Ford Lays Out Its Electrified Vehicle Plan For China


It Seems Likely That Ford Will Offer Its Focus Electric In China Too

It Seems Likely That Ford Will Offer Its Focus Electric In China Too

Ford C-Max Energi Headed To China

Ford C-Max Energi Headed To China

Ford choose this year’s Auto China show in Beijing to reveal that it has grand electrification plans for China in the coming years.

According to Ford, its aim is to have 10 to 25% of the cars it sells in China to be equipped with a battery (no, we’re not talking a typical 12-volt starter battery).

Automotive News posted several quotes on the matter from Ford China CEO John Lawler. Here’s some of what he stated:

“We’re going to have hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electrics.”

“By 2020, we see 10 to 25 percent of our mix being electrified, probably a majority of that being in the hybrid range and with the fastest growth in plug-in hybrids.” 

“The fuel economy regulations in China are the most aggressive over the next five years. The slope of that line down to greater fuel efficiency is greater than anywhere else.”

So, in other words, Ford feels it’s being forced to go greener in China due to fuel economy regulations. The automaker will respond by releasing plug-in cars there over the next several years.

First up in terms of plug-ins for China is the C-Max Energi, which will launch there in early 2017. Ford didn’t disclose any other launch plans for plug-ins in China at this point in time.

Source: Automotive News

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Still too slow

Both GM and Ford are slow and down the list of worldwide EV sales, placed at number 9 & 10.

So if they introduce one new Hybrid and stop selling one or two ICE vehicles their “Electrified” percentage goes up……lol

I don’t see any of the major automakers really getting behind EVs as long as they have viable cash cows. Detroit has pickups and big-ass SUVs that are incredibly profitable, VW had diesels, and BMW,Audi, and Diamler have/had luxury sedans.

The speed and effort these companies put into EVs will be inversely proportional to the profitability of their cash cows. I guess you can’t really blame them. CEOs have a responsibility to make money and the stock market doesn’t really reward thoughtful investment.

Dunno. Seems to work for Tesla…

Does this include Lincoln?

Did Ford JUST say they weren’t really interested in any electrification in the US at this time? Seems sorta wasteful to ramp up the effort there, but not here. Still not sure what these automakers are thinking.

I’ll tell you what they’re thinking. “Screw TSLA, we’ll milk our ICE cash cows until the end.”

Ford stated that they were not launching a 200 mile EV at this time, as they feel the 100 mile 2017 Focus Electric would meet the current need, and be highly economical. Meaning there should be another price drop for the 2017 Focus Electric to compensate for it’s range deficit.

The EV market is growing more rapidly in China than the U.S.

Asia actually

“Chinese Consumers Bought Nearly 300% More Electric Cars This Year Compared To 2014..”

Ford is so ambiguous in their statements it’s frustrating to get a quote from them.

10 – 25% mix is a very wide mix. Then with most being hybrids, my guess is the 2017 C-Max and the Mondeo Hybrid that goes next year will meet the 10% part.

But Ford has to do something, because the huge consumer NEV Incentives in China are ONLY for 50km(31 mile) plug-in vehicles, and manufactured in China.

Hybrids get ZERO. Plug-in Hybrids with less than 50km get ZERO.

So there would be no reason for a consumer to buy the C-MAX with 21 mile range, if they lose out on available incentives, and get no special tag with parking privileges.

I think Ford is just trying to have a plug-in ‘presence’ until their next gen plug-in vehicles launch in 2018.


Someone tell Trump, so we can get this China Loving CEO FIRED.

Meh. Legacy auto makers will naturally move to make more “micro-hybrids”, using a larger starter battery and a beefed-up alternator which doubles as a starter motor, and using that for stop/start tech plus a minimal amount of regenerative braking. They’ll do that because they need to improve their gasmobiles’ MPG ratings to meet the new CAFE standards. In fact, I predict it won’t be very long before most gasmobiles have that tech.

And they’ll call that “electrification”. Technically it is, but it’s hardly what we EV advocates want!

I guess we need to have choking pollution days in USA before Ford gets serious about EVs.

It is DEMAND driven, as soon as you and everyone you know buys EVs, then it is not profitable to make them. There are plenty of choices out there but market penetration is still way under 1% in the U.S.

Ford, as the rest of the automakers, have $hundreds of millions invested in the oil industry. That’s the main reason why they are so slow changing from ICE to EV’s. If they change too fast they will lose money. So mainly what they do is to go at a snail pace, maybe adding 1 kw of electric power a year to their cars. So maybe by 2030 they might be able to offer something really amazing , affordable and 100 % electric
























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