Ford Might Build Pure Electric F-150


When announcing new details on the 300-plus mile range electric CUV, Ford let it be known that there’s at least a possibility that its hugely popular F-150 truck could someday be offered in full electric form.

Previously a 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck was rendered by Top Speed

Ford didn’t confirm that an electric F-150 is coming, but rather the automaker didn’t fully rule one out. At this point, we will take what we can get.

Raj Nair, Ford’s chief technology officer, told Business Insider the following:

“In a CUV, you aren’t too worried about payload or towing, but it’s very different for a truck. And when you put that number of cells and that much weight into the vehicle, it does cut into payload and towing.” 

That’s why Ford says it will offer a hybrid F-150 in the near future. Nair stated:

“We want electrification to be a bonus. One thing that is really advantageous on the hybrid is it also becomes its own power generating source.”

That’s all fine and dandy but Tesla has a fully electric truck coming in the next couple of years and it seems as though Ford might want to compete. In regards to a pure electric F-150, Nair commented:

“I would never rule out anything like that. But right now, a hybrid version makes more sense.”

Right now, maybe. But if Tesla truck becomes a hit, you’d better believe the legacy automakers are going to want in on that market. Why wait for Tesla then when you could lead the way?

Source: Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Finance via Electrek

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“Why wait for Tesla when you could lead the way”

Ford ? That’s a good one !

Yep, Ford CEO’s manage for their stock options, nothing else.

“Tesla has a fully electric truck coming in the next couple of years and it seems as though Ford might want to compete.”

This is rank speculation. They aren’t even guaranteed to launch Model 3 on time, and are borrowing money like mad to pay for the vehicle development and tooling.

“This is rank speculation.”

Tesla will unveil their new electric semi truck this sept. It’s not rank speculation

A semi-truck is not the same thing as a mass market pickup–totally different chassis, body, etc. Tesla may show a concept for a electric semi truck, but I don’t believe for a moment that an electric pickup is “a couple of years away”. Unless it is just a Model X with the rear roof chopped off.

It will be a good stock booster though.

Tesla will be holding a shareholder meeting today and I expect that Musk will make it clear the Model 3 will roll out on schedule. Also the new solar roofs are already booked to the end of 2018. Connecticut is scheduled to vote on allowing Tesla to sell directly in the state and It’s expected to pass. Tesla is expected to reenter the Nevada solar roof market with utilities buying excess solar energy. New York is expected to increase Tesla stores to 16. Storage Batteries are selling as fast as the can currently make them.

and tesla is taking tax payer’s money as fast as the government will hand it out

The hell u talking bout?!

“That’s all fine and dandy but Tesla has a fully electric truck coming in the next couple of years and it seems as though Ford might want to compete.” If Tesla manages to design and produce a fully electric truck within the next couple of years, it will be a “truck” for people that WANT the look of a truck, but don’t NEED to drive a truck. It will not compete for the segment of buyers that actually need full payload and hauling capabilities of a traditional 1/2 ton, body on frame truck. As the Ford rep stated, there are payload and towing requirements that will be compromised with the addition of such a large battery pack. Though there will be many things an EV truck will be better at than a traditional truck, payload weight/volume capacity will not be one of them…and though an electric motor can produce massive amounts of torque, they can overheat and will draw an equally massive amount of energy from the battery when actually doing truck-type work. A Tesla truck WILL sell and maybe GM/Ford can learn a thing or two about expanding their potential customer base. Tesla sales will be based on design,… Read more »

“If Tesla manages to design and produce a fully electric truck within the next couple of years, it will be a “truck” for people that WANT the look of a truck, but don’t NEED to drive a truck.”

I would guess that describes over half of pickup owners — at least in TX. That’s a substantial fraction of the market to surrender.

Most of them are grocery haulers….but if Tesla can do an electric class 8 semi. They sure as heck can do a little pick up truck.

It isn’t can or can’t. It is how much capability at what price.

One can always put in 6 100kWh battery pack into a semi to get it about 300-500 miles of range.

But putting a 200kWh battery into a pickup truck to get it 200 miles of range while towing will cost so much that it effectively wipe out the margins of the Model S/X at $100K.

Will there be an electric pickup truck market that cost $40K and has 150 miles range? Maybe.

