Ford Offers $6,000 Off Focus Electric ($29,170), Leases From $229 Per Month

FEB 3 2014 BY JAY COLE 55

Ford Is Looking To Sell Some EVs In 2014!

Ford Is Looking To Sell Some EVs In 2014!

Not so long ago Ford reduced the MSRP of the Focus Electric by $4,000 – now they are doing the consumer one better by putting more cash on the hood. 

Heading Into 2014, Ford Had Never Sold More Than 180 Focus Electrics In Any Month - We Suspect Ford To Set A New "High Water" Mark Soon!

Heading Into 2014, Ford Had Never Sold More Than 180 Focus Electrics In Any Month – We Suspect Ford To Set A New “High Water” Mark Soon!

$6,000 worth of it.

Unlike the previous MSRP reduction on the Focus EV from $39,200 to $35,200 last July, which was seen mostly as a reaction to the introduction of a $6,400 less expensive LEAF ($28,800) – a program that actually netted Ford less sales in the second half of 2013 (900 vs 839), this move is going to sell more cars.

And unlike previous Ford deals…which could be more than a little complex, this one is simple:

  • $6,000 Cash (which brings the effective MSRP down to $29,170)
  • 0% financing for 60 months
Ford $229 Lease Details

Ford $229 Lease Details

Ford has also made this new incentive available in an attractive lease package:

  • $229/month for 36 months ($2,169 due at signing)

In our opinion this makes the 76 mile Ford Focus Electric (EPA rating) one of the hottest deals out there – and is also sure to end the plug-in Ford’s 11 month streak (sales chart here) of selling 100 & something cars per month.   We look for the car to get an actual reduction to the MSRP in the spring.

Hat tip to Alan!

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I had heard rumors, Jay, but this is the first real info I have seen. Interesting. But given that Cars dot com has just 179 FFE’s available in the entire US, I don’t see them selling/leasing too many of them. Too bad, other than the small boot, it is a nice car. Perhaps they will build up inventory and have a good spring.

That inventory number was down to 143 in December. Which means that more dealers are adding more units of inventory, for those consumers who just can’t wait a week for their car to arrive.

I think a $6,000 price reduction will make it worth the consumers while to wait a week.

So does this mean 6000 is added to the initial 4000 for a $10,000.00 price decrease?

Yes, the first $4,000 was a MSRP reduction down to $35,200 (from $39,200) – which ultimately became $35,170…this $6,000 incentive makes the purchase price an effective $29,170

Wow… The price drop just put this car on my radar. My 2011 Leaf is due for replacement in 3 months and now this car is priced competitively. I know it doesn’t have DC fast charge, which is not a deal-breaker for me, especially since the level-2 charge rate is twice as fast as I’m used to.

What I am curious about is how long to expect the battery pack and other components to last. I’d like to make my next car a purchase and at least with a Leaf, I would know that I’ll have no trouble finding replacement parts years down the road. With so few of these Focus EVs having been made, I’m a bit afraid of that.

Lease it. This vehicle needs better battery placement to restore usable cargo space in the rear, and fast charge capability. It has less range than a new model Leaf, too.
Most Ford service folks know little about this vehicle, too, so repair or troubleshooting could be difficult. Then again, Ford has to start somewhere..

The only physical plus, is it’s not fugly like a Leaf.

Everything but the drivetrain is shared with the normal Focus which has plenty of spare parts. As for the actual batery and drivetrain, the dealership that I bought it from said that they are in common with some comercial taxis that ford had as well as with some comercial vehicles, so parts are not an issue.

If you are moving from a leaf to this car there are clear gains and trade-offs. Here in Atlanta since there are so people with these cars one could easily compare them. I got friends with leafs and when they drive the ford they all admit the power is far superior in the Ford as acceleration is amazing, however the brake is sensitive and, for new people who haven’t driven it before, the deceleration is just as fast. The range in weather extremes is better in the Focus electric due to its battery management with a liquid, opposed to the leaf’s air management. The focus loses a bit of trunk space due to its conversion from a stock model, hover the management system in place allows me to use the vertical space to load groceries and is not that bad. As for the feature everything available on the focus except for the leather seats are standard for the Focus, where as if you added a rear camera and 6.6 W charger on the leaf its lease rate became more expensive than the focus as of 2013. So personally I would say though there are defiantly trade offs, the focus is… Read more »

You have to also take into account that a 2013 Leaf SV/SL has a hybrid-heat-pump heater, making the heater 3X more efficient. In colder climates the range difference will be big when running the heater in the FFE vs Leaf SV/SL. For warmer climates it makes very little difference as far as AC operation vs Heat.

too little too late

I don’t know. I have driven both, and if you don’t need the extra space in the boot that the Leaf offers, the Ford is a more enjoyable car to drive. I didn’t want my test drive to end when I was trying out the FFE. It was just a neat car.
I prefer my Volt, but if I had to choose a limited utility BEV town car, the FFE would be my choice, given what is offered right now.

