2014 Ford Focus Electric Base MSRP Drops By $4,000 to $35,200

JUL 10 2013 BY JAY COLE 30

Earlier this year we speculated that a price drop on the Focus Electric might be en route to do some curious tinkering happening at Ford’s online inventory search, and a recent check on new 2014 Focus Electric inventory window stickers has apparently confirmed that has taken place.

Focus Electric Window Sticker Reflects New Pricing

Focus Electric Window Sticker Reflects New Pricing

Although all of Ford’s promotional material and online website still show a MSRP of $39,200  (+ $795 in destination charges), the actual “window stickers” on new 2014 Ford Focus Electrics tell a different story.

A $4,000 dollar different story, as new inventory now has a starting MSRP of $35,200.

As this appeared to be a case of some data slipping out before a planned announcement for the 2014 Focus Electric’s launch next week, we got in touch with Ford for some new price confirmation.

And refreshingly…they did!

“…the 2014 Focus Electric offers customers a fully-contented, all-electric vehicle option. The new starting MSRP of $35,200 keeps us competitive in the marketplace and is an important part of our commitment to provide customers with a range of electrified vehicles to choose from” – Amanda Zusman, Ford Spokesperson

Also of interest from this year’s sticker is the 6.6kW charging time has “officially” been reduced from 4 hours to 3.6 hours.  The Ford continues to be rated at 76 miles of range, with a combined “fuel” efficiency of 105 MPGe (110 city/99 highway)

Separately, we heard from General Motors today that it did not plan on disclosing 2014 Chevrolet Volt pricing until next month.  However, we imagine this move by Ford, along with the growing industry trend of lowering plug-in vehicle MSRPs will lead the GM to follow suit with the 2014 Volt.

2014 Ford Focus Electric Window Sticker (click to enlarge)

2014 Ford Focus Electric Window Sticker (click to enlarge)

If you want to check it out for yourself, head on over to Ford’s website and configure a Focus Electric yourself, then search dealer inventory.  Once you have found a Focus Electric, click “view window sticker” to see that car’s specific details.

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I feel there is a little pressure on GM to get the Volt price low or take the chance of losing sales to Nissan, Ford and maybe BMW.

Gotta love price wars (if you’re a consumer)

This is all excellent news! The downward market pressures are working. I counted 4 Tesla Model S’s today. Electrification is here to stay and is headed toward the mainstream!

I wonder what the lease prices are going to be like? Maybe $199??

I got my leased FFE 2013 for $199/month 36 months, $1500 down. I love it.

Is this your out-of-pocket costs inclusive of tax and fees?

GM if they have any brains or common sense they will lower the volt’s price to to a thousand or two below this car. In that there seems to be a lot of rumors of battery prices falling 20% 40% over the last three years so naturally we should at least see some type of price cut across the board for these cool cars.

If I where GM or Ford I would not get any sleep at night in till the Chevy Volt and the Ford Focus electrics where the same price as a Nissan Leaf or a mid range Prius in that competing with the $25,000 dollar Prius is the honey melon in terms of dominating the Eco car market.

Toyota at the least in till their hydrogen car project works or falls should at least start offering all the 2015 Prius models with standard plug in abilities with 20 mile electric range in that if they fall asleep at the wheel or put all their eggs into the hydrogen basket everyone else might run them over.

Great, Ford!

Damn, should have waited.

I’m happy to see EV prices fall even though I leased at the 2013 price…lower cost means more sales and, hopefully, expanded infrastructure. So far I love the car, but I’m putting Ford on notice…I’ll expect a $4K break on the sales price at lease end.

Great news.

One suggestion: When talking about EV prices we should always stress the monetary fuel savings. For a roughly Leaf/Focus size car, at current US gasoline prices and 12 cents/kWh for electricity, it’s about 10 cents saved per mile driven vs. an equivalent gasoline car. For almost anyone buying or leasing a new car, that works out to a nice chunk of your monthly loan or lease payment. That knocks my Leaf lease payments effectively down to $120/month.

Commenters for some reason are stuck comparing the FFE to the Volt. What they fail to realize is that the Focus is not a competitor to the Volt, it is a competitor to the Spark EV, the Nissan, and other EVs.

What Ford is doing is REACTING to the lower prices of the Nissan, the Spark EV, and perhaps, the forthcoming I3.


