Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck Spied For First Time


Electric truck sighting confirmed.

Ford is indeed working on an electric F-150 pickup truck and these never-before-seen spy photos prove it. Take a look at this electric truck.

In the middle of January, Ford talked electric trucks for the first time. Here’s what was stated by Ford president of global markets Jim Farley:

We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series — battery electric and hybrid.

The idea was to make the F-Series futureproof. Farley added:

Ninety-percent of our capital now is allocated toward trucks and utilities. We have the F-Series, the world and America’s best-selling truck. More than a million units were sold last year. F-Series core strength at the end of the day is: There’s a truck for every customer and we know those customers really, really well. From the F-150 all the way to the F-750. They all matter to us.

Now, these spy photos confirm that development of the electric F-150 is indeed underway. At this point in time we have zero specs on the electric F-150. Even a launch timeframe is completely unknown.

The F-Series in unmatched when compared to the competition, not only in sales, but also in a plethora of other categories. It’s the best-selling vehicle in America. To see it offered in a pure-electric configuration will be a huge step forward for the EV segment.

The spy photographer notes:

Just a few weeks ago (January 16th) Ford President of Global Markets Jim Farley informed investors that a battery-electric F150 is in the works, and today we have caught the first exclusive shots of it.

Although we were only able to get a single angle (due to where the vehicle was parked), we can easily confirm that this is an F150 EV (*note that this is likely an early test bed for the electric powertrain, and the F150 EV that comes to market will be significantly different).

First, we can see that the vehicle is plugged into a charger via a charging port located on the lower front portion of front bumper (we don’t believe this location will make it to production though). And second, we can clearly see that the body of the F150 sits slightly higher due to batteries being located underneath the cab. There is an exhaust tip on the back of the truck, but we believe that it’s just a clever disguise to throw off the untrained eye.

Images: Brian Williams


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Fantastic! There’s certainly room for more people like Rivian in the market, but we absolutely need Ford in this market if EV’s are going to get traction in that space. Rivian is cool, but they are so far behind and have zero name recognition. Well, Rivian is cool except for those freakin’ headlights. I would imagine they’ve had mules for a while, but that looks pretty close to production.

I honestly think Rivian is ahead of Ford. I suspect Ford will do something on the specs of this to make it less desirable than their gas trucks. Also, the front of the Rivian is far nicer than the Ford (my opinion of course if we are voting).

In my case I laugh at people who complain about the looks of the front of a truck.

All I care about the front, how does it affect the drag at highway speeds, do I get good lighting at night.

IF IT IS A TRUCK, I care a lot more about how much can the bed carry.

The front of your truck at highway speeds represents the least of your air drag worries. Regardless of how you shape it the frontal area and frictional turbulence is going to be massive.

Yep, most drag force is induced to a car from the low pressure area behind the car. Not the high pressure area in front of the car. This is why tesla does stick to the «egg shaped» design roofline which suits well for sedans (in my opinion not to SUVs).. the sharp edges at the end of the cabin and at the open bed of a truck will induce the most drag on the vehicle.

RIvian are likely ahead of Ford in the EV side of things, but I’m willing to bet that Ford are ahead of Rivian on the pickup/utility side of things, just due to the fact they have 50+ years of pickup making experience.

It’ll likely be less desirable because it’ll cost $20k more than the equivalent ICE version. At least when it first comes out. Perhaps I’ll be wrong, but it’ll probably come out as a Platinum or King Ranch version, starting at $70-80k. Specs wise it will presumably be relatively similar to the Ecoboost, which is in itself slightly better than the Rivian for Payload and hauling.

Ahead except for the built in, multi-generational consumer base that would rather die than drive anything that didn’t have, “Ford” on the back. This is what the EV world doesn’t get – pickup culture goes beyond brand loyalty, it’s more like a religion. A Chevy or Ford diehard will never, EVER drive anything other than a Chevy or a Ford, and there are literally tens of millions of them. Going after that market is probably the worst mistake any upstart EV company can make, and Tesla is absolutely nuts try. Tesla needs to be defending the territory it has already claimed by refreshing the long-in-the-tooth S and the unpopular X (not to mention an actual $35k EV, which the 3 is and will never be), not try to break into a market that is literally generational in nature.

Take your free n wrong advice n shove it!
1) The article does not refer to Tesla as a bev pickup builder n neither does Tesla…so u r way off there.
2) If, when, Tesla does build a pickup it will likely be a mid size toy hauler type at first…not really competing directly with full size ice pickups n not an off road per either.
3) Rivian is the bev truck builder that will beat ice pickups in most every type of performance metric when it arrives in a couple years.
4) Model S is quite evolved now from when it started, model X sells bout as many as model S, and the $35k base model 3 will be here this year.
5) EVER is a mighty long time and NO ONE can make such long term predictions. So keep your short term thinking to yourself. Fossil fuels will die off as the primary fuel for passenger vehicles, including pickups, it’s just a question of time. Some say by the end of next decade n others say the decade after that….it’s gonna happen this century for sure.

