Ford Focus EV Gets New “Outrageous Green” Paint Color

7 months ago by Jeff Perez 30

Outrageous Green Ford Focus EV

Ford Focus Electric gets gaudy green paint job for St. Patrick’s Day

This might be the greenest car you can buy, literally.

Ford is cashing in on all the St. Patrick’s Day festivities by introducing a new color to its 2017 Focus Electric range. “Outrageous Green” is said to be “inspired by nature,” and adds yet another green element to the already eco-friendly electric hatchback.

Outrageous Green is the tenth color Focus Electric buyers are now able to choose from, accenting other bright options like Blue Candy, Ruby Red, and Kona Blue. Apart from being inspired by nature, the new color scheme is in line with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, which is “emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.”

“Designers are encouraged to experience a feeling, bring it to the team, then collectively brainstorm ways to bring it to life through a paint color or material for Ford vehicles,” says Barb Whalen, Ford color and materials design manager. “Outrageous Green Metallic is a unique shade, symbolizing modern renewal and a reconnection with nature, then finished with a special tinted clear coat to give the color depth and vibrancy.”

The 2017 Focus Electric comes with an EPA-estimated range of 115 miles (185 kilometers), an improvement of 40 miles (64 kilometers) over the 2016 model (76 miles/122 kilometers). That means you can drive green while wearing green – or at least your car can.

The 33.5 kilowatt-hour battery pack also sees an increase of more than 40 percent compared to the outgoing model, and returns 107 MPGe combined. The Ford Focus Electric has a starting price of $29,120 before federal and state tax credits. Other color options like Blue Candy and Ruby Red $395 premium, no word on if Outrageous Green will do the same.

Source: Ford

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30 responses to "Ford Focus EV Gets New “Outrageous Green” Paint Color"

  1. Ambulator says:

    It looks more like chartreuse to me.

    1. ijonjack says:

      FORD is ..F 0 S..I Wouldn’t touch their Cheap Mexican Junk with a ten foot Pole..They should throw in a Sombrero with every sale to show their Patriotism for The Mexican Economy..

      1. Neromanceres says:

        The FFE is made in Michigan.

        1. Timmy says:


      2. Boris says:

        i bet Ford Focus customers would be happy to pay extra $1k more if the FF was made in the US. And you too would be happy if no one was buying Boeings outside of the US. I could go on and on….

        1. ijonjack says:

          I Bet You are Correct !It’s money well spent ! I for one would pay extra for anything msde in USA N0 Problem!

          1. Timmy says:

            Most US consumers would not, however, when it comes right down to it. Polls and *scientific* social experiments bear this out. People say they would, but the pocketbook holds more sway in the end and they cannot “walk their talk”.

  2. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

    so the 2017 FFE finally caught up to the Rav4 EV??????……

    That’s it? WTF did Ford do with the loans they got from the gooberment?

    1. Foo says:

      They paid them back with interest.

      1. Rich says:

        As of Sept. 2016, Ford still owed $3.5 billion and is scheduled to pay the entire amount off in 2022.
        This is from the $5.9 billion Ford borrowed from the DOE in 2009 to make fuel efficient vehicles.

        1. Timmy says:

          Nice. Careful, though. Many will dismiss as “Fake News”, nowadays. Anything they don’t agree with, believe or WANT TO believe, don’t you know

    2. Rich says:

      If you find this credible, here’s the bullet points from the Detroit Free Press (01/2017)

      1) A new fully electric small SUV is coming by 2020 with an estimated range of at least 300 miles.
      2) A hybrid version of the F-150 pickup available by 2020.
      3) An autonomous vehicle designed for commercial ride hailing or ride sharing, will start in North America and debuting in 2021.
      4) A hybrid version of the iconic Mustang will be built at the Flat Rock Plant and debut in 2020

  3. David Lane says:

    In which states will the 2017 FFE be for sale?

    1. Spoonman. says:

      It’s available for order (and service) nearly everywhere I believe, unlike many other manufacturer’s EVs.

  4. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Always glad to see an auto maker adding a bold color, one that’s not just another shade of gray!

    Seems like far too many cars these days are available only in fire engine red or several shades of gray.

    I remember my 1975 Honda Civic CVCC. It wasn’t just yellow, it was yellow!

    1. KUD says:

      I had one of those and loved it. Incredible MPG, great handling independent rear suspension and inexpensive. Drove it through my College days

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Yeah, I bought it because of the very high MPG and the CVCC tech which partially recirculated the exhaust, reducing pollution.

        But it had constant problems with the electrical system, and my auto service shop mechanic finally told me that was chronic for the model.

        However, that was an early Honda car. No doubt they’re much more reliable today.

  5. jim stack says:

    I had a 2012 FORD Focus EV. The battery system was amazing. I drove over 3 years in the Phoenix HEAT with no loss of capacity. I got 100 mile range all the time.
    The new one has DC Fast Charging so you can charge real fast and use it even more.

    1. ijonjack says:

      Your car was a “Fluke” One In a Million..They’re intentionally not engineered to be that Good. The only reason Ford builds EV’s is for Carbon Credits And to prove and re-affirm that EV’s will never be as Good As ICE Cars…

      1. vin says:

        Wrong. Many of us who actually drove one for years can attest to its better than expected range. I got 80+ miles out of mine, and that’s with flogging it on the freeway on a daily basis just because it was fun to do so.

        Take your alternative facts elsewhere.

        1. ijonjack says:

          Ford Fan, You can’t handle the truth !… l o l …

          1. vin says:

            Chevy fan actually. Owned three Vettes (still have one) and leased a Volt. FFE was my first Ford. Bolt may be in my future if there is away to raise its top speed.

            Stop making up sh*t.

          2. Foo says:

            I’m an FFE owner and I back up vin and jim.

            ijonjack is just simply wrong. Total disaster. SAD.

            1. ijonjack says:

              Well! That Does it ! I’m convinced now! l m a o ..I’m Just goofing off with you..Lighten Up Guys Have some fun with this! In my view all EV ‘s should have at least a 275 plus mile range.. Cheers !

  6. Kevin C. says:

    F@#% the damn color kids.
    I want to hear first hand reports on the bigger battery performance…

  7. stewil says:

    How about Ford actually sells someone a 2017 FFE instead of green vapourware!!!

  8. delta says:

    I think in Ontario I can lease one of these for $ 720 Canadian a month – but the province will pay for the first 20 months of the 36 month lease – up front!

  9. Mister G says:

    $5 Billion later and all we get is green Ford focus EV…LOL


  10. Timmy says:

    Why have manufacturers been so averse to shades of green? Seems like a perfectly fine color, and appropriate for “eco-friendly” models. I’d like to see a green Leaf!

  11. jim says:

    Not a new color, it was used on the 2011-2012 Ford Escape