

If you want respect, curb your language. Profane language reflects immaturity and a lack of self control. I’m surprised the moderators allowed this message to stand.

We don’t, sometimes its just lunch time and things trickle through for a bit, (=

So we would ask (filip bjurling and others) to refrain from using profanities…with repeated infractions, the “door” will be shown. Hopefully, it was just a ‘heat of the moment’ offense.

Exactly. Tesla already demonstrated quite clearly to the viewing audience that starting at the low end (which includes small cars) is a loser’s game. Perhaps Ford skipped that class?

If Ford started with a BEV version of the Lincoln MkVIII they could rejuvenate their Lincoln brand, where Tesla is currently busy eating their lunch, and still sell a large luxury BEV very profitably.

Instead, it sounds like they’re starting a new BEV division with a small car at the low-mid price point, that won’t be super-profitable.

To your point, I was just at the Nationwide First Release (supposely) of the new Lincoln Continental.

Reminded me of my Kia Amante from 12 years ago, only triple the price.

I ended up NOT test driving it since they wanted you to sign your life away,
but at the door of the dealership it said,:

“EV Certified Dealership”.

Oh that’s just great. They only sell Lincolns. With no plug-in’s in sight.

Ford like GM is hamstrung by the reluctance of its dealers to even sell BEVs. Most didn’t like hybrids. They will like BEVs even less. Many dealers have trouble repairing the hybrids they have. My local Ford and Toyota dealers only keep the minimum 1 factory certified mechanic on hybrids (So its hard to get my Prius fixed right).

Why are most dealers opposed to selling BEVs? One word: Repairs. Most of the stuff that goes bad in engines is GONE.

So most dealers don’t want to sell BEVs with few repairs. Its no secret they make little selling new cars. Most would be out of business if they didn’t have a busy repair department.

So BEVs will likely have half the repairs of ICE cars; putting many dealers out of business unless they CHANGE THEIR BUSINESS MODELS.

The new model? Dealers could switch to a Tesla type service plan, where they sell a renewable service contract with curb service and high end loaners. That arrangement rewards repair competence, builds loyalty and makes the customer happy.

(Why is customer satisfaction often the last thing on dealers’ minds?

Repairs: much more rare than for ICE cars.
Maybe dealerships are helped by all the Recall work though: catch-up for what the original design did not anticipate.
The dealer I use (here in California) is good, and handles EV’s well.


Why sell the public what they want to buy.

Way to go Ford with mothballing the Escape PHEV for a compact.

5kw PV

Agree 100% Why they keep pushing compact form factor BEV’s at three times the price of a comparably equipped ICE compact is beyond me.
I’m waiting wallet in hand for a nice 200 + mile “normal” mid size sedan / cross over offering from someone ???? Any takers ???

When I bought my Volt, I was viewing the Malibu and wishing it was an EREV. It is bigger, more room and arguably better looking. I still bought the Volt.

Why f****** SUV?

Unless you have 3 children’s in your family it is the worst vehicle for the environment and safety of all other it can cross.
Most of the time just an ego power trip.
Eat less, exercise more, you might fit nice in anything that has door such as a compact.

No ego it’s just hard to squeeze car seats and strollers into compact cars.

The point here is why does every OEM developing Only compact EV’s.

Honestly unless you’ve got limited mobility it’s easy to fit 2 two baby seats and a stroller in a normal compact.

I think the honest answer is that Americans simply want large cars. It’s ok, no need to justify it but don’t try and beat around the bush.

It you look at the europeans some like a Fiesta is normal sized, a Focus is a big family car. The mindset is very different on either side of the Atlantic.


I drove around my 2 young children with seats and strollers and the sort in a VW Polo. Including holidays to Italy and France. No problem.

But admittedly, you have to think about what you need and not take half your household with you, ‘just in case’….

Is a Prius a compact? Just wondering because it’s space is super functional.

Yes. Why a compact and not a coupe?

