Ford Fusion Energi Gets Official Rating of 100 MPGe Combined


Expected to hit dealerships in early 2013, the Ford Fusion Energi could soon be the Blue Oval’s top-selling plug-in vehicle.

Though its price of $39,495 (excluding up to $3,750 in federal tax credits) seems a bit steep, the Fusion Energi faces little competition in the mid-size, five-seat plug-in sedan category.  The compact Chevy Volt holds only four adults, so the Fusion Energi’s only true competitors will likely be the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid and the upcoming Honda Accord PHEV.  The uplevel Fusion Energi Titanium starts at $40,995.

Ford's so-called "Winning Hand" of efficient automobiles.

Moving past its steep price, we see that the Fusion Energi is an efficient machine.  Yesterday, Ford made it known that the Fusion Energi received its official MPGe ratings.  The numbers, which check in at 108 MPGe city , 92 MPGe highway and 100 MPGe combined (the Prius Plug-In gets only 95 MPGe combined) , make the Fusion Energi’s the US’ most fuel-efficient sedan, according to Ford.

The Fusion Energi will become Ford’s fifth electrified vehicle to launch within the past 13 months and is “expected to accelerate the company’s record hybrid sales pace,” according to Ford.

Expect the Fusion Energi to wheel out to dealerships across the nation in “early” 2013.  We believe its electric-only range will be approximately 20 miles, but that’s not official yet.

Video (below):  A little background on the Ford Fusion Energi

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The difference between 95 and 100 MPG is the same as the difference between 20 and 21 MPG. It’s just not that significant. MPG betrays us: improving efficiency by one MPG could be a big improvement, or a very small one, depending.

I wish there were less stories that trumpeted extremely minor MPG advantages as if they were important. Once you get MPG so high, these differences are essentially lost in the noise, and the more attention we pay to them, the new the automakers game the system.


Ford is still lacking a model that sits between their Energi’s and the FFE. (aka a Ford Volt). I applaud them for making a car that sits between the PiP’s laughable 6miles and a Volt, and also for making a BEV, but for me to take them seriously, they need an EREV 40+.


… or an EV with over 150-mile range and fast charging capability.

At least Ford is seriously developing electric vehicles.


Not sure why you left out the Coda sedan that seats 5, which my wife has driven for the last months…


Since the battery is so small, the tax credit is less thus it costs more than a Volt…



Not sure why you left out the Coda sedan that seats 5, which my wife has driven and loved for the last few months…


I don’t think Fusion Energi will become the largest plugin for Ford. Given that C-Max will be so much cheaper, I expect C-Max energi to outsell Fusion Energi.

Ford is pricing the Fusion Energi for low sales. It is $10,000 more than the base Hybrid. C-Max Energi is about 5K more than the Hybrid. Once we figure the tax credit, the difference becomes starker – Fusion would be 7K more, C-Max would be 2 k more.


I am seriously looking into the Fusion Hybrid. Face it, gasoline is cheap in the US.

IMO, paying ten thousand plus dollars more for a Fusion Energi that gets twice the mileage of the Fusion hybrid is NOT worth it. I can put that $$$ in the bank to drive off of it for years.


Just found it! The trunk for the Fusion Energi is 8.2 Cu ft. This is half the trunk in the standard Fusion(16 cu ft).