You know you have a strong argument when your first point is an insult lol. Do you think Rivian – which is basically vaporware at this point – can scale up production to what Ford, Chevy, and Toyota will be able to do “in a couple of years?” If you do, that means you think Rivian will have a market cap as large or larger than Tesla (and Ford, GM, or Toyota), and do 10x better job at volume production than Tesla, a BEV company that has been building EVs for over a decade. Now call me some more names, because that’s the stuff rational, reasoned arguments are made of.

Are we witnessing the birth of a new type of fanboi?

Rivian has no intention of going after scale. Their niche is high end “adventure EVs” Their CEO has said they plan to stay as a premium brand which signals they have no intention of chasing volume. Can they execute on that plan? Time will tell.

If they aren’t going after scale, then they won’t be a competitor with them… Riven isn’t vaporware so much as a new Fisker perhaps, they have moving test/demo beds to show off and will start producing them. He is correct in that it is difficult to convert masses to another brand, so it’s important to grab them young and early…

Certainly we are witnessing the birth of Rivian fanboy-ism. Are you surprised? We’ll see the same for every EV startup which has a real chance at success. Surely you didn’t actually think that the only reason Tesla fanboys exist was Elon Musk did you? If so… well, no need to be insulting.

But if you think Rivian’s R1T or its R1S are “vaporware”, then you need to look up the meaning of the word. They are definitely not vaporware; they just aren’t in production yet.

You’re wasting your time with most people who take that opinion because he probably don’t even know anybody who thinks that way. It’s funny the one guy I work with doesn’t understand why I don’t drive a truck because men drive trucks in his mind. I make fun of him about this all the time but he thinks I drive a Volkswagen Golf because I’m trying to prove a point. I tell him yes I’m proving a point that I’m not stupid and I don’t feel the need to drive around with an empty 8-foot bed behind me as I go back and forth to work everyday……

Not wasting time such as wasting your current tact. Different people like different things. It’s a simple way to put it. Not everyone drives the same vehicle in the same color, so clearly people want different things. Maybe they have smaller garage or like faster times getting on a freeway, maybe never need to haul things, so why waste the bed space. Easy enough to argue around grunt-men grunt-truck.

Not really. I can logically explain why me driving a 1 ton truck every day for that couple times a year I could use it doesn’t make sense and how my car rides AND handles better, has a nicer interior and gets much better mileage and he’ll see the logic then respond with “ya but it’s just wrong”.

Ability and willingness are completely different factors.

You are correct, about “multi-generational fan base”. But this is more the reason a Ford F150 EV won’t happen, than will.

It’s manufacturers fearing conquests to other brands, who will come up with whatever EV form factor keeps them. If neither Ford, nor GM, move, by your own logic “F150, Silverado, Sierra” stay gas/diesel. Even if they go EV/PHEV, the tires might be from a bicycle, or the gas tanks 5 gallons…etc., etc.

You come to this website for ~7 years, and end up appreciating “if it’s not here, don’t plan on it”.

“If, when, Tesla does build a pickup it will likely be a mid size toy hauler type at first.” Tesla starts at the very top end. They started with $110k cars, their 1st commercial truck is a long haul 40 ton semi, and the pickup will start the same way. Expect a huge $100k+ truck to start with.

“Rivian is the bev truck builder that will beat ice pickups in most every type of performance metric when it arrives in a couple years.”

Rivian’s R1T doesn’t even have a cargo bed large enough to qualify for an extra-short pickup bed. It’s not even really a pickup. Like the Honda Ridgeline, it’s an SUT… a Sport Utility Truck.

I think Rivian will find plenty of demand for the limited number they can make in the next few years, but the R1T certainly isn’t going to satisfy those who actually need (not just want) a pickup for its utility in hauling stuff.

That’s not at all to say that Rivian won’t be a success. But they’re not going to take over the majority of the pickup market, as you’re suggesting. Certainly not within the next few years, and probably not ever, because they will likely face a lot of competition from makers of other EV pickups.

Nonsense. Toyota and others have made huge headway into the light pickup market.

Not the full size truck market in the United States

Agreed, Honda is one of the highest rated too.

Brand loyalty lasts only until those former loyal customers perceive some other brand as better. If that wasn’t true, then auto makers like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan would never found success in selling cars in the USA.

And if you think that Ford gasmobile pickup owners have a near-religious dedication to the brand… then you’re going to be very surprised at how rapidly the pickup market is going to change, starting perhaps around 2025. Or who knows? Maybe even sooner.

I’m curious – do you know which is the top selling vehicle in America, and for how many years it’s held that position?

Ahhh. A Ford truck fanboi. (As if that wasn’t apparent by your earlier posts.)

For what year do you want that answer?

The Model T years? The Volkswagen Beetle years?

Or are you concerned only with the years since 1985?

Times change. The #1 best-seller will almost certainly change again, as the EV revolution progresses.

This 100%. I don’t belong to this mentality but I have guys I work with, one is actually a good friend, who talk this nonsense all the time it’s there a way of busting on each other and they enjoy it. The guy I work with would never drive anything other than a GMC truck and he says Fords and Dodges are all junk and his buddies at drive Fords say the opposite xcetera. He admitted that is not really based on the qualities of the vehicle and that even if Ford made a clearly Superior truck he would still say it’s a piece of junk because it’s not a GMC. It’s like a religion just a little less deadly.