Model S is way too big for most people.

Majority of people commute to work and back and rarely have more than 2 people in their car.

No need for 5 seats.

I’ll take a nice 2 seater EV with 200 mile range.

Driving my Volt around with 3 empty seats 99% of the time.

Don’t understand why EV’s have to be “family size” cars. Volt has 4 seats. That’s 3 more than I need.

Because 2 seaters are very niche. If you think the Volt #175 and Leaf #167 are low sellers, look at this list:

Porshe 911 #196
Miata #203
Nissan 370Z #212
MB SLK #234
MB SL #235
Porshe Cayman #240
Porshe Boxster #242
BMW i8 #250
Audi TT #260
ELR #262

2015 Ranking in total auto sales


It is NOT rocket science read the sales figures and be astounted!!!

Why make a compact car??? Because they are the best selling size cars??? Because the top selling compact cars still out sell every CUV???

Why make a compact CUV??? Because they are the best selling size CUV???

Probably for the SAME reason Tesla is making their model 3 a compact???

The Tesla Model III is a mid-size. At least we finally know what Ford is up to, having ruined S E X. So, (I predict) sometime after a half million Tesla vehicles are rolling around, Ford will have this compelling, albeit diminutive car. I’m envisioning the Ford Fiesta E, or the E-Escort, perhaps the Focus E. Gosh, those sound cacophonous!

The model 3 may end up being midsize as I dont know the size specs but the car they said they targeted it after was the BMW 3 series wich is considered compact…

The BMW 3 Series is within an inch or so of the upper end on length and wheel base, so you are quite correct there, it is, according to EPA regulations, a compact.
The Tesla Model III, however, according to Wikipedia, is over the limit on the wheelbase figure but not overall length, so it may straddle the definition and because of its unique, disruptive design, be a very roomy compact. My only hope is that it is easier to park than my Model S.

I’m 6’2″ 230 lbs and have no problems with my Corolla’s size. Small cars are so much easier to get around in to.

200mile range? we need more cowbell!!!

All GM & Ford STEALERSHIPS should have fast chargers on site for their customers…if they’re thinking of really competing & get shot at succeeding… but they Won’t!

Not only that, but made in Mexico, really Ford? Never ceases to amaze me and the piss-poor leadership of many of out major corporations.

Lets see, late to the party, another compact and made outside the US=fail by Ford.

Especially when the EV class leading Teslas will be almost entirely American parts content once the Giga is supplying all their batteries.

How else will Ford deal with the vastly better reliability of electric vehicles? Make them in Mexico so they break.

THIS x1000. Ford is one of the companies basically in bed with the combustion engine car servicing industrial complex known as “franchised dealers.” Franchised dealers make the majority of their profit from servicing combustion cars – brakes, exhaust, engine. BEVs have next to no servicing in these three areas. Instead of the millions of dollars to be made each year that they currently do, there is next to no profit to be made servicing the brakes, motor, battery in a BEV. As we transition over to BEVs, those manufacturers who are conveniently including regular service visits for their cars are going to become quite visible. Cars will become more differentiated by lack of servicing than they currently are (since most combustion cars need new brake parts, exhaust parts, engine servicing etc. – there’s not a lot of avoiding that) This transition is going to put the hurt on the fat-cat dealership model, and a lot of service places are going to close. You won’t see the custom, multi-million-dollar dealership buildings getting constructed like we do today… there simply won’t be the money in it. This may end up putting some responsibility for servicing back into the hands of the manufacturer.… Read more »

Witness GM’s equity interest, in Lyft. They understand where they need to be in order to reap the benefits of lower maintenance costs. They don’t sell the Bolts. They own them, when that is what makes sense.

Ford just gave weaker stock guidance, at the end of last quarter. GM didn’t. I’m long GM.

Tesla’s cars are still under warranty and yet their service centers certainly have no lack of work. What’s more, Tesla charges $600/year for maintenance on a Model S, which is right in line with what you would pay for a luxury ICE car.

