Ford Offers $4,000 Off 2013 Focus Electric To Match New 2014 Pricing + 0% Financing

JUL 18 2013 BY JAY COLE 3

New Offer On 2013 Ford Focus Electric

New Offer On 2013 Ford Focus Electric

This was one of those inevitable things; as it is fairly hard to move older 2013 inventory when people have found out your new 2014 offering will be cheaper.  Ok, it is impossibly hard.

Darn You 2014 Ford Focus Electric Window Sticker (click to enlarge)

The 2014 Ford Focus Electric Window Sticker That Spilt The Beans (click to enlarge)

So last week, when we noticed that new 2014 Focus Electric had window stickers showing a $4,000 lower MSRP, and after we called Ford to double-confirm the new pricing before publishing out the news, we knew there would be a ripple effect on the 2013s.

It took the marketing guys at Ford a few days to catch up to the 2014 pricing news, but now Ford is offering a rebate ($4,000) equal to the amount of the new price drop on the hood of the remaining 400-odd 2013 Focus Electrics in dealer inventory.

The new effective starting price of both the 2013 and 2014 is now $35,200.

To add a little incentive, because you always have to go a little better still on the older models when the new one is coming, Ford is also offering to finance your purchase for 0%

You can check out Ford’s “incentive” page on the Focus Electric yourself hereHat tip to our “Ford guy” Alan Campbell on the heads-up on pricing.

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Maybe GM will follow Ford’s lead and do the same with the 2013 Volt before the 2014 Volt pricing is released.

There is already $4000 rebates on Volts

The Volt cannot compare to this Focus Electric because it is a BEV. The only GM vehicle that can compare wit the Focus is the Chevy Spark EV. The C-Max Energi can be compared to the Volt.