Ford Focus Electric Featured In Fully Charged

MAR 8 2014 BY MARK KANE 17

2012 Focus Electric

Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric was just featured in the Fully Charged series with a recent test drive conducted in Germany.

Ford’s first pure elctric isn’t selling in high numbers here, but it’s hard to expect a different result with its high prices relative to other EVs in Europe.

In the UK, the electric Focus costs twice the petrol version according to the video. £28,500 including £5,000 government grant is just too much of a premium over the ICE Focus, which starts at £13,000.

The bulk part of the test drive went on to discuss fuel cells and… butterflies, so don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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Cool. I like Robert. According to Ford at least they are not just building ev’s as a side line experiment, or just a compliance car and then ditching them; a common knock on traditional ice car makers, but not fully deserved in this case. Unless Ford is really lying through their teeth. Which would not be out of the realm of possibility.

The Ford Focus Electric is a great car, much better than the ICE version. No comparison really, it is much more refined. No engine noise, no vibration, no shift jerkiness. Really smooth and quiet, plenty of torque. The trim level is outstanding – premium stereo, excellent infotainment and navigation system, keyless entry – many of the features you find in high end luxury cars.

It’s really a shame that Ford does not market this car. Maybe they’re afraid it would show up the other cars on the lot.

The Focus Electric will be part of the Electric Car Guest Drive in May if you want to drive it.

I like the looks of the Ford EV over the Leaf, even with the fake ICE grill on the front. Don’t like the tiny cargo area or the lack of DC Fast Charge. Don’t care about butterflies– at least the instrument cluster is Digital, unlike VW & Mercedes.

Guess Ford finally sussed out the computer shutting down the vehicle at random times… So, that’s encouraging.

Good points, Anon. DC quick charge is the only important feature I wish it had, and have only had occasion to use that a few times in over 10,000 miles. I would still buy a QC if it was an option though.

The dash is user configurable, so I usually have it set on a bar graph. My girlfriend prefers the butterflies. The driver profile can be set to the key, which is a feature I wish the Model S had.

The cargo space has never been an issue for me, the rear seats flip down and I’ve brought furniture and supplies home from Target and Home Depot.

At a lease cost near $200 per month, the car pays for itself in fuel cost savings. In CA and several other states, the down payment is covered by the state rebate, and you can get white HIV stickers for $8. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

I’ve driven Focus ICE rentals, and they’re not nearly as nice to drive.

Wish we got those lease rates in Canada. $600/36 months 🙁

hOv stickers. If you had used a sticker, you probably avoided getting hIv .


what a stupid battery pack.

back peddling
I like the FFE

I am leasing a FFE and I agree the battery pack placement must have taken the engineers tem minutes. If they had given it a days consideration it would be a much better car and the amortized cost would be about $1 more

This powertrain was developed by Magna before they knew which car company was going to buy it and which car it was going to end up in. Leaving the hump in the rear was their way of making it easy to integrate into any hatchback. Hopefully now Ford is sold on the idea and will spend some time optimizing the Focus Electric packaging, although I doubt that’ll happen for this 2015 mid-cycle enhancement. If you look under the hood, there’s plenty of open space, so lots of opportunity for optimizing this without needing them to make major changes to the platform.

I really like the FFE. It is a beautiful car. I considered one before getting the Leaf. But the fact that the Dallas/Ft.Worth area has a decent DC quick charge infrastructure (Chademo), I just couldn’t see getting an all-electric car that didn’t have Chademo. Which is too bad, that was really the only deal-killer for me. My only other dislike was the analog speedometer, but that was not a deal-killer. The cargo area was fine with me.

However, I suspect the Focus Energi will be a hot seller and probably outsell this car 10 to 1.

The funny thing is there is a unused spot where the cord is stored that could have been used for the battery that is the same size as the hump. And lower to boot (pun intended)

Yeah, I’ve wondered about that empty space, it’s the same case on the C-Max as well. But it also looks like a bit of a crumple zone just ahead of the rear bumper, maybe not the best place for the battery.

I liked the Ford engineer’s subtle point about how hard it would be to introduce a highly toxic and flammable fuel such as gasoline today, had it not all ready been in existence!

Her point about most manufacturer’s recent interest in batteries being mainly due to inadequate progress on fuel cells after 20 years is an interesting insider perspective from a fuel cell engineer.

looks nice

Price needs to come down or offer more range/performance for the price.