It only took one hand me down and one new car purchase to turn me off Ford…
1973 Ford Maverick
2013 Ford Fusion Energi

There are lots of down votes on this post but it is not wrong about truck buyers. They are extremely brand loyal. Extremely. Given the market’s size I’m sure there are plenty of EV truck sales to be had by newcomers, but even if Chevy, Ford and Ram are a decade late to the EV truck game I have no doubt that one of them will still be the leader in the US.

Given that a truck frame is unusually suited to having batteries shoved in it almost without redesign, I highly doubt this. Rivian had to make something from scratch. All Ford has to do is stuff a battery between the frame rails, put an electric motor in the rear diff, and give it a frunk where it’s engine was and it will be the best selling EV the world has ever seen. I don’t say that last bit sarcastically either. Ford’s pretty damn forward thinking with their F-150. Hell they were willing to drop the iconic American V8 as their go-to engine and embrace turbocharging and moving to an aluminum body to save weight. The other truck manufacturers are still trying to catch up to those moves. Yes I know they still offer a V8, but it’s not their top engine, or their top seller, nor the most powerful. It’s just there for those who demand one. The F-150 is Ford’s treasured cash cow, and they have proven willing to innovate, adapt, and change to keep it at the top of the pack. I believe the reason they are now entering the electric game is NOT because they are late, but… Read more »

“All Ford has to do is stuff a battery between the frame rails, put an electric motor in the rear diff, and give it a frunk where it’s engine was and it will be the best selling EV the world has ever seen.”

Sure… if all Ford wants is a pickup which won’t ever break out of the compliance car category.

Compelling EVs are designed from the ground up, as Tesla and Jaguar are already showing, and as Rivian likely will be demonstrating within a couple of years or so.

“…the front of the Rivian is far nicer than the Ford….”

I gotta chuckle when a see a pickup truck with camouflage. What are they trying to hide? An open box with a hood?

anyone notice the tailpipe>>>>>?? lol. its a gas f150

Ford is actively working on an Electric Hybrid F150. Wouldn’t be their first plug-in hybrid and certainly not their last.

Yes, but that is just a fake out. Look at the plug on the drivers side front bumper.

I wish InsideEVs would not give us both the same ID. Not an egomaniac here, but I’ve been an article (and art) contributor and here since day 1. Confusion would be my main point.

James #2 seems to make commentary I usually agree with. That said, I can be controversial (my epic 4 year critiques of i3 for example) at times, and some even accuse me of being a Tesla fanboy.

My suggestion: Make the James above, “James2”. Problem solved. Two readers having the same ID is confusing and not fair for the both of us.

Can you fix it?

You can fix that too – just change your ‘Handle’ to “James the First”, or “James1”, etc.

The point is it should never have been allowed in the first place.

Thank you Roy.

IEVs ignored my comment.

I can change my handle. Just seems inapprooriate that I have to since I was here first and nobody will know its me.

From then on, its as if this new James will have taken my identity.

Seriously. Do I also have to change my name to James the Third? That would be really annoying.

As far as Ford is concerned, they tend to underdeliver on their ‘electrification’ promises and expectations. Not really reaching to lead with innovation, but following the leaders and offering just what is ‘required’. But just maybe with two new manufacturers planning EV pickups and Tesla coming with one as well, maybe Ford will ‘respond’ out of necessity since commercial trucks/vans and SUVs are becoming their only business.

anyone notice the tailpipe>>>>>?? lol. its a gas f150

It’s not gas. It charges. It’s all-electric or at least a PHEV. The tailpipe is either cause it’s a PHEV or it’s part of the camo.

They’ve been working on the PHEV version for a couple years. There was a protoype based on the 2015-17 body-style with the plug up high on the fender behind the front wheel. This is clearly based on an 18/19 model year.
I would think that this is the production intent version of the PHEV.
Rumours are it has a traditional hybid drivetrain for the rear (ICE / electric motor / transmission) plus 2 motors for the front wheels. This provides a lot of flexibility / practicality while ditching the transfer case, which is a huge plus for me,

Given the recent harsh reminder of winter life (as cold as -40 degrees), I would seriously consider the PHEV variant as long as the price and AER are favourable, That waste heat is very useful this time of year.

This winter polar vortex was bad

As the Magnetic North Pole Heads out of Canada, and over to Russia, Maybe Winnipeg will become the New “North Slope!” >> “Magnetic North Pole Moving Fast Toward Russia, Scientists Say” ….

“Earth’s geographic north pole is fixed. But the planet’s magnetic north pole — the north that every compass points toward — is moving at a speed of about 55 kilometers per year.

It crossed the international date line in 2017 and is leaving the Canadian Arctic on its way to Siberia.”

The Magnetic North Pole has nothing to do with weather at all.

Well, science isn’t for everyone. 🙄

The Polar Vortex temperatures are normal in Canada, where Brian has said he is from.