Will there be an market for an electric pickup truck that cost $80K with 200 miles? Not much.

Will there be an market for an electric truck with $100K and only 250 miles of range? hardly.

That is where the problem is.

If Tesla can get the battery cost to $50/kWh and Supercharger to have 300kW and everywhere, then it is doable. Until then, it is a good concept and a stock price pumper.

I would guess that number is more like 80% of all truck customers across the US.

Tesla is going to build a semi truck that will go 600 miles between charges.I don’t think a pick up truck will be a big challenge for Tesla.

Agreed, but Ford/GM will have to figure out a way to restructure their brand message. Even though those people don’t “need” a truck, they still want to be sold those “truck” capabilities.

GM/Ford won’t risk any perception that their trucks are neutered in any way compared to a good old fashioned dino-burner. Tesla, on the other hand, has nothing to lose. No existing customer base (regarding trucks) that they need to worry about alienating.

“I would guess that describes over half of pickup owners ”
How true that is! It’s like having the 4×4 Jeep with off-road package for the annual off road trip. Someone i know bought one because in 10 years when retirement comes they will need it where they will be moving…LOL! When it comes to choosing a car to buy people are very impulsive and illogical.

You’re clearly now aware Tesla builds 4 wheel drive cars, with two electric motors, one in the front and one in the back.
You’re also clearly not aware of the massive torque electric motors produces.
An electric truck will be far superior to any ICE truck.

Very good job at naming parts in common between a car and a truck. Very poor job at showing your understanding of durability and customer requirements.

They dont have much choice. It’s their cash cow. They need to create electric version ASAP or Tesla will finish them.

Previous Ford CEO history say they’ll do nothing, except press releases.

A full size pickup truck is not the same as a car, CUV, van, etc

Pickups leave the city and major highways far more often where there WILL NOT BE widespread charging infrastructure for a long time. A BEV pickup is a pure fail in this segment. A EREV on the other hand would be great.

Unless it has the Tesla charging infrastructure.

Which is essentially non-existent once you leave the city and/or major highway.

The Model X 90 has about 150 mile range with a light trailer, so a BEV will get you just far enough to get stranded.

Ever ask a buddy to bring you a jug of gas? Try that with a BEV.

Go out to cottage country. There are many places without access to the grid, let alone EV chargers.

Contractors want the truck to power tools. Why? because there is no grid yet on construction sites.

You all need to stop thinking that a pickup is like a car. IT IS NOT.

BEV pickup = fail for much of the segment

I agree that PHEV/EREV is the best design for a truck.

There is nothing like bragging about the truck can power all the tools on the site when it has a built in 200kW generator. Or go to a camp site that is capable to have a heck of a big party all powered from that pickup trucks of yours.

Some truck buyers care about practical aspect of the truck, but most of them care about “bragging rights”.

Of course, winning “tug of war” with EREV trucks would be a bonus for sure. =)

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

If you’re talking industrial work, there is 240VAC at every site.

If it’s Tesla, maybe you should visit the the Tesla SC website?

“If you’re talking industrial work, there is 240VAC at every site.”

Not true. Plenty of work sites use portable generators until the big power is setup.

Those portable generators are far less efficient and dirtier than onboard REx.

I completely agree with you Brian.

As someone who owns both a LEAF and an F-150, they have completely different areas of usefulness. I love driving electric to work and back every day. But, I need a real truck to tow, haul and camp. I can drive for almost 500 miles in my F-150. My LEAF goes about 90 freeway miles on a charge, if I’m lucky.

When Ford, GM or Tesla makes a good plug-in truck, I will be the first one to trade in my old F-150. The future of trucks is coming, but it certainly isn’t here yet.

Electrifying trucks, large SUVs and semis has the largest potential payoff for pollution reduction. Passenger cars and small CUVs are just the low-hanging fruit.

I feel sorry for the share holders of Ford. The best they can do is buy PUT options. Here is why. The stock will head south. No battery factory to support the volume. No management that knows enough about software. And here is the strongest reason, if Ford sells all the F 150, say 1 million in 2017/2018, will that support Ford from falling? No it will not.

Ford wouldn’t even introduce an EREV F-150. We’re supposed to take a BEV seriously?