So I don’t see why any (primarily ICE) automaker would think BEVs would spell the end of their service model. Tesla is proving that such a model will continue to be alive and well.

Until the competition comes along. Tesla can now sort of make up their own pricing. That will change once all manufacturers offer low maintenance electric cars.

At least is will be Made in America. 😉 It’s not like US cars are famous for their quality so it’s not like it could get any worse.


I don’t understand that focus on ‘made in America’. It’s not exactly good marketing and Mexican people need jobs as well. We have a globalising economy

It’s critical marketing for the US market – whether it has the same cache in all other markets, I don’t know.

The bigger issue, though, is the race to the bottom. The corporations, via gov’ts, are selling out the working classes to the third world by lowering or eliminating tariffs on imports. So, products are cheaper, but who can afford them?

You need a job to survive, and looking at US statistics, even that isn’t enough! A huge percentage of people on welfare and social security have jobs, but the jobs pay so little that they still can’t survive compared to the cost of living.

The good news is that there is some opportunity left in this country…around 90% of people on welfare only collect for up to 3 years…it’s only about 5% or so that are chronic.


YEA ! AND NO MORE MEXICAN BUILT CARS !!! Sell them to the Mexicans …Keep buying them & the Mexicans will keep On Building them!~

FORD PR Department running on a V12 engine these days! These guys need a raise and a vacation. Wow, the workload.

Too bad the CEO can’t be bothered to call the battery supplier and upgrade those OLD BATTERIES in the current cars.

The Fastest car on the planet, or pretty close is the Rimac from Croatia!

I kid you not, Croatia.
Just to put the “surprising” success of Tesla in context.
Apparently, ANYONE could build a Fast Electric Car these days.

The fastest car on the planet is the one with all the doors & bodywork panels stripped off, spaceframe chassis and only one seat, no brakes or headlights.

Now if you want to talk about a normal, practical car… one with 5 seats, a roof over your head, AC, stereo, and decent trunk space… the Tesla is the fastest car on the planet.

Have you looked at the Rimac? It’s a strict 2-seater with next to no cargo capacity and has a very limited application.

There are always going to be cars that accelerate faster then the Tesla – but they have one or more of those facets cut back or eliminated.

A surprising # of cars can actually go faster than 190…

Ford is REALLY going to use the word “Model” in the name of its car? In order to rekindle some sort of connection with the Model T et. al? REALLY?

Firstly… I just don’t believe it. It’s a glittlering shiny object that the media will love to report – and not because it is similar to their old product naming convention that they haven’t used for decades. It’s because TESLA IS THE ONLY COMPANY DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. By calling their car “Model E” or even *saying* they’re going to do that… Ford gets some publicity. But they are totally riding on the coat-tails of Tesla at this point.

Super lame move by Ford. And I do not expect they will actually use that name due to the plethora of “Model” products that Tesla already sells. Tesla basically has ownership of the “Model” terminology, if only via mindshare.

Nostalgia and “going back to one’s roots” are all the rage here in the US. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that they would do this.

Plus, the reason why Ford was able to prevent Tesla from using Model E was because they have been able to prove, by whatever legal standard it is, that the trademark is still theirs, and therefore enforceable. Tesla go the Model S only because that was one of the few model-letters of the alphabet that Ford did not trademark back in the day.

I really think that Ford should have revived the Mercury label as a pure EV line – and have model names like “Quicksilver”, or my favorite, the “Hg” as a mockery of these confusing letter-only pretentious luxury monikers (like those that Infinity and Lexus use). They could put the battery pack energy capacity as a superscript after the “Hg” like it’s an isotope.

An intelligent, creative and visionary company can think of these things and make them work. Oh, wait, we’re talking about Ford…sorry, my bad…

To be reasonable, though, I really like my 2010 Mercury Mariner hybrid.