Yeah, but the weird undulations of the jet stream associated with the polar vortex still give a very counterintuitive reality. Last week, when it was -17 ˚F in Ames, IA and Duluth, MN, it was a comparitively balmy +37 ˚F in Calgary.

Meanwhile we can electric cycle shirtless at night in Austin 😂

Calgary gets Chinooks. Being -17f in the morning and +37f in the afternoon (and vise versa) is not uncommon! Super weird weather.

(This isn’t a commentary on climate change however, just that we get cold temperatures in general. That said, there could be more locations that have to occasionally deal with much colder temperatures than they are used to in future as “polar vortex” become more common.)

There’s no waste heat from an engine that doesn’t start, lol. ICE’s suck at -40°.

I haven’t had a starting issue due to cold in several decades. And I *always* park outside.
If I need to travel for my son’s hockey in the winter or any other schedule based event that can’t be put off until the weather changes, an ICE is a more practical solution than BEV (albeit still less efficient).
And that is the biggest draw for a PHEV. Run on electric for the majority of trips (which are short, intra-city) with cheap electricity from overnight charging, but have the ICE for heat in the winter, range during towing AND as a generator where there is no grid (which is frequent in the summer for me).

The block heater plugs would be good for workplace charging and pre conditioning.

As the owner of a PHEV in Canada I can say there are definitely some winter advantages to a PHEV vs a standard ICE car. The first is that PHEV’s start the ICE motor using an electric motor/generator tied directly to the ICE motor using the large traction battery as a power source. That means they will start pretty much always, whether they want to or not. An electric motor in a PHEV has way more cranking ability than an ICE’s wimpy starter motor. Also, it’s using the big traction battery instead of an wimpy 12V car battery to make it turn so PHEV’s almost always start in the cold. They don’t sound pretty when they do but starting isn’t an issue. And since about 80% of the energy in a given volume of gasoline is waste heat anyway better to heat with that than the big battery.

If My budget was $50k and my EV choice was a truck or a sedan, I’d choose the truck.

Your going to be getting a lost less range in the truck.


Think – Driving a Brick into the Wind, instead of an Egg! Barn instead of Canoe! DC-6 instead of Concord! Etc.

I’ll take a Model 3 with White interior over any truck

The problem I have with trucks is they tend to ride like trucks. Trucks are the prime example of bad riding vehicles.

My 2500 drives poorly when it doesn’t have a load. The weight of the batteries and the lower center of gravity should do a lot for the ride and handling.

Sure. Compared to other TRUCKS.

Talk about a FACT that people down vote. But not only do trucks ride relatively poorly, they can’t begin to handle on the road like a sedan. It’s not an opinion, it’s physics.

Trucks ride differently. Whether that’s poor depends on your point of view. The hard ride of many sporty vehicles and premium sedans is horrible IMO but many believe they ride great. Regarding handling, that’s debatable and really depends on the vehicle being compared. The F-150 has a similar cornering ability to many of the top selling mainstream cars, can out-accelerate all of them, and has a similar braking distance. Sure, compared to a BMW or Tesla it’s not as nimble, but compared to something like a Corolla or a Civic you’d be surprised. That and the ground clearance means road noise is significantly reduced and space in the engine bay means engine noise is only really apparent when accelerating hard. That means some trucks are as quiet/quieter than many premium ICE sedans, let alone mainstream cars. As a roadtrip vehicle, they are arguably second to none – with the only downside being the cost in fuel, which will be about the same as many minivans. The reality is the heavy, noisy, unrefined “truck” died about a decade ago, and is only becoming less realistic. And if you really dislike the “bouncy” nature of an empty rear end, spend a few… Read more »

The flipside is that at least trucks can function well on the road, while a sedan’s functionality is effectively zero on most of the farm roads around here.

I wish I had a truck to drive – 3 or 4 days a year. When I see muddy, dinged-up trucks driving next to me in my sedan, I understand their drivers’ devotion to trucks completely. When I see huge, chrome-bedecked monstrosities that commute to work just like I do, I’m not getting it at all.

Its called freedom.

I’m waiting for the drone footage, but this is really very encouraging news to say the least!

This pictured Ford 150 looks like a PHEV, given the limited battery size and tail pipe. A serial phev can be a useful early mule for future BEV, but a parallel one, not so much. Which one is it?

Good eye on the tailpipe. This is clearly not what I would consider an “Electric F150”

We’ve already seen other mules with tailpipes as disguise. Some even painted on. I can’t see making a conclusion from that alone (unless you actually see gases coming out of it!)

If it is just a Stub Pipe, and you can verify that, then sure. However – if the Pipe can be Traced Forward, and there is any other evidence, like TWO places with Cuts, one for a Fuel Door, and another for a Plug, well, then, Yeah – it’s a PHEV.

Tail pipe is clearly visible

Where are you getting the battery size from?

It looks like it has two large battery modules to me. Look at the area underneath the kick panel (the bottom of the camouflage area) and you can see two modules that appear to run parallel under the drivers seat area. Also what looks like a support structure underneath holding them up. Too much battery for a PHEV application if you ask me.

