Ford MoDe:Flex Electric Bicycle (w/video)

JUL 13 2015 BY TDILLARD 13

Continuing our coverage of car manufacturers dipping their toes into the personal mobility market, we bring you the Ford MoDe:Flex Electric Bicycle (via Engadget).

Here’s how it breaks down:

Separation of frame...

Separation of frame…

...stacking the parts...

…stacking the parts…

...and stowing in the trunk.

…and stowing in the trunk.

Here’s a snippet showing it in action:

Is it just us, or does it seem kind of funny to see “Ford” on the side of bicycle?  No word on production plans.  (What a shocker, right?)

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Handlebars that vibrate when a car is passing (I’ve been looking for that one for a while, although I was imagining just an audible ‘beep’) , turn by turn directions, power modes that adjust according to your heart rate ……

I wonder if Ford is going to actually build something or are they just gathering patents?

Yes, Actually when are they going to fix the CMax already?

GM has had 3 versions of the Volt out, yet Nothing from Ford. Hey Ford, update the battery already, and fix the Storage problem in the CMax. You might sell some.

I can’t imagine many people willing to go to a **CAR DEALERSHIP** and buy a bicycle.

Gosh, that must be a fun shopping experience. 😛

I think Ford forgot they already have an electric bike.

Hey Ford, how about you just build a good electric car. You know . . . one with SAE-CCS like you promised to support.

Ford supports CCS, they just haven’t made a substantial change to the Focus Electric since it was introduced in 2012.

Ford has us waiting until the next gen Focus in 2017 or ’18 until there are any changes.

Engadget tells me the bike has 9 amp hours of battery – which tells me absolutely nothing without the voltage.

From :
“The company said there are “no plans to go to market” with the bikes”

Note that 200w is really low for e-bike motors, and doesn’t even reach the European pedelec standard (250w); these bikes wouldn’t be very useful for hills.

I strongly suspect these prototypes were funded by Ford’s “green PR” budget. It’s much cheaper to fund e-bike prototypes (a couple of engineers) than EV prototypes. After all, Ford has been doing closer to nada in the EV space than almost any other major carmaker.

There are as yet no mass-market e-bikes, and Ford ain’t going to be the exception.
Boo Ford.

My cynical side would say:

There’s a group of “thinkers” at Ford that has been watching the phenomenal growth rate of e-bikes in over the last several years:

– “Is this a threat?”

–“Well, yes sir, it could be a threat. Especially if the e-bike growth spills out of Europe and China and into other markets.”

-“Shlt, …. Well, we need to work on some kind of ‘just-in-case-plan’ if these electric bikes keep gaining momentum. ”

–“OK, how about this …. “Buy an e-bike AND a car!””

-“Bully! Oh, that’s good stuff right there….. Get to work on it!”
“now, …. when was my tee time?

Maybe I’m just cynical also, but I suspect your cynical side is closer to reality.

“Put on my BEV purist hat”…

NO, it is NOT an electric bicycle. It is a HYBRID bicycle. Stopping calling it electric bicycle.

“Take off my BEV purist hat”.

That is one cool electric bicycle. It looks to be pretty light.

Wow, a Ford that’s designed to be pushed home. A true first.

Two of the worst cars I ever had, out of 40, were Fords. Burned once, shame on you. Burned twice, shame on me. There will not be a third time. VW same story.