The comments on this article are pathetic. Ford is one of the leaders in plugin sales. I bet Ford continues to be a leader in plugin sales and provides very attractive plugin vehicles for many years to come despite all the Ford bashing done here.

While I agree with you that they are ‘a’ leader, they’ve also dropped the ball too many times to have a good reputation in the EV realm. They had the chance to completely dominate the SUV market with a PHEV escape, but never did so (the Mistu competition never arrived). They left the Focus EV to bump along in the ~100/mo sales (US) for years by not promoting it. Their only real success has been the Fusion since 2013 (Hybrid and PHEV).

You can’t be a “leader” if you drop version 1 of your product, and never get to version 2.

Where is that Escape Plug-in SUV?
I was waiting for that product.

Where’s the Version 2 of the CMAX.
The Fusion still with old batteries.
The Focus is the only car getting a new battery, and still no Collision Prevention or Automatic Cruise Control.

Imagine Ford sales with a NEW modern, version 2.0, CEO.

Let me qualify Texas FFE’s statement. One can say that a matchstick manufacturer is one of the leaders in wood product sales, too. Billions of matchsticks sold every year, right? There are a lot less houses built each year than matchsticks sold. Easily, matchstick making is the sales leader. But houses still use more wood altogether, and the dollar value of the housing sector is bigger than… matchsticks. No-one will argue that matchstick production is a bigger business than homebuilding. How many GWh of BEVs do Ford sell per year? Are they really “one of the leaders?” Let’s see. Glancing at the 2016 North America totals-so-far ON THIS VERY SITE for all of Ford’s models, multiplying each one by the kWh in their batteries, and adding them all up, you get to a grand total of 0.1GWh of battery-electric vehicles across all 13,060 cars Ford sold this year. For Tesla, who are THE leader (there is only one leader ya know… not a group of leaders… look it up in the dictionary) with 21,930 sales this year, the total is 1.75GWh of cars already sold this year. Tesla are busy selling approx. 6.4GWh of cars in 2016 around the world… Read more »

I don’t need you to qualify my comments, thank you very much. The math of comparing a very profitable company to a company that loses money daily just doesn’t add up.

“Very attractice plug in’s”

All of the Ford plug ins are ugly except the Fusion.

And the Fusion is generic and bland looking. It looks decent but its nothing exciting. It’s just blah

By “attractive” I meant attractive to buyers so that Ford stays on top of plugin sales list. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t agree that the other Ford plugins are ugly, far from it.

What plugin sales list are you referring to? Or are you just making things up?

The list on this site doesn’t have Ford at the top of it… Ford is #2 selling about 65% of what Tesla sells.

Perhaps Ford’s cars aren’t attractive enough to be on top of plugin sales list?

I didn’t say Ford was #1 on the list, I said they were at top of the list. I would say that being #2 on a list that has 18 different auto manufacturers is being at the top of the list.

whoever is behind this “Texas ffe” account is hilarious

Yet you said above you drive a Volt…the epitome of GM bland/generic blah. I’d drive a Fusion over a Volt any day.

I think ford could do a nice job with the Lincoln brand making an electric car with 250 mile range 90 kW battery and able to use the Tesla supercharger network . Let’s face it, people paying $65-$140,000 like the supercharger network that enables you to essentially go anywhere.

Great idea

And why would Tesla let Ford use their Supercharger network (unless Tesla charges Ford a huge sum of money to do so)? Ford blocked Tesla from using the Model E name, hence they switched to the Model 3, and now Ford is saying they will bring their own Model E…

No auto manufacture will use a charging network that is branded by a different auto maker…

Nope… nata… never…

If Tesla had any true desire at all for Ford, BMW, or company X to use the supercharger network it built it would be unbranded…

Wow, 100 comments on a 5-sentence article that itself is based on one paragraph of speculation. If Ford did a 200-mile EV with the Fusion body, it would be a massive seller. Who says three years from now it won’t? And yes, compared to Chrysler, which has no plug-ins, Ford’s 75,000+ plug-in sales have made a huge difference. P.S. The Model 3 isn’t even a final draft. You’d think thousands were already driving theirs, based on this conversation. Silly stuff here, people.