I will say that I think it would be an early prototype/test mule, because that is not a clean and tidy skateboard design that one would expect. That module looks like it is 6-8 inches thick and completely hanging below a chassis. I am guessing a couple battery modules slung under a standard ICE truck for testing the EV drivetrain. Probably a long way from production.

Good eye and a reasonably assumption. Why bother to try to hide the shape with all the spots though. What a joke. 😂😂

It’s a protocol thing for any test vehicle, even if there is nothing to hide. They even have a camouflage department who’s only job is to create test vehicle coverups.

But Why? Camo just attracts Photogs!

You may have answered your own question.

Yup. I rather suspect that auto makers put camo on test mules precisely to attract the attention of spy photographers. It’s a form of free advertising to get spy photos published in auto magazines and online, and it’s a way to start building “buzz” about a new model.

you just don’t understand how hard they try to not let anyone get a leg up.

“I will say that I think it would be an early prototype/test mule…”

I figured that at first glance, from the placement of the plug port at one end of the bumper! Not exactly a safe location…

Totally agree with that. The article mentions the truck is lifted, but in fact the difference is the ground clearance. It could make sense that they’ve just “glued” the batteries between and under the existing frame, after taking the ICE drivetrain out.

There’s no way that’s the design of a finalised truck.

I bet they will do a phev before they do an all ev. they will wait until rivien can produce trucks in volume, or sold state batteries make it to market

That’s a given since nice they already publically said so. Makes sense from their perspective for these reasons:
– Cheaper
– No range concerns
– Easier to fit in the existing vehicle architecture
– Less of a culture shock for their customer base

However the fact there is BEV F-150 work being done also proves they are taking any potential competitive threat seriously this time.

I could go for a PHEV SERIAL hybrid, with 50 miles of range. (cough) Via Motors(cough). That would get me around town for 99% of my driving on no gas, and then still allow me to haul things occasionally.

Of the two best-engineered passenger car PHEVs, the Chevy Volt and the Honda Clarity PHEV, neither are pure serial hybrids. Both are what is better termed “combined hybrids”, able to switch from pure EV mode to serial hybrid mode to, at least occasionally, directly engaging the gas engine into the powertrain, to become a parallel hybrid.

The BMW i3 REx, with its bolted-on and wholly inadequate auxiliary gas motor… now that is a serial hybrid, altho certainly not a fully functional one.

Oh, diesel-electric train locomotives are also well-engineered pure serial hybrid EVs.

F150 is far from a cheap car, or at least can go all the way to close $100k.
Having said that many trucks are simple cheap vehicles with lousy efficiency – not sure if they’re the best fit for batteries… yet.

“not sure if they’re the best fit for batteries” They are the best fit for batteries because huge flat areas are available under the bed.
We all know you are a troll against all EVs – Let it rest as you have lost all credibility in this discussion group.

excess weight in the truck bed area limits towing and additional carrying capacity.

No fuel tank – no engine and transmission – I disagree

Low end torque goes to the ev, as does efficiency, plus if it’s a work truck you can plug in and charge all your power tools.

But increases weight over the back wheels which is good for traction in slippery conditions.

You forgot to add — “If Nothing Else in the Design Changes”, since – Trucks are being built Stronger each year, anyway.

Larger (and therefore heavier) battery packs with greater capacity will enable longer range towing and hauling of heavy loads… not cut down on it!

Yeah, the first generation of BEV pickups will have rather limited range when towing, or hauling heavy loads. But that’s mainly because of the limited amount of energy that current battery packs can hold, not because of the weight of the battery pack.

You pretty much max out an F150 at about $80k (Platinum trim).

Do so and watch the sales staff break out the party hats and champagne, or rather, Bud, or some other cheap beer.

Makes the Rivian look so modern in comparison. Kinda like the Tesla vs every other EV. I’m sure Ford will get sales, but betting the performance figures will be way below the Rivian and the desirability will fail in comparison. Glad they are making the effort, but ‘could try harder’.

The Rivian looks like trash, It’s like they took all the ugliest truck designs of the the past 20 years, merged them together and then slapped some afterthought TRON lights.

It’s either an EV or a PHEV. Either is fine with me.

Might mean nothing. There was an Escape Energi posted a while ago which still hasn’t come to market, or been hinted at again.

Electrified Escape is returning in the next model change (2020).

Hmmm. Seem like just in time to have competition from the Coming Model Y, which should be (or ‘Could be’) unveiled in about 5-6 Weeks from now. Which may also being First Production in Q1, 2020, or Sooner.

Unrelated decision…

The older boxy Escape, which included the hybrid model, was replaced in 2013 with the rebranded European Kuga. Rather than shoe horn the hybrid drive in the existing and unforgiving Kuga platform, Ford attempted to create an anti-Prius hybrid sub- brand using the C-Max. They’ve come to realize that was not such a good plan, and it also alienated commercial Escape hybrid users such as NYC taxi companies who viewed the C-Max as a small toy. Therefore Ford decided to bring back an Escape hybrid in the next platform change, which will be 2020 model, due out later this year.

It should be noted that Ford has maintained a bona fide volume hybrid product offering since 2005, which is more than many others have done. In particular, the older Escape Hybrid has proven to be very reliable in severe service, like NYC taxis where many racked up 400-500k miles before the bodies fell apart. Ford probably has more hybrid life cycle experience than anyone other than Toyota.

