Ford Focus Electric Scores Five-Star Safety Rating from NHTSA


It’s official, the 2013 Ford Focus Electric is safer than its gas-fueled counterpart, according to the NHTSA.

2012 Ford Focus Electric

2013 Ford Focus Electric

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just released results for the 2013 Focus Electric and with five stars overall, the electric hatchback is as safe as it gets.

Yes, the conventional Focus nabbed five stars overall too, but the Focus Electric scored five stars in all three tests (front impact, side impact and resistance to rollover), whereas the gas-fueled Focus only scored four stars in front impact and rollover resistance.

This seems to show that converted electric vehicles can indeed be safer than their gasoline-burning counterparts.

Ford chalks up the Focus Electric’s impressive score to a driver’s airbag that “uses a reconfigured curve-shaped tether system that pulls in the lower section to create a pocket to help lessen the impact of the airbag on the driver’s chest and ribs in frontal crashes” and to dual-stage front airbags, front seat side airbags, unique side-curtain airbags and a vehicle “designed with safety in mind.”

Regardless of the type of technology used, the Focus Electric is safe, so don’t let naysayers convince you otherwise.


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Presumably the gas based Foci also have the new “tethered” air bags?


Yes, the gas Focus has tethered airbags. Ford introduced it in 2012 on the Focus.

OK, very good!  . However, what the folks over at Faux news want to know is if there was any battery explosions or fires that we can report? 😉

The only “explosions” of a Focus Electric I can recall was the CGI one triggered from Schwarzenegger’s shoulder mounted missile launcher on Jay Leno’s goofy show segment.