Ford Fusion Energi Cashback Offer Swells To $4,000 In California

APR 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford is running a special $4,000 cashback offers for 2016 Ford Fusion Energi in California through the end of May.

As reported by CarsDirect, that is an increase by some ~$1,500 from the previous $2,500 incentive($2,000 plus a $500 finance bonus).

“Starting today, Ford is offering a regional offer to shoppers in California of $4,000 bonus cash on all versions of the 2016 Fusion Energi. According to the Ford website, the offer is stackable with low-interest financing at 0% APR for 60 months (or 1.9% for 72) through Ford Credit.”

For those who owns 1995 or newer Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt, Ford also offers additional $1,000 conquest bonus – in total Ford Fusion Energi can be purchased $5,000 cheaper.

The cashback offer should boost sales of the 2016 model year car, while also help to smoothly introduce the slightly improved 2017 model year due in late Summer.

Source: CarsDirect

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On the 2016 Ford CMAX Energi in non-CARB regions:

$10257 RCL Cash (#50362)

$1000 conquest for Volt or Prius owners
$1500 Ford Credit Retail Cash
$1000 Retail Cash -or- 0% for 60 months

On the 2016 Fusion Energi in non-CARB regions:

$9257 RCL Cash (#50362)

$500 Ford Credit Retail Cash
$1500 Retail Cash -AND- 0% for 60 months.

2017 Fusion Energi is also available, but the RCL cash is only $4007 and the purchase incentives aren’t as sweet since it’s a new model.

Does Ford get CARB credits for this?

Yes, Partial credits. Not the same as ZEV credits but similar to what GM gets on the Volt.

However, it still needs to sell FFE to the meet the rest unless Ford buys credit from Tesla and Nissan.

OK . . . that explains this then. Because they sure are not getting many credits selling the FFE.

well, they can sell as many Energi as they want, it still won’t meet the “all” the requirement for ZEVs. The cars like Volt and Energi only fufill the partial credits for TZEV (AT-PZEV) category which has a limit on how much they would count toward the total ZEV credits required.

So, at the end, you still need to sell ZEVs or buy credits. Of course, you can also go the FCEV way like Toyota which gives you more ZEV credit per car than BEVs.

In another way to look at it, selling plenty of BEVs can be more enough to meet the ZEV credits, but selling plenty of PHEVs will NEVER meet your ZEV requirement. You have to sell either BEV or FCEV to meet them. The longer the range the better, the faster recharging gets bonus on top. (That is why battery swap was considered by Tesla for credit reasons and why FCEV gets more credit than Tesla’s BEV on per unit basis).

And also in 2018, the rules will tighten further.

People… FFE can be BOTH Ford Fusion Energi and Ford Focus Electric, so…

Maybe type those out when discussing credits and so forth as Ford sells 10x the FFE as the FFE. 🙂

Keep the cash on the hood to move a car that is no longer competitive…

The FFEn is a nice car with a decent cabin size. If it had 30 miles of AER I would be tempted to buy one. As it is I will probably buy a used Gen I Volt even though I hate its back seat. It and its 38 miles of AER will tide me over until the next gen of electric cars arrive.

Which is sad, because I suspect if they updated it with modern battery cells, they could probably get 30 miles, or darned close.

Yeah, if they boosted the electric range a good amount without taking away any cargo space, I would think this Fusion could sell well.

But perhaps it is a bit ordinary looking.

Nice. A great deal while they move out the MY2016 and ramp up the MY2017.

Incentives to help sell more plug-ins is always a good thing!

Still don’t know why Ford did not upgrade the battery pack on the 2017 model to make it more competitive until the next gen is launched.

China is offering incentives for no less than 50km or 31miles, so expect the next gen 2019 Fusion/C-Max Energi hits that mark at a minimum.

When sales of Chevy Volt increases, these offers will morph into permanent discounts all over the country.

With a 53 mile range and a 34K price tag and a 5 seater feature, Volt Gen-2 is lot more attractive and its high time for every automaker to reduce the price of their vehicles instead of offering 1 time discounts.

Seems the price of battery of Tesla Model-S/X is just $190 / KWh and that means the average battery price should be only $300 / KWh.

So all automakers should pass the benefit to customers.

Nissan LEAF and Ford CMAX Energi are offering at least $10,000 capitalized cost reduction on their leases. Granted, these are previous-generation cars, and the Volt is impressive, but GM is only giving a $2300 capitalized cost reduction in non-CARB states.

Is the Volt really worth the extra $7700? Nope. I can buy a 107 mile LEAF *and* a used gas car for long trips and still be more economical than a Volt. They need to do something about that.

Are you comparing 2017 to 2017?

This discount kinds offset the 2016 titanium model being 4k higher than the 2017 titanium model. What gives?