Well here is the problem, My wife and I leased one back last June 2013. We are paying $200 including lease tax with $3,000 out of pocket and getting 13,500 miles per year. This lease was base on the original $40k price tag not adjusted. We had a way better deal back then. This does not impress me. Thank god wife’s company lets her plug in because the range drops down to 45 miles with heat on during single digit days.

Is this deal in Canada?

Nope, at least not on their site yet if so.

If also for us (not holding my breath), they might actually have a sale.
I could live with the lack of trunk for $6k lower price.

I got one 9 months ago for 0 down and 240 a month.

Residual please??? My residual is $18000. doesn’t look like I will be buying it after my lease is up if a new one is 30k. 30K minus 10k in incentives is 20K for a new one.

Ford needs to get into the quick-charging game, and soon. Also, Ford repeatedly stated that they would build this car “to demand” which implies they intend to have a low inventory. But it also implies that they are ready to ramp up production quickly if people start buying the car. The biggest problem with this strategy is that you have to order a car and then wait for it to be built. If you wanted to just drive one off the lot, well you’re out of luck. They’ll sell you a nice Fusion Energi that you could drive home today, though…

I don’t know exactly where you are, but here in Atlanta as far as I know there are plenty of dealerships that have at least one in stock, a couple have two or more. As per the fast charging I have seen only one in Atlanta at a Nissan dealership that claimed to be the first to receive one, where I charged my focus once at a level two charger. Plus, it is not like the fast charging is standard on the leaf the base S model doesn’t have it, and considering everything but the leather seats is standard for the ford focus, as soon as you add stuff to the leaf the focus becomes cheaper.

I am in Syracuse, NY. The closest dealer to me that has one in stock is 100 miles away in Rochester. But the bigger concern is options. Do they have the trim / color that you want? This matters to many people, and will turn people to another car that they can get today.

Atlanta is a hot-bed of EVs, given your incredible incentives. It doesn’t surprise me that Atlanta (and probably a few west-coast cities) would have more in stock than upstate NY. But compare the Focus inventory to the Leaf’s and you’ll see what I mean.

The leaf inventory here in Atlanta is a problem too, and people are compromising on their preferences to get one, however this due to the fact that there is such a demand that some dealerships are selling 10 a day on weekends. I can see how there is problem for people outside of Atlanta though however like I said everything available is standard on the Focus, except for the leather seats, and there is only like three colors I have seen on it so I don’t know if there are many variations on the Focus to start of with.

Yes, they do. They signed up for the SAE-Combo standard so they need to start putting an SAE-Combo charger into this car. That assumes they update it. Of course Magna would need to do the work since it is their drivetrain.

Too little, too late. Why would anyone get tied up in a 36 month lease right now on such an average EV? There’s Leaf 2.0 and Volt 2.0 just around the corner, with the model E soon after that.

They are coming out in late 2015 and early 2016 which is still about two years away and if you get a 3 year lease you can buy them a year after they have been out, when prices start to fall as you don’t have to pay the early adopter premium.

My doubts aren’t about the lease (I’m on a Leaf lease), but the length and timing of the lease, and about the vehicle. I suspect both Leaf 2.0 and Volt 2.0 will be here in 2015 and when they do they will sell boat loads, at which time the clock will be ticking on the federal tax credit. If you lock in now for 3 years you may miss out.

Volt 2.0 will most likely be 2016 due to the new platform delay. Leaf 2.0 is unknown. Model E is 2016/17. If you are worried about “missing out”, get a two year lease. I’m getting a three year lease in November (Volt/FusionEnergi/???).

You don’t get the $7500 with a two year

Yes you do. The duration of the lease, 2 or 3 years makes no difference, the leasing company still gets the $7500 which in turn becomes a capitalize cost reduction to the lessee.

Gigglehertz, I think about those things too and I also look forward to gen II offerings (or Tesla gen III). The thing is being the first one on the block with the new model isn’t always worth it. The Volt 2.0 and Leaf 2.0 may be a lot better, but remember how much more expensive both 1.0 versions were the first years they came out? Before the Leaf came out I got on its list, then got an order in, but when it came in I did not pull the trigger. I just couldn’t pay the early adopter price and there was no wiggle room on the sticker. There were no incentives, other than Ecotality coming in with $1500 toward my home charger. The national lease deal worked out to about $430/month if you did not put anything down. You can get a similarly equipped Leaf now for around $280/m with and closer to $200/m with a bare bones model. Funny thing about that Ecotallty deal is the quote for the work on my garage plus the charger, minus the $1500 for being a part of their data collecting program ended up being about $1000. I’m guessing the costs were… Read more »

Well an article here indicates a 2017 launch for the Model E. That is not exactly ‘just around the corner’.

Any news if this move is actually because of a new model / redesign coming out later this year? Some rumors are that Ford is doing this to move current inventory.

The current lease has a $10,750 Cash Back attached already, that the purchase consumer could not take advantage of. This $6,000 Cash Back just gets the purchase price closer to the actual lease price.

Since the Focus Electric is a ‘made to order’ vehicle, there is really no ‘inventory’ to liquidate based on a new model year.

But what the $6,000 Cash Back does is allow Ford to easily roll it into the new lower MSRP of the 2015 Focus Electric, without negatively impacting what consumers ‘actually’ paid for the 2014 model. And the consumer is still able to deduct the $7500 tax credit and other state rebates.

this is a good EV–much better, IMHO, than the Nissan Leaf. (And I’m not saying that because I’m a current leasee of a Focus Electric!)

the problem has been–and always will be, IMHO–is that the local dealers WANT NOTHING TO DO with this EV!! They rather be pushing the hybrids (which they can make more money from?) like Fusion and C-Max or even the PHEV like the C-Max Energi or Fusion Energi.

Couple that with the “build-to-order” low inventory (how many dealerships even HAVE a Focus electric on hand to test drive?) and Ford corporate’s bone-head marketing strategies…. Is it any wonder that this EV is dying on the vine? 🙁

Volts have the same problem… Most dealers want nothing to do with it, and lately, GM doesn’t seem to want to even provide them inventory.

Hoping that all changes, for all electrics.

I think it looks better than the Leaf but the Focus does have some problems. There was a software problem that caused it to turn off unexpectedly but supposedly that has been solved. There is the lack of truck space problem. There is a bit of a worry due to its low volume numbers. (Low volume means it may be more difficult to get parts, good service/repairs, etc.)

The price WAS the biggest problem with this car but this price drop solves that.

Contrary to what people say, the LEAF has much quicker acceleration around town. I raced my coworkers 2013 FFE 5 times, and handily beat him every time. The Focus will start pulling in the upper speed range. But then the LEAF will leave it behind with a substantially higher top speed. (94mph vs 85mph). The LEAF will actually finish the standing qtr mile ahead of the FFE. Just confirmed my impressions with the Car And Driver test this month. Focus was the slowest of all the EVs 0-30 by a wide margin. (4.0 seconds). Very sluggish off the line. And that test was with the 2013-14 LEAF. My 2012 LEAF with more torque totally obliterated my coworkers FFE. He was so upset, he literally got rid of it the next month, with only 700 miles on the clock. True story.

The Volt beats them both with 100mph 😉

Joking aside, All these EV’s… FFE, Leaf, Volt, and more… have great acceleration thanks to instant torque.

People need to realize how there is no longer a compromise between performance and efficiency.

Manufacturers need to realize that people who want EV’s are not just “Green” environmentalists, but your average buyer too.

Dealers need to be required to sell them somehow, through indirect persuasion methods.

Roman the car guy has the smash up 0-60 comparo on you tube between the Volt and the LEAF. Same thing happened. Off the line,up to about 40mph,the LEAF beats the volt, then the Volt passes. Only reason I find the 0-30mph very important, is that is what gets you across the intersection,first and around town with lively acceleration. 40+ mph might be stronger in the other EVs, but they still pale in comparison to most ICE equivalent cars, so its not as impressive. But off the line, the LEAF will definitiely hold its own against most cars you encounter.

That was the 2011/2012 version of the LEAF.

The 2013/2014 version got slower….and more efficient.

I got that impression during my short FFE test drive. From 0-30, it just don’t have the oomph of the Leaf. But when on the passing on the highway, the Focus will win.

The focus is a much more refined car, though. The dash is a nice presentation, and the car feels more solid.

In 2015, when my lease is up, it’s going to be interesting to compare the MY15 Leaf, FFE, and (hopefully) eGolf. From what I’ve seen, these will be the real contenders in the entry-level EV arena.

I have to say, the build on my FFE is superb, especially the interior. A year into driving, it still has that solid “no rattle” feel when driving over bumps and rough roads. The suspension is tight, and the car is a joy to drive. I was in my co-worker’s recent-model BMW the other day, and was amazed at how tinny and “loose” the interior sounded over the same roads. Frankly, the interior build of the BMW seems like utter crap compared to my FFE — I was thinking, “people pay extra for this brand?”. I was not impressed… my FFE just seemed like the better car.

I suspect that the acceleration for the initial miles a limited by the software, I swear that when we got the ford focus and drove it around for a month the drive felt different than it does now after some kind of software update that went into place after a month of having the vehicle. I mean it feels great to drive now but still it makes you think how important the software in these cars is.

I meant that the accelration from start must have been limited by the software. Sorry for the typo.

I think Ford dialed back the 0-30 to reduece tire spin and or to reduce torque stear. My focus kicks in at 30 and feels very fast at that point all the way up to the 85mph limit.

$29K before the tax-credit? That is a great deal. Ford must be losing lots of money on that.

Damn, I wish I was in the market for an EV these days . . . lots of great choices.

Why would they be losing money? 95% of the car is stock Ford Focus. Battery-pack manufacturing cost keeps falling, and this car has been manufactured virtually unchanged since 2012.

BEVs don’t automatically “lose money” for you.

The reason they would be loosing money isthe assembly costs. Prior to the plant in Germany they were hand assembled at a large cost

Ted, what are you talking about? Before the plant in Germany for European customers, it was made and still is made in the same factory as the regular Focus and the C-Max. The prototypes may have been hand made, but not since then.

I don’t think they ever lost money building this car in that this thing is almost the same size and range of the Nissan leaf and they where making money on the leaf. I think what really happened with this car was they where over charging on it and Ford realized that Nissan is creaming them in EV sales so they got back to reality by cutting the price.

If this car had kept it’s original $35,000 dollar price tag it at least should have had at least a 100 to 130 more miles of range to compensate for it’s higher price but instead it had a 75 mile range and that alone would make it have to go down.

Is this $6K rebate only for Southern CA residents or is it Nationwide?

Apparently this $6000 rebate program has some regional residency restrictions…. It’s not available in Texas, probably some other places too.

Check first on Ford’s website.

It’s fairly wide spread, but there is some regional holes. I would suggest if you want one to make a ‘road trip adventure’ out of getting one, (=

May have to do that if I end up passing on the i3 as dealers around here are saying its a California only deal. Paying $1500 to have one shipped from CA still puts $4500 in my pocket…

Just checked the two dealerships in Spokane, and guess how many Ford Focus EV’s are on the lot available to test drive – exactly the same number that have been available since the FFE introduction – ZERO! I’d love to drive one to compare it to my 2012 Leaf lease, but there is absolutely no dealer support here. Very disappointing.

Leased a 13 FFE in August (electric blue) The deal now is not that much different now as then ($12750 incentive, no MSRP break). The FFE is a great hold over until Tesla debuts Gen III/model E. I must admit the BMW i3 reports did make me drool a little. The new advertising is probably due to the new fix on the Stop Safely Now bug everyone was getting. Even though the FFE is superior to the Leaf in many ways (not least of these is looks), Ford is pushing its Energi line much more then the FFE. Why? Probably money. Since the FFE is really a Magnum invention, Ford may not be committed to it in the long run. Which makes getting it now while it lasts a fun piece of history. Trunk space is not a problem. We got a roof rack and have taken several furniture runs. Even IF it can’t beat a leaf, it looks a lot cooler, and feels on par with a turbo. Need I say more. DC charging is not an issue. Oil change savings pays for a rental four times a year when we need it. Would love a 200 mile range.… Read more »

Focus Electric sales for Jan were down to just 100. But that was due to weather related parts availability. The MAP plant is actually closed until 2/9/14. So expect to see a Focus Electric sales boost for Feb, especially with the new $6,000 Bonus Cash.

C-MAX Hybrid and Energi models should also get a nice sales boost. C-MAX Energi has a $3,000 Bonus Cash offer going on now.