Ford Focus Electric Recalled Again

2015 Ford Focus Electric


Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric appears to be the most-recalled electric car out there.

This latest recall brings the count to four (at least 4 major incidents we believe anyway) for the Focus Electric, just ahead of the Fiat 500e, which recently hit three in late May.

The issue, according to Ford, is that in “certain vehicles, it is possible the differential pinion shaft could wear out, resulting in a shaft fracture that would cause the vehicle to lose motive power without warning while driving and transmission park function without warning increasing the risk of injury or a crash.”

Ford says the recall affects only 900 2015 and 2016 Focus Electrics.

More details on the recall are posted below:

Ford issues safety recall for certain 2015-2016 Ford Focus Electric vehicles to install new transmission differential assembly
Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 900 2015-2016 Ford Focus Electric vehicles to install a new transmission differential assembly equipped with a friction-reducing coating on both the pinion shaft and pinion gear bores. In certain vehicles, it is possible the differential pinion shaft could wear out, resulting in a shaft fracture that would cause the vehicle to lose motive power without warning while driving and transmission park function without warning increasing the risk of injury or a crash.

Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

Affected vehicles include certain 2015-2016 Ford Focus Electric vehicles built at Michigan Assembly Plant, Aug. 20, 2015 through April 13, 2016, and Saarlouis Assembly Plant, Feb. 28, 2016 through March 30, 2016. There are 949 vehicles affected including 865 in the United States and 66 in Canada.

Dealers will install a new transmission differential assembly equipped with a friction-reducing coating on both the pinion shaft and pinion gear bores at no cost to the customer.

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only 900? thats all they’ve sold! lol

It’s fun to see such spectacular ignorance and bias on display. Thanks BS for the entertainment!!!

it was just a joke, jeez. I didnt think it was that spectacular. The underlying motive was that they need to make a more desirable EV with more range. lighten up.

Actually about 6,400 Ford Focus Electrics have been sold.

I spotted my first one ever about a month ago. Much better looking than my leaf.

And Ford really thinks their “new and improved” 100 mile Focus Electric will sell, when the Bolt EV will be available? What a joke.

I’m sure they know it won’t sell much. At this point it is pretty much just a CARB compliance car.

The FFE is sold all over the country now so I don’t think you can call it a CARB compliance car any more. Besides, with the Fusion Energi and the C-Max Energi I don’t think Ford needs the FFE for CARB compliance. The FFE should sell in greater numbers than the SparkEV since it’s available in many more states but I think the higher price and the lack of DCFC is really hurting FFE sales.

The FFE is a nice car that Ford has put very little effort into. It would be an amazing car if they’d double the range (or more), put in an efficient HVAC system and find a place for the battery pack that didn’t take up valuable cargo space.

You’ll note, right wing mgmt, is typically incompetent.

I am on my second FFE and I agree with your assessment. 10% more power would also be great.

Oh Ford, this is what you get when you make a half-assed attempt at an EV. You get “Stop Safely Now”, you get little cargo space, you get multiple recalls… what a mess.

Then again, at a Ford event I attended in Wichita, KS, their Fiesta ST seized its EcoBoost engine during a performance demonstration. Embarrassing for the Ford folks to have to push their dead vehicle back onto the trailer.

The EcoFRAUD engines, that don’t get close to their EPA numbers?


The driveshaft on my 2014 FFE fractured in the same way that this recall describes. Why aren’t 2014 or earlier models not being recalled? It’s not like they’ve changed anything on the car since it was released…

It’s not only the Focus that FORD is Killing with bad management.

The CMAX hasn’t had a battery upgrade, or picked up ANY of the Automatic cruise control, Accident Avoidance software available on almost ALL OTHER BRANDS.

Ford is BADLY Mismanaged.

You guys are ridiculous! You take the first chance you get to jump on Ford. Ford is the number 3 plugin car seller right now so that puts a dent in your little anti-Ford arguments.

My 2013 FFE is still fantastic car. If it had much better range and fast charging capabilities I would gladly hang on it indefinitely. As it is I consider the FFE a very nice entry level EV but not something you keep long term.

Ford is planning to give the FFE CCS capabilities and a larger battery next year. If Ford can keep the price down the FFE might sell pretty well to people who don’t need or want to pay for a longer range EV. Ford is still in the plugin selling game and makes very nice plugins despite your anti-Ford arguements.

As of now, the FFE still doesn’t have fast-charging capabilities. Fast (or quick) charging is understood by the reasonable person, as DC-powered charging that can replenish the battery at the rate of at least around 40kW.

The FFE only has L2, up to about 7kW. When it came out the Leaf still didn’t have that, but from 2013 onwards Leafs have matched FFEs on top L2 rate (for most trims), and beaten the FFE on range.

