Ford Launches Smartwatch Apps For Plug-Ins

OCT 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 37

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch

Ford has launched smartwatch apps for its plug-in cars (Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi) for both Apple and Android.

This solution was developed to complement the MyFord Mobile platform for Android and Apple smartphones.

The app enables one to check battery state of charge, determine range, set preconditioning and more from the wrist:

  • Range and charge status for battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Capability to initiate preconditioning of vehicle cabin remotel
  • Locking/unlocking capability
  • Vehicle mileage summary
  • Last trip summary includes personal driving score, percentage of electric vehicle miles
  • Vehicle location provides walking or driving directions back to your parked car

David Hatton, Ford manager, Connected Vehicles and Services said:

“The app gives drivers the ability to quickly check important data like available range before leaving on a journey – without having to access the mobile application on their smartphone. The app can also notify users when their car is fully charged, helping a driver be courteous to other electric vehicle owners so they can free up the charging spot or avoid fees applied at some charging stations when you overrun your time after the charge is complete.”

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch Range

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch Range

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Last Trip

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Last Trip

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Home Screen

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Home Screen

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Home Screen

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Home Screen

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Vehicle Status

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear Vehicle Status

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch Controls

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch Controls

No word on how Tesla CEO Elon Musk feels about it yet though.

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Ford needs to launch some updated BEVs…

Or a battery upgrade, or a DC fast charging upgrade. When is Ford going to give us the EV products we really need?

Totally agree. What good is a smartwatch app. if you don’t have many cars to need it for. It is as if Ford is trying to hide. Hopefully they are hiding to surprise everybody with an outstanding electric vehicle, but what I have seen from Ford so far gets me thinking that they are hiding so no one notices that they are being left behind.

Ford was #2 in EV sales in 2014 and is still #2 thru Q3 of 2015. They seem to have a good concept of how much EV range many people really value enough to pay for.

What good is being #2 in EV sales if I can’t buy or lease an all electric Ford focus in central Florida?

Are you kidding??? Do you know the CMax Energi range?

Just watch.

watch app

59% – 12 EV Miles


That is still more than Prius Plugin at 100%.

That’s for the Energi models that have a rated range of 20 miles on batteries alone with a total range of 550 miles. The normal hybrid can only go about a mile on battery alone. 20 miles doesn’t seem like much now but was pretty impressive when the Energi first came out.

“20 miles doesn’t seem like much now but was pretty impressive when the Energi first came out.”

Although I agree that 20 miles are still useful. But I wouldn’t call it impressive back in 2013 when Volt already got 38 miles and we already got Fisker Karma with 25 EV miles. Even Outlander PHEV matched up against the Energi products.

I don’t think Ford tried hard enough.

2013 fusion energy with parallel auto park is pretty impressive for its time

That has nothing to do with EV powertrain.

Self parallel park happens in cars long before 2013. In fact, it was availabe on Toyota line of cars 10 years before…

That’s on 4 Year Old battery Design.
Did Ford Fall Asleep for 4 years and just wake up Yesterday?

GM has had incremental Volt updates and now a Major Version 2.0. Where’s Ford.

There’s a CEO that needs to be FIRED.


Did anybody notice that watch that says 100 miles EV range? The FFE doesn’t have that kind of range unless you are in crawl mode. I can’t figure out what’s going on with this watch. Maybe it’s a preview of the performance of a future model.

Did you notice that same watch display also includes a gas gauge?

Clearly that particular display does not apply to the FFE. Probably it would be for a C-MAX or other gas-guzzling hybrid.

Yes I noticed, that’s why I said I can’t figure this watch out. If it is monitoring a hybrid it’s pretty impressive. A 100 mile EV only range is twice what the 2016 Volt gets and the 219 miles with gas would be more range than BMW I3 with the range extender.

Okay, just letting my imagination run wild here. We’re got a picture of a watch that appears to indicate a PHEV Ford that has 100 miles battery only range and 200+ range with gas. Add to that CCS DC fast charging, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering all for less than $40,000. I think I would have to buy this car.

I would buy that car even if it doesn’t have CCS. 100 miles EV range + 219 miles of gas range would do wonders for my use case.

However, I will hold my final judgement unti I see what kind of vehicle we are talking about. A 2 seater in the size of the C-Max wouldn’t cut it. =)

A downloadable app for a smart watch that has much the same functionality as the app available for a smart phone is not very impressive information. But if the picture of the smart phone indicates the performance of a future model then this article contains some real news.

Still a step forward, unlike Nissan, which has killed their app. I have to log into their craptastic website to Start charging or preconditioning. I’d take an Apple Watch app any day over that! Come on Nissan!

Nissan killed the App!?!

It was horribly unreliable for me, but the ability to remote heat/cool (inside a garage) was a key selling point for me.

This really cements my decision to wait until I can afford a Tesla (new or used).

Just used the Leaf app on my iphone. It works fine. I think he may be talking about the app for the iwatch.

Ok, thanks. LEAF 2.0 is still on the list then 😉

It sounds like the Ford Silicon Valley software team doesn’t have much real car software to work on. Too bad Ford didn’t spend these resources developing a new drivetrain.

I want a better EV Ford, one with fast charging. A watch app, a nice addition to who cares.

We all do.

An all electric Ford Mustang torque monster, please. 😉

We are almost there (1982 ). When i can say KITT meet me around the back to my watch and my Tesla Model S picks me outside my work so i don’t have to walk to it. The smartwatch is ready for it, and the Tesla autopilot is almost ready for it. I just may have to dress like Michael Knight from the foundation of law and government for halloween.
I’m guessing that Ford is getting to take EVs seriously and release some new models because the only full ev im aware of is the focus and its been the same since it came out. Anyone remember the Ford EVs that raced around on the roof when Jay Leno had his 10 oclock show? Those were cooler than what we have now.

Anyone notice how Seldom we see the watches actually Worn in the advertisements?

That first picture definitely had me ROFL..

I wonder if bulky wristwatches will catch on.
For anyone wearing a smart watch, this app might be useful.
The photos show information slimmed down for the tiny screen.
The features include “capability to initiate preconditioning of vehicle cabin”. That could be handy in winter when you are getting ready to leave work.
Also handy in summer if you want to go out for lunch.
The photo for that feature just shows ‘start’ & ‘stop’.
I wonder if there is another screen to set & display the temperature in the car.

Not a bad idea to have such an app, but who would ever wear a watch the size of an I-Pad mini? I like what Ford may be doing(suggests a new BEV on the way), but there really is very little need for such an app at this time. Has to mean that they have some new cars in development and the recent spate of FFE commercials for what is almost a spectre of a car(who sees FFE’s out there?)suggests that Ford has some new vehicle(s)up their sleeves.

The smartwatch is a small computer, we can wear it to the hand. It is like a smartphone which has the touchscreen, support app, can check the fitness of our body, support a portable radio and can transfer data through Bluetooth or USB port. The plugin is used to check the status of the vehicles.

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