You Heard It Here First: Ford Fusion Energi (Quietly) Rated at 21 Miles Electric, 43 MPG Extended

JAN 16 2013 BY JAY COLE 35

Its The All-New Ford Fusion Energi! Wait, No...Its The Atlas Concept Truck

Given all the recent issues with Ford’s hybrid fuel efficiency numbers apparently not translating in the real world, and reports of the C-Max Energi, an extended range, plug-in hybrid also having trouble reaching its EPA rated 21 miles of range, it was surprising to see all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the new Fusion Energi fuel efficiency ratings and range specs at the NAIAS yesterday…the big screens, the dancing girls, and the big speech by the CEO as the car came down from the ceiling.

Sure The Ram Is The Truck Of The Year, But Look At Our Huge Stage!

Or rather, “it would have been surprising,” because none of that happened.

Ford spent the show doing what it does best.  Selling trucks.

And it was the Ford Atlas Concept, not the Fusion Energi, that came down from the ceiling that stole the high-power show.

Had it not been for a total stranger who spotted me in my official InsideEVs jacket and ballcap (not available in stores), and asked me about the Fusion Energi and how many miles of range it got and what the extended range MPG rating was, I maybe would never have known that information was even available.

I believe my answer today was, “Um, I don’t know, it’ll probably be rated over 20 miles, no clue on the MPGs.  We will have to wait and see what Ford says.”

2013 Ford Fusion Energi Starts At A MSRP Of $39,495

But given the car is expected to go on sale this month (at a starting MSRP of $39,495), my OCD to know all the facts and figures on every plug-in kicked in, and I thought perhaps I had just missed the announcement.

2013 Ford Fusion Energi Range And Fuel Efficiency Specs (via EPA - click to enlarge)

Naturally, I check out the site here first in case one of my fellow writers had put out a story. Nothing.

Then to the trusty google search; fearlessly I typed, “Ford Fusion Energi Electric Range,”  which returned nothing but estimates.  Then, “Ford Fusion Energi MPG”. Again, nothing…unless you count endless links to Ford’s earlier announcement of a combined 100 MPGe rating (which is essentially impossible to check the validity of given the variance in driving style and usages of the vehicle)

Finally, I headed to the bowels of the EPA!  And sure enough, there it was!

Long story short:

  • 21 miles of electric range
  • 34 kw/100 miles efficiency
  • combined 43 MPG in extended range
  • 44 city/41 highway
  • 100 MPGe (gas + electric)
  • 620 miles total range

Will these numbers hold up under public scrutiny?  Or will they come under the same pessimism as the C-Max hybrid/energi and Fusion hybrid figures? 

We are betting the latter.  It would not surprise us even to see them restated at some point; and that is why we’d wager we have heard barely a peep out of Ford about them this time around.

Update:  Apparently we have shamed Ford into officially releasing something on the numbers (or so we would like to think anyway), as Ford has put out a statement just a scant 6 days after it was published by the EPA.  Link to Fusion Energi release here.  Interestingly, they have still chosen not to mention the extended range MPGs in the bulletin.

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were the energi models tested by the EPA, rather than Ford?

It is my understanding that the both the C-Max and Fusion were tested by Ford using EPA standards and submitted for the Monroney Sticker/EPA publishing, and that the numbers were not vetted by the EPA before they went out, although they supposedly “review them”

It was first brought up by CR, and the EPA said in December that they were going to “look at the report and data.”

I saw a guy at a bar wearing an EPA hat and jacket, I asked him how
he was doing, and he replied, “Hey, leave me alone man, I’m
reviewing Ford’s mileage test numbers for the Fusion Energi!”
It’s your tax dollars hard at work.

lol. OK, this is NOT true and I made the whole thing up – But is it
far from the truth? I dunno – good enough for government work, If you
can get it – y’know?

“Finally, I headed to the bowels of the EPA…” Obviously this is exactly why you get paid the big bucks, Jay! 🙂

Good catch there. My guess is that when Ford posts any mpg numbers from now on, they will have a big, fat asterisk sitting right next to them.

Thats why I make the $7.50/hour and not the $7.25 like everyone else, (=

That makes sense. First with the news every time definitely gets its rewards!

(Looks like script problem went away for now.)

Hey George,

I shot you off an email, but probably should mention it here.

There is some kind of scripting issue with one of the ads our provider is putting up. Working it out now, hopefully it won’t inconvenience too much while we get it worked out. It seems to only be affected readers using Mozilla atm.


Is there any way to donate to InsideEVs (and deservingly raise your pay to $7.75)? I don’t look at the ads 🙂

A quarter more per hour gets you in the “bowels of the EPA,” think I’ll pass on demanding a raise. Let’s leave it to Jay!!

Or “dumbassterisk”….