I trust you that you like your FFE. You have to understand that most of the things you love about it (smooth drive, good handling, less worry about maintenance, etc.), are common to nearly all EVs.

At this point – 4+ years after the FFE’s launch and 3+ years after the launch of two plug-in hybrids – Ford can and should do much, much better. Hopefully we’ll see this in the Gen 2 FFE and other Ford offerings, in particular larger vehicles. After all, Ford’s current cash cow is the F150. Let’s see a plug-in hybrid version of that.

Four major recalls on one model is in stark contrast to the adjective “fantastic”.

And that’s not even counting the other deficits the FFE has vs the competition.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. The recalls I’ve had on my FFE were very minor fixes. My FFE has been pretty much trouble free.

The only recall I really remember was getting the power cable replaced. The car was only in the shop for less than a day and I was given a free rental car while my car was in shop. The experience was pretty painless.

YOu didn’t have the dreaded ‘Stop safely now’ problem? Lucky you.

Nope. The stop safely now problem was caused by a faulty power cable. Ford corrected the power cable before I ever experienced the problem.

This forum is ripe with Ford haters, My FFE is a 2015 It had only one recall, the cable (I was notified and it was corrected before any issues). Absurd that these people are slamming a hugely popular vehicle that is loved all around the world just because this one has an electric motor in it.
The Focus is a lot more car than a leaf, and the fact that a huge number of it’s parts are shared with all Focus’s is a big plus repair wise. The bolt? Please it’s already been recalled for airbags and it’s a micro-mini. Sure more range would be nice but I wouldn’t buy a Bolt if it had four times the range. I go 2/3 days between charges anyway, how many people actually drive more than 90 miles a day?
This recall only applies to 900 cars made at ONE assembly plant Saarlouis Assembly Plant, Germany (mine was made in Detroit MI), it seems it’s likely a parts swap out peculiar to that plant only, odd considering the German reputation for “engineering”. Looks like they missed the mark on this.


FrankenFord Electric <= Quality


Oh? How many recalls is this now? Fractured gear shafts in the transmission are a sign of quality now? Since when?

This vehicle has been nothing but problems since the “Stop Safely” random shutdown problem became publicly known back in 2011.

Your also don’t know what you’re talking about. My FFE has almost 40,000 miles, has never failed because of a recall issue and has only been in the shop one day to correct a recall.

You are hilarious! Do you seriously imagine that your personal experience with your particular car is IN AMY WAY relevant as far as the recalls are concerned? Recalls are done when there is a safety problem. If there was only convenience on the table they’d simply fix those cars that failed when they have failed, NOT recall them to prevent the error happening to the cars. So the fact that it’s been recalled FOUR times is infinitely more relevant than whatever your own experience – which, by the way, we have no way of verifying – may have been. Personally, I always thought the car was a crappy compliance car because it’s so obviously an ICE design cheaply concerted to an EV. Putting the battery pack where the luggage should be doesn’t just make for a less practical car, it also makes the car handle considerably worse simce so much mass is placed higher up and further back. This reduces stability, and also increases inertia (because more mass is further from the mass center) causing the car to become less agile. Maybe on American roads less agility isn’t such a bad thing (another way of putting it is to say… Read more »

Do you really think the FFE is the only car I’ve ever owned? I’ve been buying and wearing out cars for forty years. My FFE has held up as well as any car I’ve ever owned and better than most.

The FFE is a very fun car to drive and it’s really loaded with technology. You obviously have a bias against the FFE so trying to communicate to you is pointless. It’s amazing how many people are posting negative remarks towards the FFE that don’t seem to know anything about the car.

Who I the supplier of the Trans differential?

I have a 2016 that is recalled for the trans is this a big job do they have to to take the car apart to do this repair?

Ford hasnt taken electrification seriously thus having alot of problem related to EV technology. They must realize they need specific knowledge in electric drive systems rather than let the ICE guys work on it.

Yeah, they outsourced this car to Magna. Ford did make a decent push with their Energi PHEVs though.

Hopefully they have a long range pure EV in development.

To Ford’s defense in the FFE:500e recall comparison, the FFE has been around more than a year longer, and its 3 previous recalls were early on, “teething” problems. It hasn’t had a recall in 3 years, and this one only affects a fraction of FFEs out there.

By contrast, all 500e’s seem to be recalled at least once a year, like clockwork.

…And we were just told by Nissan that we’ll need to bring our 2014 Leaf in for a 2nd recall in 2 years. Both times it’s been for a use-case we don’t need, and this time it’s a Nissan-wide recall not a specific Leaf one. But still. Seems par for the course.

ayep, well stated, and Eric might have wanted to say the same in the article, rather than making FFE sound like a lemon.