This gets a little too close to the jewels.

“This gets a little too close to the jewels.”


Yes. That’s what makes it so interesting. I can’t wait for Tesla to start horning in on the big 3’s pick up truck sales. I want to see them squirm.

What I can’t figure out is why Tesla is doing the electric semi first before the pick up.

The pick up truck market is huge. It’s all people buy here in AZ.

OTOH if Tesla can demonstrate an electric semi that really is credible in the market place. That pretty much opens up the whole truck market all the way down to pick ups.

Tesla probably figures the pay off is bigger with an electric semi with it’s huge maintenance and fuel costs.

Fiesta with a tiny pick up bed…9 second 0-60, 250lbs MAX payload, 95 miles of range at $46,995…Ford: “See? No want wants EV pickups”…

I’ll feel so much better being run off the road, on my electric assist bicycle, by an electric pickup truck. Saving civilization, one huge personal vehicle at a time.

I can’t wait for the Tesla Truck! A Ford EV anything, I would not even consider, as they are blatantly EV stalwarts. My old, last millennium built Ford Truck, has been collecting dust, as I load more miles on my Numi plant built 2003 Tacoma, and my 2013 Leaf.

Ford has a lot of catching up to do, and their VW press release scheme, is not going to fool anybody! Fords New CEO better come up with something better than this if he is going keep his ship from taking on too much water!

Old Tacoma and Leaf! That’s us too! And the rest of the neighbors have huge trucks with bed covers and no trailer hitch. They haul lattes. The first repair expense after our Leaf was a new battery for the truck because we almost quit using it. I watched the CEO of Boeing leave for Ford and thought he would bring the carbon fiber expertise to vehicles and except for the aluminum truck body, was disappointed. Now their CEO is been changed again, and I don’t think it will be for the better for fuel economy.

Why throw Tesla a bone for their unseen and hardly mentioned pickup? There are other automakers who are pushing hard for electric and hybrid pickups that you ignore in this article, Workhorse, Via, Havelaar.
Give those that are making a visible effort credit rather than your fanboy fav.

Ford will build an electric pickup truck someday – that is not an issue.

They unfortunately will not be the first and will probably be too late – that is the issue. If they are caught off-guard – then they could be three years behind with no competing product while they try to catch up.

I’m sure the Ford is smarter than that. Of course they are working on electric Mustang’s and electric F-150’s and Lincoln MKZ’s. They have to have these ready for 2020/2021

I’m sure GM and Ford are much father along than people give them credit for.

They just don’t hype vaporware like Musk does.

Why? Because Musk needs cash to expand and the incumbents need a smooth transition while they milk the ICE market. It’s as simple as that.

GM’s experience with EREV (aka Volt) in addition to decades of building trucks puts them in a better position than Tesla for this market. Pickup trucks are not cars.

Can’t wait to see the charging strategy for the Tesla Semi. I doubt it applies to pickups.

“They just don’t hype vaporware like Musk does.”


We’ll see if it’s vapor ware in september. If Tesla can do a semi then a pick up is easy.

Ford makes more profit on gas trucks. They need to maximize profits. They have no incentive to sell an electric pick up that has no margin.

“They have no incentive to sell an electric pick up that has no margin.”

And Tesla do?

Typical Pickup trucks have about $10K in “NET PROFIT” on a typical selling price of $40K. That is 25% NET PROFIT margin way better than the “Gross margin” that Tesla claims on their cars (even though the % is better). One is net, the other is gross…
Big difference!

If there are enough buyers who are willing to be trade in their F-150 and Silverado or Ram for Tesla Trucks, then I am sure the big 3 will do something, but until then, they won’t have to worry about a thing.

I imagine that even if Tesla offers one, the majority of the customers will be Tundra/Ridgeline/Titan customers who have to have it.

I seriously doubt the pickup trucks will cost less than $70K from Tesla either way…

Are you sure though? They just fired their CEO partly do to his lack of vision.

I wouldn’t be sure at all…

I’m equally sure Ford is doing nothing.

Ford is doing something – they are building tens of thousands of pickup trucks – just like Blackberry was building tens of thousands of cellphones in 2006.

I wouldn’t count Ford out MX.

Ford just took some huge risks with their new aluminum trucks and Eco Boost engines. They also have the C-Max and Fusion Energi cars to build from. Plus, they have a new CEO, with a mission to modernize. If they can make it beefy and reliable enough, they could do quite well with some new EREV trucks.

I would honestly think a PHEV would be a better solution for a pickup truck. The main reason being the size of the battery you’d need to give the vehicle a decent range, especially while towing something. Not that it can’t be done. But I just think a PHEV would wind up being more affordable.

I doubt Ford is too worried about losing market share to an electric “Ridgeline” that starts at $45k. Why can’t people just wait for batteries to develop enough to make these vehicles realistic?

Because they are BEV purists who live in some make believe world and think that with enough puppies and unicorn farts anything is possible.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” there’s at least a possibility”

So when Tesla announced the S, GM and Ford said vapoware, pipe dream and many others said vapoware, will be lame, fools errand blah blah blah…..

Ford says the above, why is it not vaporware?
The only EV they have is the FFEV with sub90 AER.

Doesn’t the FFE get nearly 120 miles of AER?

Tesla is disrupting the automotive and energy business the same way Amazon disrupted retail. Everyone except Trump seems to understand this now and is making changes to there business plan except Trump who seems stuck in a 1950’s mentality.

How much does the engine trans radiator and fuel tank weigh.. drive shafts engine and all the other mounts.. you could build a better frame that didnt need to be engineered around this stuff.. so while yes batteries weigh a lot.. what’s the offset?
And anyone wondering about electric power just needs to look at a train.. most are electric powered. The diesel makes the power the motors use.
Pickups have a lot of space.. could have big batteries between frame rails from front to back axle.. plus could add a small engine to power the electric motors.. just saying
Now wouldn’t it be funny if the new GM trucks offered a Bolt or volt type drivetrain..

Imagine if the F-150 was made out of aluminum – wouldn’t that offset some of the batteries weight penalty?

Not even close. There are certain parts of a truck body that can never and will never be made out of aluminum due to strength/fatigue requirements of a truck. At best, you might save a few hundred lbs if a very significant amount of parts were converted to aluminum. Back of the napkin math suggests a battery about 10X the size of what’s in the Model S to do the job of a “real” truck.

I’ve read a few articles saying GM will be going to aluminum in the near future.After Ford went to it to try to save weight they gave back the weight by adding a stronger frame with other safety features. They did save some weight and make an excellent truck but Chevy are following suit.

GM is going to use a mix of materials.

I doubt it will be full AL cabin and bed like Ford.

The hood of the current Silverado is already AL. Maybe the cabin will be AL in the next version. Not sure if the Bed will be AL though.

Ford CEO asked whether pigs can fly. He responded with “never say never”.

News at 11!

The one that was fired or the new one?

Musk is a national treasure for some and a national terror for others. I am with the treasure crowd. Compare SpaceX and NASA to see the treasure.

I just don’t think ppl today are not quite warming up to electric trucks a few on a car maybe. The majority of ppl now wants a tough and a stout truck. They will sale but starting out it will be a fairly small market.I do believe in time ppl will warm up to them when they get mileage and dependable truck.

This is a depressing discussion thread. So much blind faith in Tesla vaporware, so much disregard for high school physics.

“Ford didn’t confirm that an electric F-150 is coming, but rather the automaker didn’t fully rule one out”

Stop masturbating in public like this. It’s fine if you do it on your own time, but actually *publishing* this fap article is stupid.

Has anybody even tried to do the basic math on this? Firstly, Ford doesn’t design a truck for the “average” user. They design for the 95th percentile customer that tows a load, up a mountain, and does this multiple times per week. Therefore every component is overdesigned to insure that parts don’t break when the truck is used as advertised. The other 95% of users benefit from a HIGHLY over engineer truck. The design requirements for that 95th percentile user are pretty extreme, but let’s just consider the power/energy required to tow a 5th wheel trailer at highway speeds (65 mph) for 250 miles on-way (this is very typical in Michigan). I estimate that even steady state travel on flat ground would require about 100 kW (after conversion losses) X nearly 4 hour trip time = 386 kWh battery! The rest of the math should be simple enough to figure out that the battery would cost more than a base model full sized pickup and I won’t even start down the path of weight and volume. What Tesla will make will be more on par with the Chevy SSR, with similar capabilities.

