Ford Model E Plug-In Rumored To Launch In 2019


Ford Motor Company World Headquarters

Ford Motor Company World Headquarters

Research firm AutoForecast Solutions reported that Ford plans to build its new Model E Plug-In Hybrid and BEV by 2019, at a new factory in Mexico. The rumor is that it’s slated to be the Toyota “Prius Fighter”. Sam Forani, VP of the forecasting company, mentioned that the vehicle will be available as a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and all-electric. Forani said:

“Ford is anticipating some high volumes on it.”

Ford Assembly Plant Wixom, MI - Closed

Ford Assembly Plant Wixom, MI – Closed 2007

The Ford Model E has made recent news as the car that ruined Tesla’s “SEXY” plans.

Ford plans to invest $1.6 billion on the new plant in Mexico, which will be focused on small cars. The building will start this summer and production should begin in two years.

Forani said the plant will build 300,000 to 350,000 or more units a year. About 50,000 of these will likely be the Model E. In 2015, Ford built over 250,000 vehicles in Michigan. The move out of the U.S. is surely upsetting to many. UAW President Dennis Williams said of the news:

“Very troubling . . . For every investment in Mexico, it means jobs that could have and should have been available right here in the USA. Companies continue to run to low-wage countries and import back into the United States. This is a broken system that needs to be fixed.”

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has threatened Ford with tariffs due to its investment in production in Mexico. He called Ford’s plans:

“An absolute disgrace . . .These ridiculous, job-crushing transactions will not happen when I am president.”

Ford countered that it will not affect U.S. jobs. Ford’s president of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs assured:

“We’re a proud American company. We set up our global manufacturing footprint and our facilities where we think it makes the most sense for our business.”

Hinrichs went on to explain that Ford has invested $16 billion in U.S. plants in five years. The company’s most recent contract with the UAW calls for $9 billion by 2019. Ford employs more factory workers than any other automaker in the U.S. However, the company plans to stop C-max production in Michigan and replace it with Model E production in Mexico.

All of this comes along in a push by Ford and similar pushes from other established automakers to focus on smaller vehicles and new technologies. Unfortunately, smaller vehicles means less profits and new technologies are not widely accepted.  With low gas prices and the typical “American ideal” people are still buying SUVs and pickup trucks in mass numbers and new technologies will take a long time to catch on, even with great marketing strategies and education.

Hopefully, regardless of where the vehicles are built, in this new world marketplace, car makers can establish and bestow the importance of EVs on the masses through whatever avenues are needed.

Source: Autonews

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“Prius fighter”?! Talk about preparing to fight yesterday’s battles. Prius sales are tanking y-o-y. By 2019, they’ll be beating a dead horse.

Where’s their bolt/model-3 competitor?!


They thought replacing with the rear Torsion Beam suspension was well worth it to bring in buyers who had no interest in canyon carving.

Now the Prius Prime butchered and crippled its boot space, cause that rear-independant suspension eats space, forcing the pack to raise up into the cargo floor.

The 2nd and 3rd gen could’ve easily accepted a 10 or 12kWh pack, not the Prime’s 8kWhs.

As much as I’d hate to say it – the Prius has passed it. It would stay as a fleet car, but it has lost narrative to add to alternative drivetrains apart from its Atkinson cycle ICE.

Hey . . . a “plug-in hybrid” in order to leapfrog Toyota’s successful Prius! Brilliant!

Seems vaguely familiar though. Hmmm

Ford can’t aim high enough to take on the mighty i-3 or e-Golf I guess.

The i3 and e-Golf are aiming high? The current Focus EV is in the game with the e-Golf and not that far behind the i3. Next years upgrade to around 100 mile range will leave the e-Golfs 83 mile range in the dust.

Prius fighter? A bit late for that, isn’t it? Why not make a Model 3 fighter instead? I guess that will come in the 2030-ish time frame.

Evos Evos Evos!

Mexican factory workers make something like $1.75/hour. Do you think they’re going to be buying any Model E’s?

US unemployment/underemployment is much worse than the gubment would have you believe. Those people aren’t buying any model E’s either.

There was a time when an auto factory job was a good middle class income that you could plan a future around, and prosperity (across the board) was good. … better than good.

What the hell happened?

At least Trump is talking about the problem/ asking questions. Most politicians seem to be getting paid for their silence on the real issues.

The golden goose is getting cooked.

“At least Trump is talking about the problem”
Talk is cheap.

… and that is the problem with simple minded voting.

Trump employs a lot of people in the US,. … and Trump employs a lot of people outside of the US.

It’s not like he’s going to wave a magic presidential wand and make every product sold in the US made in the US. But he would try to back out some of the “free trade” damage that has been done. Make it more fair.

/ at least, that’s what he “says” he’ll do. I personally don’t like the man, … but he is an outsider. Our only chance of actually electing someone “outside the system” in many decades. How will he perform? …. I dunno. It’s kinda like knowing all the other cards suck,. … so you hold your nose and pick the wild card.

// … and THAT, is simple minded voting .. done right.

You can’t be a total “outsider” and get things accomplished. You have to play the game. It’s called listening and compromise. (also called doing your job)

Where I do like someone being an “outsider”, is in regards to taking money from rich people/corporations/lobbyists to get policy. I think out of all the candidates, Bernie has shown he would endeavor to do this more-so than the others.

Bernie is not going to get the nomination. The most you can hope for is that Hillary will put him on the ticket. (which won’t mean much as far as future policy goes, unless you think she’s gonna kick the bucket sometime soon).

I would say that Bernie and Trump are two sides of the same coin in a sense. They are both viewed as beyond big lobby influence, and I would call Bernie the most honest guy in the room. The problem with Bernie is that he honestly believes in a socialist agenda. More “giveaways” is not going to get us where we need to go. We’re already leaning too far in that direction.

If anybody has shown the ability to get things accomplished, it’s Donald Trump.

Policies aside, I think Trump will take money from anyone who will give it to him. He’s a wheeler dealer and will sell this country into the ground just like his businesses.

He will get things done.. just not things good for Americans.

Building cars in Mexico is much better for us than building them in China, South America or even Europe. NAFTA was much better than GATT.

Mexican Auto Factory workers employed by the Detroit 3 make $8-$10 per hour including benefits.

Google is your friend.

That is the future of blue collar mainstream automotive wages whether Union Bosses, Socialist or Fascist like it or not.

1%ers will be willing to pay a premium for their S Class to be assembled by a German,a Rolls Royce to be assembled by an Englishman or a Corvette to be assembled by an American. But not the Average American or Chinese.

Prius fighter? Why bother.
Build a real compelling desirable ev or high AER phev

When’s the last time Ford took a chance on innovation? I think it was in 1932 when they introduced the flathead V8 engine.

In this EV era, they are definitely shameful copycats.

How about a whole 18 months ago when they gave Americas best-selling vehicle all-aluminum bodywork, dropping as much as 700 lbs per truck. Or a few years before that when they started a massive push for more efficient, smaller, turbocharged engines, even in trucks that would otherwise have big V8s.

They weren’t the first to use these technologies by any means, but they have made them acceptable or even desirable to the masses, and in the grand scheme of things, a significant gas savings considering the volume of trucks sold in America, there’s actually a lot of gas savings resulting from these changes.

There are supposed to be THREE versions of this car…
A standard hybrid
A plug in hybrid
AND a fully electric version

Ford has to compete with there competion based on price among all the other variables…
So when Toyota, GM, VW and every one else stop opening new plants in Mexico Ford might stop then…

I am pro union but the UAW has to realize that asking for 15 to 20 dollars more an hour than than Toyota plants in the USA is eventually going to get your jobs shipped somewhere else…

Please update your title as the Model E is more that just a plug in hybrid…

Ford didn’t kill SEX! They Stole It!!

The UAW whines that “something has got to be done”.

How about making US workers competitive? The UAW is forcing the US automakers to pay so much more for US labor that it is cheaper to spend BILLIONS of dollars to open factories elsewhere. There are HUGE infrastructure issues such as shipping parts to Mexico and shipping vehicles BACK to the US that are STILL cheaper than paying UAW wages, that’s why this keeps happening.

I’m not pro-union when the unions are the ones making the jobs go away.

The UAW has certainly got its faults. But it’s important to realize that where a factory goes has as much or more to do with complicated international trade deals as it does labor costs.

“The trade-related cost edge can be large. When Audi rival BMW AG ships cars to Europe from BMW’s two-decade-old Spartanburg, S.C., plant, it is hit with a 10% duty on each one. For a $50,000 vehicle, that $5,000 is a much bigger factor than differences in labor costs.”

Why Auto Makers Are Building New Factories in Mexico, not the U.S.
Array of Free-Trade Pacts Favors Mexico Over U.S. South as Site for North American Assembly Plants

The article is worth a read, and sheds a little light on just how complicated the whole “trade agreement” process is. The “Don” says this is why you would vote for him. He’s the guy that can go in and get these trade deals hammered out in our (“our” meaning the US citizen, NOT the international banker/businessmen of the world) favor.

That trade deal gave Mexico the huge advantage.
All decided on by Politicians not businessmen/women. What a mess.
The dude with messed up hair is right. This country is run by morons.

Sorry to see “The Donald” mentioned in an InsideEVs article. I think it really lowers the standards of this website to mention such a despicable person. 🙁

And I got sucked in… DOH!

_Three_ different drivetrain types for the same car, and a small one too boot where internal volume is more limited and harder to design for?
Color me very skeptical that more than one of these could be in any way an efficient car.

The best solution for BEVs is obviously the “skateboard” design. PHEVs and hybrids need space for the ICE drivetrain (at least the engine & fuel tank, if this is a true series-hybrid), which requires compromises.

We’ll see…

If it’s built NOT IN THE US and imported back in the US by Ford, I’m not interested in the product.

Something needs to be done about this crap.

Bad enough GM sent manufacturing of the Caddy PHEV to China all to import back to the US even though the US taxpayers bailed their sorry asses out.

There’s no fair trade, just screw the US trade but our current POTUS does nothing.

Hope the dude with jacked up hair does something about it.

I love these articles that mention something political or religious, and then the comments go on wild tangents. I guess I’m just easily entertained.

lol, the last time we got our hands slapped and comments removed. 😛

I think we’re in a circular loop, because I’m quite confident that this article is based on inaccurate reports from other articles all suggesting the same thing.

Ford never actually said those words (200 mile car / Mexico factory / blah, blah). This article is based on interpretations of other people. Actually, they said just the opposite (100 mile car).

50k a year of pure EV model E — you go Ford, aim high…….

But seriously — the real problem for all of these pretenders is the battery….without somehow supporting a massive battery facility as Tesla did — they will always be a bit player in this market. GM also said they expect 50-100k / year sales of the Bolt — which in early 2017 will be the only affordable EV with a 200 mile range…..why so low when Tesla took on 400k reservations in weeks???? NO BATTERY INFRASTRUCTURE to support more than niche market sales.

Wake up folks — the era of EVs are upon us – either get in or get out and let Tesla take over. Think of the battery plant as your engine / transmission facility……You need it to make the final product — you can’t count on the battery companies to put up that much for you.