Ford Issues Recall / Stop Sale Notice for Certain Model Year 2013 C-Max Vehicles

JUL 28 2013 BY STAFF 4

Ford Notice Sent to Dealers

Ford Notice Sent to Dealers

NHTSA Official Recall Notice

NHTSA Official Recall Notice

Ford's Response Letter to the NHTSA

Ford’s Response Letter to the NHTSA


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4 Comments on "Ford Issues Recall / Stop Sale Notice for Certain Model Year 2013 C-Max Vehicles"

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In the 80’s, we tried not using primer to help your car paint stick, then got caught when it started to peel up in sheets. Guess we should have learned that maybe leaving parts out isn’t the way to quality / profitability. 😛

This is the same process for any vehicle recall. It’s just a 33k unit recall to add more padding in the ceiling to protect occupants if the vehicle turns upside down and their head hits the ceiling. It only impacts units without the panoramic roof.

This does not mean Ford won’t sell any C-MAX models until August 19th. Change has already been made at the factory, and they have already fixed units on lots and sales continue. Those who are recalled will also get the fuel efficiency update while there.

Hopefully this helps more C-MAX owners get into the dealers to get their update for better mpg.

Does this mean that the C-max loses headroom?

LOL! Ford all over the World = same.
Wonder how they are still going with the C-max reliability – owners still getting those nice messages with cars loosing power & No recall for that?

Owned a New Ford once and never again, still to this very day the predictable “FORD” corporate culture – they never ever learn, you can rest assured they have spent the minimum to save a dime than most, quality control included.

Ford along with VW – could offer the most amazing EV, but sorry I will never buy from those two with stubborn denial of global warranty issues etc.

Hope GM & Tesla especially – eat their market share for lunch in the future!