Tesla fans continue to confuse market cap with production capacity Tesla, while brilliant, is small. Tiny. It is rightly admired, but it’s still quite small. GM and Ford, on average, stamp out a vehicle somewhere on the planet every 3.8 seconds, each. Combined, that’s a vehicle about every 1.9 seconds. Electrification of that whole fleet would be non-trivial. So they aren’t starting with the towing use-case for mainstream workers. It should be obvious why PHEVs and EREVs will excel here. Workhorse is right.

A full-size F-150 EV with lower payload and towing may just be what many F-150 owners are looking for. Because not all truck owners need max payload or towing capabilities, but cutting the fuel costs by up to 200% may be much more important to business owners. Especially those who never tow.

But wait. The Tesla Model X has a 5,000 tow rating, same as the 2017 F-150 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 and that’s acceptable to Ford.

And the Model X has a GVRW of 6,768 lbs, which means it can haul 1327 lbs. And this is a CUV. Just short of the 2017 F-150 2.7L V6 at 1,590.

So something tells me that a full electric F-150 is on the way sooner than we think, because once consumers get a taste of the cost savings the plug-in F-150, they will demand a full EV.

Tesla is already dominating the large luxury sedan market with the Model S, and I doubt that Ford will let Tesla take commercial full-size pick-up sales, offering what Ford chose not to offer.

According to Ford website, the 3.5L V-6 is capable of towing up to 7,300lbs.

That is also the CHEAPEST and LEAST capable F-150 you can buy. The next step up is the ecoboost 2.7L which goes up to 8,500lbs and 12,200lbs with 3.5L ecoboost.

So, the $27K starting base F-150 is better than the $85K Model X in terms of towing.

Anything bigger, you can forget it with the Model X.

Towing even a small trailer (around 3,000lbs) is reducing the range of the Model X to anywhere from 150miles to 180 miles. That is where the towing range of the ICE trucks will win out.

Of course, nobody needs to tow all the time. Unless the Tesla Truck will cost in the range of the Model 3 and comes with “free electricity”, there is no way the TOC cost will win out for a long time.

A quick math says that even at 3 miles/kWh (best case for Tesla truck), $0.12/kWh and 15 mpg and $3/gallon, it would take ~ 300,000 miles to make up initial purchase cost difference with the difference in $0.16/miles operating cost. ($86K vs $36K)

The second part of the question is that how much of the F-series sales are the “base/lowest capability” models?

My guess is that it is very small %.

Look at the standard 3.55 axle ratio, it’s 5,000.

And yes it’s the base model, but it’s what a large segment of the full-size truck commercial buyers use, especially when there is really no need for much hauling and never towing. An example is the power and gas company here that use the F-150 pick-up to just drive around, check the old meters, make house service calls, etc.

“but it’s what a large segment of the full-size truck commercial buyers use, especially when there is really no need for much hauling and never towing. ”

Got any numbers to back up those claims?

F150 Energi would be a better vehicle. 80% to 90% of of your driving would be all electric. Then you have the towing power to take the toy hauler out on the weekends.

We have a Ford C-Max Energi and it is an awesome car.just wish it could have been a Escape or Edge.


I would love it if Ford (or anyone for that matter) would sell a good looking pure electric pickup. I would buy one, that’s a few years old…since my pockets aren’t very deep.

Oil lobbyists control the Big 3. China, California, Europe, and Tesla will force change on the Big 3. We are seeing the repeat of the 1970’s with the Big 3 making muscle whatever and instead of Japan ready with fuel efficient vehicle it will be the rest of the world with EV’s to fight climate change!

FORD batteries to date in general haven’t been very good. Nissan’s either. Would be fun to see what the BEV SUV will do before being sold on a PHEV or BEV FORD F150.

The ideal EV pickup truck needs to be small and have the cab pushed up all the way to the front like a mini semi .. see Dodge A-100 for an idea . Cab must be upright so can stand inside. Bed must be very deep. Come standard with tonneau cover. 110v outlets in the back. Bed has lights and HVAC. A bed you can actually sleep in.