Ford sold 75,000 pev s? When and how?

I think that’s total, ever, in the modern age. Good question, though, I would like clarification.

I recently made a trip to LA to visit family and was astounded by the popularity of Lyft and Uber. They are a perfect fit for high density cities with big parking issues. My sister and family are able to get by with a single car + Lyft/Uber. Whomever can serve this market will do well. LA folks don’t trust Uber drivers, though. Lyft has a much better reputation for vetting their drivers.

Ford announces family of EVs including a 200 mile range one.

Readers of pro-EV website all shout “Boooo!”


Aparently a large number of “EV enthusists” think Tesla is the only company allowed to and or compient enough to make EVs…


They are secertly long on Exonn???

I’d like to be pumped up and enthused , but the whole “let’s build Ford’s future down in Mexico” thing takes some of air out of it.

If it turns out they’re only going to push BEV’s through Ford Mobility ride share (my guess) then my blue oval loyalty will be completely gone…. guess we’ll find out in the next couple of years.

“they’re only going to push BEV’s through Ford Mobility ride share (my guess)”… I have never seen anything that leads to this guess… Tesla, BMW, GM, and prety much every auto maker is woried about atounomus ride sharing and are working on it… So are they all only going to sell to ride sharers??? Or more likely to anyone who has cash???

Since most Americans are willing to buy foreign cars made with cheaper labor the American auto manafuctures have to respond in turn and some production is leaving the US…

And since Clinton signed the NAFTA and China free trade agreements there is largely no such thing as an American company only internatonal corporations that may have there headquaters here or there…

I hope you never shop at Walmart as they are the number one anti American company…

Bush created/signed NAFTA.

“Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1990 among the three nations, U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each responsible for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially signed the agreement in their respective capitals on December 17, 1992”

Soon, Ford could acquire other alphabets like
Model-C for Crossover
Model-T for Truck
Model-V for Van
and so on.

And there will be a confusion between which Model-? belongs to Ford and which one belongs to Tesla.

Better Tesla give up the word Model and use just the first 2 letters like
Mo- (1-9) for Cars like Mo-3
Mo- (10-90) for Crossovers & Vans Mo-40
Mo- (100-900) for Pickups
Mo- (1000-9000) for Buses.

Tesla cannot fight with a big company like Ford in the court even though its the people’s favorite.

Ford already has at least half the alphabet, from Model A to Model N, with a few skips, and then there is the Model T, of course.

Ford isn’t late to the party. They simply took the 5.9 BILLION that they received from Pelosi in 2009 and put it into an account where it built up interest for 7 years. No bailout, my @ss. At the end of the day, this will go like the 250,000 hybrid escapes that they were going to produce in 2004, UNTIL THEY GOT CAUGHT TRYING TO STEAL TOYOTA’S PATENTS.

A large Central Florida Ford dealership ran radio ads claiming that Ford didn’t get bailed out and for that reason you should buy a Ford…lol unfortunately propaganda works in Florida.

It’s a publically traded company! They have to show where that money went – everything has to add up at the bottom line. They also have to demonstrate to the loan program that they are using that money for development of efficient technologies.

I think that it included their EcoBoost ICEs, as well. The program was rather broad in scope – it wasn’t meant for only developing powertrains with plugs. And, Ford has made a number of vehicles with plugs, improvements and changes, and one frustrating cancellation (the Escapes no longer having hybrid options).

Ford went into hock up to their necks back in 2006, when money was cheap, with one of the biggest pieces of collateral being their blue oval trademark. They did not need to be bailed out because they were financially more sound than the others.

I think the name that matters most is the E150 pickup…. can Tesla get to use it (150Kwh of course)?