Ford Focus Electric Production Begins in Europe (w/video)

JUN 12 2013 BY MARK KANE 22

Today, Ford began assembly of the Focus Electric at a factory in Saarlouis, Germany.  This marks the dawn of a new age for Ford as this becomes the automaker’s first European-built, fully-electric vehicle.

Ford Focus Electric production in Saarlouis, Germany

Ford Focus Electric production in Saarlouis, Germany

The Focus Electric is rolling down the same production line that is used for the ICE version – like it’s done in US.

To integrate Focus Electric production directly into the established Focus production line at Saarlouis cost Ford €16 million.  Next year, Ford wants to produce the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the all-new Mondeo Hybrid in Europe, too.

With the line now rolling, Ford hopes to deliver the first Focus Electric to European customers beginning in August this year.

Technically, the European version is identical to the US-built one. Traction drive develops maximum power of 107 kW. The maximum speed is (135 kmph) 84 mph and the range in the NEDC cycle is 162 km (about 100 miles).  The Europe-built Focus Electric uses the same liquid-cooled battery pack from LG Chem.

Barb Samardzich, vice-president of product development at Ford of Europe, had this to say of the Focus Electric being built in Germany:

Ford Focus Electric with J1772/Typ 1 inlet

Ford Focus Electric with J1772/Type 1 inlet

“Focus Electric marks the dawn of an exciting new age of full-electric Ford passenger vehicles in Europe, and demonstrates the success of the One Ford strategy in making this sophisticated vehicle available to our European customers.  It’s a car that addresses the mobility demands and environmental concerns of today’s car buyers in the most direct way possible – combining performance and advanced technology with a zero-emission powertrain.”

“The start of Focus Electric production in Saarlouis is hugely significant for Ford in Germany, and underlines Ford’s position as a leader in automotive innovation,” said Mattes. “We are giving customers the Power of Choice so they can decide whether a fuel efficient conventional powertrain or an electrified vehicle is right for their needs.”

In some ways though it’s strange in that the Europe-built Focus Electric will have the same J1772 charging inlet like in the US and the same 1-phase 6.6 kW on-board charger. Isn’t Ford one of the US-German automakers alliance for standard unification J1772/combo in US and Type 2/Combo 2 in Europe?  Maybe Ford’s decision here was to cut down on costs.

But still, this is a huge step for Ford in that it now joins the extremely limited list of automakers (Renault-Nissan) who manufacture pure electric vehicles on more than one continent.

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Great! Now we can see “Halt sicher jetzt!” on our dashboards.

Are the battery packs coming from Holland MI?

“But still, this is a huge step for Ford in that it now joins the extremely limited list of automakers (Renault-Nissan) who manufacture electric vehicles on more than one continent.”

Also GM. Spark EV is made in Korea while the Volt is made in the US.

Whoops…poor choice of words there…we meant to say pure electric has been updated

There is so little usable cargo space in this car. A refresh with the battery pack in the FLOOR where it should have been originally, plus L3 Fast Charge support– would be nice…

The new Focus Electric with a more integrated battery and combo charging as an option comes with the next generation Focus due 2015/16.

Just in time for the new Tesla. Good luck, Ford.

Perhaps a Touring version of an electric Mondeo would be better for storage space.

Saw this on Ford’s site:

“The Focus Electric’s sophisticated powertrain uses regenerative braking to capture up to 95 per cent of kinetic energy normally lost during the braking process, while the innovative Brake Coach feature encourages gradual braking to help return more energy to the battery.”

That seems high. GeorgeS tested the Volt and got ~83%. What is Ford doing differently?

“That seems high. GeorgeS tested the Volt and got ~83%. What is Ford doing differently?”

The larger 6.6 kWH charger helps to recover more energy more quickly.

Isn’t the charger for plug-in charging? I thought the regen circuit was on the DC bus?

I didn’t know Europe was a CARB state.


Is it me, or is Ford oblivious of the EV market? If its own Focus EV performs way less in terms of sales in the US, then what’s Ford thinking that it’ll be worth the investment of manufacturing and selling in Europe? Of coarse, Nissan has done so and for the US at least seems to be paying off very well, but if Ford isn’t going to competitively price the Focus EV, then I’m speechless.
Ford has to bring in a battery leasing scheme, it’s up against the Leaf and Zoe without a fighting chance. The only reason why I’d buy a Focus EV compared to the Leaf or Zoe is for its performance and beauty. Everything else, the Focus EV lacks on, from practicality to price (as it is in the US).

not impressed

The Focus EV should do well for Ford in Europe. With more European consumers driving less distance and at slower speeds in crowded cities, it’s an even more practical solution.

Especially with the Focus being the #7 best selling car in Europe, and #2 in the UK, behind the #1 Fiesta and high fuel prices in the Europe.

Based on pricing here in the states, the fully loaded Focus Electric is only about $2k more than the Leaf SV. And the lease is only $50/m more and down payment only $109 more than the stripped Leaf S that still has the 3.3 charger.

But instead of dropping the price by $6k like Nissan, that caused all current owners to lose $6k in depreciation instantly, Ford is holding the $2k price drop, but may add a lower trim level, that won’t cause depreciation on the current fully loaded trim.

Also what Ford is doing right is offering and sold YTD 38,461 various electrified vehicles, 34,517 hybrid, 3,221 plug-in hybrid and 723 EVs. All sharing the same platform with a pure ICE model. And offering the same choices in Europe by 2014.

“Based on pricing here in the states, the fully loaded Focus Electric is only about $2k more than the Leaf SV.”

Really, FFE is $33k ? Good to know, since Ford site says FFE starts at 39,200.

Sssssh! He’s dreaming in his sleep! LOL

What about the main computer lockup problem with this model EV? Has Ford fixed it???

If you mean the ‘Pull over safely…’ message, that was resolved with a software update in March.

European cars with J1772 type1 inlets are common. There is no problem connecting to the Euro standard type 2 EVSEs.

European EVSEs don’t have a built in cable like in the US (except for high power 63A stations). The cars are provided a type1-to-type2 charging cable instead of a type2-to-type2 cable.