All very true. I love my 2010 Mercury Mariner hybrid (Escape but with different badges, really). 106k miles and counting – averaging almost exactly 32mpg!

This thing needs to have a 150 kwh battery with 400 miles of range or 250 miles with trailer or else its DOA.

…or 250 miles and good DC charging.

Exactly. People need to understand that stopping for 15 minutes ever couple hours or so is about as inconvenient as stopping a boxing match every 3 minutes.

There was a story of a guy towing a boat with a Model X. The superchargers were spaced every 150 miles or so apart and the X struggled to make it from one to the next.
This makes for very stressful travel and quick charging times do absolutely nothing to address this problem.
Pickups go where most sedans don’t. There will not be sufficient charging infrastructure to manage with only 250 miles raange (empty).

Heaven forbid that he would have driven 5-10 MPH slower so that range anxiety at highway speed wouldn’t have been a problem. 🙄

Complaining that EV fast chargers aren’t spaced closely enough in 2019 is about like complaining in 1908 that there weren’t enough paved roads to drive a Model T everywhere. GET A HORSE!

You obviously don’t understand HIS needs. He doesn’t need a horse, he needs a vehicle to tow his stuff around comfortably. I own a range limited EV and an F250 for towing and understand him perfectly.

Joe Public is not going to conform to your views on this.

You don’t, once you count drag from speed – that going at 60 MPH instead of the 70 MPH+ I see all the time in the States would have meant there would be no struggle.

Actually, the story about the Model X towing stated that he had to reduce his speed well below the speed limit to make it to the next charging station.

Which would be <100 miles in cold temperatures and towing a heavy load.

There's a reason pickup trucks have two fuel tank sizes and ranges of up to 700 miles on the larger tanks. And that's with the current fueling infrastructure.

400 miles is pretty much a minimum necessity for a lot of pickup owners. "good" DC charging won't replace that.

That's not to say 250 miles won't be ok for many however.

I knew a contractor that put and average of 500 miles a day on his F-250. He went through one truck every year and a half…. range is a must! More the better!

We bought a F-150 about 3 years ago that had done 200,000km in two years.

Not everyone does 40 miles a day as many on this forum seem to believe!

There is no point in any BEV maker today aiming for the market for 500+ mile pickups. That would be like demanding that the first generation of consumer grade digital cameras had to have a resolution as good as a 35 mm film camera.

What is needed for the first generation of EV pickups, either PHEV or BEV, is a model with modest range and modest hauling/towing ability. No point in trying to capture 100% of the market, since sales will be production constrained.

Longer ranges and heavier towing ability can come in future years, as batteries continue to improve.

Tailpipe alert. This is no more an electric truck than a Prius is an EV.

Will it have an electric motor at each wheel? I doubt it, so Rivian is still safe, for now.

Very happy to see this.

Nope, that an Altis mule – same as Rivian using a F-150 body on their platform.

Maybe this is a nearly production ready EV. Or PHEV. Or a test mule for one or the other or both. Or maybe it’s Ford [bleep]ing with the EV enthusiasts.

WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK THIS IS, SO EVERYONE SHOULD STOP SPECULATING!!!, e.g. “There is an exhaust tip on the back of the truck, but we believe that it’s just a clever disguise to throw off the untrained eye.”

This site should be better than this.

Take a chill pill. Why not speculate on an EV site?

Like… I Could Do a “Mod” on my 2010 ICE Kia Soul, and add a Dummy J1772 Plug, And Pull up to some Public EV Charger and ‘Pretend’ to ‘Plug In!’ Just for Fun!? Would Ford do that? Just to Mess with us?

Speculation is fun. Chill out, dude.

Nothing wrong with speculation so long as it’s clearly labeled as such.

Could also be a plug in hybrid

I agree with other commenters that this must be a test mule and PHEV.

But I disagree on whether this matters. It is validating all parts of the powertrain whether the EV portion or the hybrid portion.

It is good to see the needle moving at Ford. They need to be all electric/electrified by 2025 to stay in business.

Looks like nearly the same of PHEV F150 caught here in Oct…

“Ford is in the final stages of testing the latest F-150 powertrain — the 2.7-liter plug-in hybrid gas/electric engine. ”

Ford is offering a police hybrid sedan and hybrid pickup; based on what I can find, neither are plug ins and they do not yet offer a F150 hybrid…This is most likely geared for fleets/police but I’d imagine they’d still sell them to private buyers…

While I disagree with the idea it’s nearly the same (it’s not, newer model year and clearly a less refined version – look at everything sticking out the bottom), you bring up an interesting point.

If the truck in that article is indeed the mule for the PHEV then it stands to reason that the one in this article is more and more likely to be the mule for the BEV. It’s less refined and earlier in the prototype stage than the PHEV, which makes sense considering the timelines.