What’s wrong with comparing the Volt and FFE? If those commenters are anything like me, they were (or are) considering both before making a decision. Had the Volt been capable of going 10 miles farther on pure electric and had a 6.6kW charger, I’d have gotten a Volt instead of an FFE. Or, if I lived 10 miles closer to work and the L2 charger at work was free, I’d have gotten the Volt. I considered the Leaf and Fit, and considered waiting for the Spark, but aesthetically I just didn’t care for them. The FFE is definitely a competitor to the Volt and other plug-ins and hybrids. And you are right, it’s also a competitor to other BEVs. It’s also a competitor to CNGs (yes, I considered the Civic NGV before getting my FFE). I think Ford’s done a great job with the Focus – it’s a true global platform with universally appealing aesthetics and a diverse offering of drivetrains. With the $4K price drop, the 2014 FFE has a purchase price very close to the similarly-equipped Focus Titanium, and perhaps a lease deal that should rival the lease terms on garden-variety Focus models. Hopefully this will steer some… Read more »

To be honest the Volt is bleh compared to the FFE. I test drove the Leaf, the FFE and the Volt and leased the FFE since it was the best for me. I am not in the market for a Spark EV which is a strict carb complience econo box only available in CA, OR.

Obviously, you are not in the market for the Spark EV, because you’ve already leased a FFE. And the great news is you have a exclusive vehicle that only 900 people in the entire nation were willing to buy/lease this year.

Not sure what you mean by “bleh”, but if you need to go long distances, the Volt will take you there. One of my gripes about the FFE (along with several other BEV’s) that I consider “bleh”, is that they are just electric versions of existing ICE cars. I’d rather have a purpose built BEV.

To each his own. I considered the FFE, Leaf and Volt before making my decision. I chose the Volt because of it’s ICE extended range. I really do not consider them to be direct competitors. I would have chosen the FFE if I had a second car. However, I did not want the extra costs of maintaining a second car, so the ONLY option was the Volt. I am very very pleased with my Volt. The FFE had a bit nicer interior and dash in my opinion, and I liked the driving dynamics of the FFE… but I have no complaints with the Volt. I should add that I routinely get 50 miles on a full charge, and that covers my daily driving needs. The tipping point was the ability to drive virtually any distance I want to without needing to charge. The Volt really is in a class of its own. Now if I could only afford a Tesla S…

Now things should get a bit more interesting. However, it looks like even with the price drop, and less than 400 units in inventory as of today, Ford is still not going to ‘push’ the Focus Electric, but keep it as special order vehicle, at least here in the states for now. Europe is a different story with more current available production capacity. But it’s not because they want to, but due to production constraints. With production at over 114% at the Michigan Assembly Plant where the Focus, FFE, C-MAX, C-MAX Energi are manufactured, Ford is really not prepared for a big ongoing spike in the sales of either of those vehicles. The expectation that Ford will move next gen 2016 Fiesta production from the non-tarrif Mexico plant to Thailand, and use the Mexico plant for overflow production of the next gen MY2017 Focus, MY2017FFE and C-MAX can’t happen soon enough. Which is a good situation for Ford to have. But it does look like Ford has increase production of the C-MAX Energi back in June to 2500 units from 1200, or a 5 month supply at dealers, based on 500 current monthly sales. This should allow for increased production… Read more »

Frankly, I don’t see how the FFE started at such a high price to begin with. They listed for the same starting price as the Volt, yet the Volt has higher system complexity due to its extended range capabilities.

That being said, I hope all the vehicles with an electric drive component keep seeing price reductions through battery cost reductions etc.

I agree completely. I strongly considered a FFE, until I found out that it cost as much as a Volt! Maybe when my lease is up, it will be back in consideration. Also, maybe by then, Ford will actually offer the SAE CCS plug as an option?

Until then, downward pressure on prices is just what we need. The technology is able, but the price keeps consumers unwilling…

Random update to story: I just spoke with a Ford rep, and she “officially” confirmed the price change to us.

/updated story to reflect her quote

Thanks Jay!

Here’s the big question, though. If the lower price ends up creating a lot more demand, will Ford keep up with demand or just build enough to satisfy carb requirements?

Still much too expensive for an EV without quick charging option.

This price cut is good in that a cut of $5000 cookies means that you would have to buy 1470 less gallons of fuel at $3.40 to get your money back on your investment if you planned to buy one to save on fuel costs. Also it put it’s one more step closer to the other main steam gas cars which helps cut down on augments on it being way over the price of a regular gas car.

I think the price drop is more of a move to clear them out and for Ford to get the next gen out at a MUCH lower MSRP.

LOL! It’s a Ford – you will be sorry you bought one.
Stick with GM or Tesla these offer better reliability odds with age that’s for sure!

Not sure where you’re coming from, but from my experience, Fords are much more reliable than GM, in the long-term. Consumer Reports seems to agree, ranking Ford up with the top Japanese brands (Honda and Toyota).

As for Tesla, reliability is anybody’s guess. They could set a new standard for longevity, or fall apart after 5 years. The cars simply haven’t been on the road long enough to know with much certainty.

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