Ford was late (conservative) to the EV party, but I expect great things from them over the next 12-24mo. Too bad so very many here will strain limbs to be First to respond with canned superlative negatives – Thanks Texas FFE for consistently setting the record straight vs the turette-naysayers.

Nissan has to take responsibility for all the components regardless of vendor, but to be fair it wasn’t a “Nissan-wide” but a near industry-wide recall over airbags (outfitted with too much explosives).

FFE being recalled four times is pretty bad however you spin it, but it’s still possible they did all normal reasonable things and were basically just unlucky. For me, the fact that it’s an obvious ICE design cheaply converted to an EV is what makes it a class below most EVs – whether the LEAF, e-Golf, Mercedes B-class, Kia Soul or (especially) BMW i3. In addition I dislike Ford because they are among the most active lobbyists against stricter efficiency and emissions standards, no doubt because they have a VERY successful truck business. In short, they are even more an enemy of the people than most of the incumbents.

What are you, on some kind of crusade to destroy Ford? Every new car I’ve ever owned has had multiple recalls. The FFE has limitations but quality is not one of them.

Magna Steyr, a Canadian company, developed and produced the drivetrain for the electric Ford Focus. They also have manufacturing and car assembly in Austria. They have done work for BMW on their electric models as well as developing Mercedes-Benz’s “4Matic” four-wheel drive (4wd) system, and assembles all E-Class 4Matic models. The company also undertook substantial development on the BMW X3 and manufactured all of original X3s (model code E83), the Aston Martin Rapide and developed several cars on behalf of manufacturers such as the Audi TT, Fiat Bravo and Peugeot RCZ.

Ford is going to have a lot of catching up to do unless they come out with a 400mi EV on their next attempt at FFE.

Time will tell. If regulators eventually gain some sense and enact the sort of rules that actually are in the interest of the people, they’ll have plenty of catching up to do (though may well prove up to the task). As it is, they make extremely good money on their truck business – the F-150 pickup being the top seller for twenty years straight in the US! – and sell enough plugins and FFEs to continue to sell exactly those trucks.

In my opinion, Ford seem to be running their business quite well, by conventional expectations to a business (it exists to make a profit for its owners). It is actually the REGULATORS, whose job is to protect society’s interests, who are doing far too little and allowing cars like the F-150 to still be cheap to buy and run for those who do that, dumping the huge external costs on all of us.

Ford can’t improve the current FFE how we want it and keep the platform. To do a much bigger battery under the floor it would loose its global platform compatibility in the focus body. My guess is that ford is making a new platform, but we will only find out about it when it’s ready.

Just for comparison, My 2013 Volt has had five recalls since Oct. 2013 when I got it.
1. Hatch strut replacement
2. Battery coolant inspection.
3. Required functionality reprogramming to
limit engine or ignition on time while parked. (to eliminate an engine start in your
garage etc. if the ignition is left on and
battery SOC drops below range extender threshold).
4. Electric steering intermittent failure
5. Reprogramming for onstar XM functionality
which was not working as advertised.

There might even be another I’ve missed that
was a customer satisfaction type thing.

Ford has stated they will make a long range electric…

The 2017 FFE might be a viable option depending on its pricing and if they actually stock it… it will also have DC quick charging…

And when you knock US companies you should remember that their CEOs and board of directories are required by US law to maxamize profits for their shareholders…

So if they do not think a car will sell well and be profitable to the CO they leagally should not produce it…

The Model S came on the market in 2012.

The total EVs sold in the US by Ford and Tesla during 2012-2015 inclusive are 58,905 and 62,405 respectively, a 6% difference. (Jay your data is a great resource!)

This comment board is a fact free, mean spirited wasteland:

“they need to make a more desirable EV with more range”
“You’ll note, right wing mgmt, is typically incompetent.”
“It’s not only the Focus that FORD is Killing with bad management.”
“Ford is BADLY Mismanaged.”
“FrankenFord Electric <= Quality” (Note: Tesla mechanical quality and Nissan battery quality are very poor indeed)
“Ford hasnt taken electrification seriously thus having alot of problem related to EV technology. They must realize they need specific knowledge in electric drive systems rather than let the ICE guys work on it.”
“they are even more an enemy of the people than most of the incumbents.”
“Ford is going to have a lot of catching up to do unless they come out with a 400mi EV on their next attempt at FFE.”

On the bright side, look at how much Ford is learning about how badly you can choose your components and still stay on the road.

This is jaw dropping to me. They are depending on a ‘revised coating’ on the shaft to keep the shaft from burning out????? !!!!!

They never heard of that modern 300 year old concept of a ‘bearing’ (either babbit, roller, or ball)???

Man if I found that out after buying a ford I’d storm into a dealer questioning what junk they are selling.