The charger looks like a Signet DCFC so if this is a PHEV, it would be one of only two (other being Outlander PHEV) to have DCFC capability. And that’s never a bad thing…

Agreed, signet DCFC. I initially thought this was a PHEV, but this changes everything. It’s possible they’d want a DCFC port on a PHEV mule to support more EV mode testing, but they could also just run the engine to charge it back up for EV mode testing. My guess is this is a BEV mule. I don’t think Ford will make a PHEV with a DCFC port, they would likely just brush off the portion of the market that would care enough to fast charge rather than just let the engine do its thing when the battery’s empty.

On the other hand, for an F-150 PHEV to have a good all-electric range comparable to the better sedan PHEVs, i.e. ~50 miles, that would take a very substantial traction battery, maybe 30 kwh. That is big enough that DCFC would be useful.

Excellent. Those of us who are friends with people with trucks but never buy trucks ourselves will definitely approve of electric trucks while getting help moving our couches.

I joke. I kid.

… A little.

It’s always good to know one over enthusiastic truck guy who will spend the whole trip lording his truck ownership over you while doing you a truck related favor.

We both get something out of it.

It’s the PHEV version if you notice the hot gasses escaping the pipe. Ford did say it was working on a PHEV some months back. This is probably the first mule. Mules tend to be ornery, since they can’t reproduce, hopefully that won’t be the case here, though a full line of Ford Super Duty, coming out, both with new gasoline and diesel engines, I don’t see Ford doing much in the realm of electricity in which they have barely a toe hold, while in the current realm of ICE trucks they have almost a stranglehold, on American truck sales. 5 years before they produce anything in numbers that matter, say over 25k or so a year. Eventually their hand will be forced as other ev trucks come to market, but I think they are taking, a we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, attitude, which is pretty much what it has been all along, and why not considering the rather sheepish way GM is pulling back from evs, killing the Volt, and hardly doing anything to prop up the lame Bolt. Ford only have Tesla to fear, but they have no sedan lines left for Tesla… Read more »

Note to self: when testing a prototype on public roads, be sure to put dazzle camo on it so nobody thinks it is a kit build or homebrew EV, and I get free press just puttering around town. Is puttering a term in EVs? They don’t make the putter sound.

Electric Putter? Good for the Golf Channel Sales!

Just a non aerodynamic piece of shat.

Looks more aero than shoe-box-on-wheels Rivian *shrug*

The tailpipe is there to trick you guys on the road. Sneaky Ford!

A more likely explanation is this is a F-150 Energi.

No such thing as an EV pickup brand loyalty when none exist on the market today.

Your favorite brand releases a new product in a new segment. You have a choice between that product or the product of a competing manufacturer to which you feel no allegiance. Which do you think the AVERAGE pickup owner is going to choose? These are people who literally tattoo the Chevy Bowtie or “Boss 429” on their bodies.

Somehow, I think the EV revolution will succeed without any need to convert the people who turn their own bodies into walking billboards by tattooing auto maker badges on their skin.

There are still people riding horses, too. That didn’t prevent the motorcar revolution from succeeding.

fully electric or ‘electrified’?? because i see an exhaust pipe? could it be a PHEV??

As pointed out above, Ford has already said it will make PHEV pickups before BEV pickups.

You have to ignore the available evidence pretty hard to conclude this is isn’t a PHEV pickup.

Ok but… the location of the charging socket is IMHO just stupid. On the front bumper? Really Ford, what are you thinking.
I have to hope that it is moved somewhere a little less damage prone otherwise there will be a lot of people angry with you and you will indeed be living up to your “Fix Or Repair Daily” nickname.
People complain about the Leaf and other cars that have it on the front but at least they are not on the front corner…

It’s just a test mule. It’s extremely unlikely that Ford, or anybody else, would put an EV charge port in such an unsafe location on a production vehicle.

I get the sense EV fans (who are not car guys/gals) don’t understand that car manufacturers use multiple test mules when designing a product.

It would also be a nightmare for those swapping bumpers for more off road worthy ones.

Just on the test mule. The other spy photos show a door cutout on the fender behind the front wheel.

Rivian should be questioned for placing it on the front bumper, which apparently is their production intent.

I see tailpipe…i think this may be a Hybrid …not full electric.

And yesterday we had an entire thread devoted to trashing Ford on the grounds that their claim of making an electric F-150 was just vaporware. Haters gunna hate.

Good, but it needs to be a *modern* EV ford. This means 150kW charging. Plus it should have 120/30amp feed available for a trailer in back, minimum.

Umm, anyone else notice it has a tailpipe? I’m thinking it’s more likely a PHEV than the mythical BEV F150. Still better than no plug I guess…

At the risk of being a curmudgeonly wet blanket, this doesn’t get me excited. Who knows how long it’s going to be before Ford actually starts selling an EV pickup? And when it does, likely it will be made in mere compliance car numbers.

GM pledging to convert its entire Cadillac line to EVs… now that gets me excited! One single Ford test mule EV pickup may be a harbinger of a major change to come… or it may be a sign of just another Ford EV that, like the Ford Focus Electric, is available only by special order.

That is a TERRIBLE place for the charge port even on a mule.
Try fording a river, crash into something, or get an aftermarket bumper and bye bye EV system.

I’m sure they wont try fording a river in this mule. My guess is it is a battery/power train mule. There will be many more mules.