Considering that the regular hybrid C-MAX and Fusion are rated identically (47/47/47 MPG) I guess it’s no surprise that the C-MAX Enegi and Fusion Energi are also rated identically.

The real question – where did they shove the extra batteries in the Fusion Energi? The Ford site seems to indicate that there is no trunk room penalty?

They’re right behind the rear seat, on top of the rear “axle.”

What I found is there is trunk penalty. The trunk on the regular Fusion is 16 cu ft. The Fusion hybrid is 12 cu ft. The Fusion Energi is 8.2 cu ft. – barely enough for groceries and the stuff I normally carry.
That was the deal breaker. I so wanted to get this car. Expectations maybe a bit too high. I don’t think Ford should have that “cardboard box” video advertising how they designed the batteries to fit in the trunk. In a good design you should not even know batteries are there. Just my opinion.

I just finished driving the Ford C-Max Energi (same drivetrain as the Fusion version of the same) 1,247 miles. I yielded 32.6 MPG in charge-sustaining mode. As for all-electric range, it was too short time to measure, and also the gasoline engine kept coming on too often for the whole thing to count properly. I know it says 21 miles, but it’s probably hard to achieve, in particular if you even as much as turn on the fan (not even AC, just the fan).

Whoops, forgot to include the link to the Ford Energi endurance test:

thats the wrong link

I thought the Energi’s run all electric up to 85 mph? Are you saying it’s a blended mode to 21 miles like the Prius to 11?


Ford has three modes – EV Now, EV Auto, and EV Later. EV Now will keep the car in electric only as long and as fast as possible. EV Auto is more like the PiP’s blended mode. EV Later is like the hold mode on the Volt – it simply runs as a hybrid regardless of the battery state of charge, trying to keep the battery at the same level of charge on average.

“and also the gasoline engine kept coming on too often for the whole thing to count properly. I know it says 21 miles, but it’s probably hard to achieve, in particular if you even as much as turn on the fan (not even AC, just the fan).”

Sounds like a PiP of a car, haha.

Someone could shoot out a tire on a Volt and still beat those numbers.

The Fusion Energi and Honda Accord Plugin have very small trunks, both about 8 cu. ft., give or take a few tenths, almost 1/2 the size of an ICE trunk.

The 21 mile electric range is not hard to beat, here is 24.4miles

(STAFF/MOD EDIT: There was a sentence in this post that ‘inspired’ a whole ugly sub-string…it has been removed, lets just move on)

Jen, what weather conditions was the 24.4 done in? LA or Detroit?

meh… for less money you can get a Volt that goes 38 miles on electricity, and 35/40 mpg on gas.

Wow, lots of uniformed people on this site. The Volt is a smaller class of car, and only seats 4 people. The Fusion is comparable in size class to a Malibu where the Volt is the size of a Focus.

And that’s still 3 more people than I need, as it is for most commuters. And w/Ford’s small battery setup, you have to plug in and *still* go to the gas station often. I applaud the effort, but they need to do better to impress me. (I can only speak for myself, and I’m not uninformed)

No, kdawg, you are not uninformed. But that’s not what Jennifer wrote…she said uniformed, like – lot’s of people in uniforms! I’m not sure what led her to that conclusion. j / k!


Based on my time with a standard 2013 Fusion I would say that Ford’s MPG ratings are achievable. And my own experience agreed with their statement there is the possibility of greater MPG variance than with say a Prius, because the Fusion offers much more horsepower. If you drive it like an under powered Prius you will get numbers in the EPA ball park. If you can’t control your lead foot, your MPG will suffer. I’d rather have the extra HP for those times when it is needed/desirable.

As noted the Fusion is definitely a mid-size vehicle, whereas the Volt is in the compact class.

People can argue the merits of 38 all electric range vs 21 vs 11, but it all boils down to the commuting/driving patterns of the individual. Obviously if you don’t need 38 miles AER then the other options offer compelling feature sets.

Jay – all I want to know is:


….and T-shirt, coffee mug, beer can cooler, big foam #1 finger….

This here smells like a marketing opportunity! 🙂

I could probably hook you up with a jacket or hat if you really, really wanted one, and promised to come to frequent the site a dozen times a day. They are pretty sweet, (=

You know I don’t see a little TM next to the logo, so legally couldn’t anyone just make their own jacket? 🙂

Speaking of the logo, (it’s cool) but I think that is one of the least electric-like logos for an EV site I have seen. Is there a story behind it (or did someone just scroll the mouse wheel to a font)?

…I’m ok with people copying the logo and making their own jackets if they want too, lol.

And what do you mean least ‘electric-like logo’, we’ve got a whole EV schematic up there beside the artsy text, (=

As posted on this Fusion Forum, some think the lack of MPGs in hybrid mode is due to the class action suit against Ford for the Fusion Hybrid and C-max Hybrid numbers.

Thread here: