Ford Focus Electric and C-Max Energi Hit With Recall for Door Chime That Doesn’t Chime


Where's My Mandated Chime?

Where’s My Mandated Chime?

Exterior lights that possibly wouldn’t function as expected forced Ford to recall all of its Focus Electrics less than 2 months ago.

It's Chime Time

It’s Chime Time

Then, not even one month ago, the NHTSA opened an investigation into the Focus Electric’s well-known “Stop Safely Now” issue.

Now, Ford is recalling the 2012-2013 Focus Electric again, this time though the 2013 C-Max Energi gets hit with the recall, too.

Ford says it is recalling  23,831 Focus Electric and C-Max Hybrid and Energi vehicles with push-button starters because the door chime doesn’t make a sound when the driver’s door is left open.

This chime is required by the federal government.  The reason for requiring the chime is to try to remind drivers to not accidentally leave their key fobs inside the vehicle.

According tot he Detroit News, “Ford will modify software on the 23,831 Focus Electric and C-Max vehicles so that the vehicles will make an “audible door chime” if the driver’s door is open while the push-button start is engaged.”

The Detroit News says that “Approximately 22,900 of the vehicles are located in the U.S.; another 900 or so are in Canada.”

Unfortunately, this recall won’t be formally reported by the NHTSA until it gets its funding back from the US government.

NHTSA Notice

NHTSA Notice

Source: Detroit News

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While this article is focused on over-dramatizing a recall for a door chime, it missed the fact that Ford is doing the recall themselves. It does not seem to be a NHTSA recall, but more of a way to get ALL Focus Electric vehicles back into dealerships, inspect them and to resolve the ‘stop safely now’ issue on those impacted.

Recent posts by owners who received the latests ‘flash’, and emails from Ford Service by posted by owners state that the flash resolved the issue, and other owners were waiting for Ford to ‘release’ the flash for general use. Since there was no ‘recall’ for the stop safely issue, it seems Ford may be rolling it all into a door chime recall.

This also includes C-Max Hybrid vehicles that will get the fuel efficiency update, if the owners did not bring them in already.

Clearly, if the door chime was not a recall worthy issue in 2012 or 2013, it wouldn’t be an issue for the 2014 Focus Electric.

Yes…Unfortunately we cannot retrieve the information straight from the NHTSA this time as the government decided to stop funding this essential agency. Typically, our recall information that we post on this site comes directly from the NHTSA. We prefer to screencap the NHTSA info and all related documents.

We can’t do that this time around, as this recall came after the government shutdown and therefore the NHTSA will not post it until funding in again sent its way.