Can you confirm that this is a full BEV or a PHEV? Which do you think they will come out with first? Any guesses?

It’s great to see something from Ford and I’m hoping it’s a full-electric version that they are giving priority too.

Someone catching it driving on gasoline and we’ll have the answer – I’d say we’ll see more in the next couple weeks now that people know it’s out testing.
In favour of it being a PHEV: tailpipe, previous prototypes
In favour of it being a BEV: desire
Big question: what the he77 is that hanging down beneath the cab? Its an extremely odd looking structure. If this is a PHEV, there is plenty of room where the optional 2nd gas tank goes and they have an existing pack for the Aviator to stick in there which would make it completely not visible from the side.
If this is an early BEV Mule, why not just put the battery in the box until they are ready for it to be integrated into the chassis?

I doubt they could fit a big enough battery in the space of a second fuel tank to give decent all-electric range on a full-size pickup. That would yield a very weak hybrid reminiscent of all the lame weak PHEVs that have been unsuccessful over the last 5 years. They might need a 30 kwh battery to get a decent range of 50 miles. If they can hang that big of a pack below the cabin and otherwise more or less leave the existing powertrain intact, then that’s a way to move rapidly forward without a clean-sheet design.

It also means basically no ground clearance so it’ll not stay there in future.

The previous prototypes of the PHEV were a lot more refined than this, and they were using the 15-17 body style, not the 18>.


Why are all these prototype EVs using the same camouflage. Very easy for ‘spies’ 🙂

Rivian Made Ford to to do this .

Ford PHEV F-150’s have been spied several months before Rivian came out of stealth mode.

From the articke; “We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series — battery electric and hybrid.”

I’m guessing the tailpipe is real. A PHEV pickup makes a lot of sense, the ability to move heavy loads within a local area with the low operations and maintenance costs of an EV, yet having the ability to move that heavy load easily anywhere in the country without having to structure your trip around a limiting electric charging structure. GM says the Volt’s 53 mile all electric range is enough to handle 90% of the average person’s trips and 2/3 of the total mile driven. Ford sells over 900,000 pickups a year, a PHEV F150 with similar range could result in a huge reduction in CO2, and buyers would not have to change their driving habits to accommodate the truck, other than to figure out how to spend the extra money they saved and how to wipe the silly grin that comes from driving an EV off their face.

Really – they couldn’t fit the battery pack in the existing truck? That seems like they weren’t trying very hard.


They should call it E-150

If it wasn’t for their van series being E-*50, then I would agree. Still, everybody knows what an F-150 or F-250 is, so the staggering level of brand recognition is probably more important, regardless of powertrain.

Somehow, I smell Rivian in all of this. Didnt Rivian say their skateboard drivetrain would be offered to the major auto manufactuers to hwlp jump start their electrification programs? Could late to the party Ford Motors be doing that with this prototype rhey have now suddendly?

It looks totally different to the Rivian mule that used an F150 body last year, so that doesn’t really make sense.

Aside from the wheelbase there is another option. Ford could be testing out the BEV CUV powertrain they say they are releasing next year, and just using an F150 body on top.

It has a frigging exhaust pipe for god’s sake.

And the award for the most pointless dazzle camo ever goes to….

Ford has announced a 7.3L pushrod gas V8 for 2020, leaked an electric F-150 and BMW made a Supra. The auto world is getting really freaking weird.

Haha – yeah, inflection points in progress can be very interesting times, indeed!

On a side note, that new V8 is ridiculous (even though it’s intended for the 350 and up, I think). If you’re going to have that amount of displacement, then the smart thing would be to go to at least 10 cyl for more torque and smoother running. Besides, given Ford’s impressive advances in ICE technology, they could stick with a 5.5 or 6.0 V8, using the innovations they put into the new 5.0 in the Mustang GT – they are getting over 500hp and over 400 lb-ft of torque out of that V8, and it’s not even turbocharged!

Did that one have a tailpipe? I am definitely excited when he says hybrid, and I pray they have the sense to realize going with PHEV makes for an overall better equation of capability and cost given the modern ecosystem than full gas hybrid. I am not ready to shell out $75k for a 250 mile F150. I am more willing to shell out $40k for a 30 mile PHEV F150 with tons more functionality, way more efficiency, slightly more peak power, and infinitely more base power than the full-ICE model.

Sooner they bring the electric truck, its good for the company and this country because competition is there in the radar.
Yesterday in the state of the union speech, Mr Trump said that $7 trillion is spent on fighting terrorism.
And the terrorists are getting their funds from the arab countries who in turn are funded by us and our gas guzzlers.
Just a small part of this $7 trillion can be used to set up charging stations all over the country.

Ford cannot live without trucks, at least if they start producing electric trucks, we can reduce the funds that goes to terrorists.

That is not an electric truck, am I the only one who can see the tail pipe for a gas motor on it??!! LOL

It is either a plug-in hybrid or the tailpipe is part of its disguise. It is not uncommon for automakers to do so. The Porsche Mission E had dual tailpipes in spy shots. It is now the all-electric Taycan.

Not sure what is happening here, however I posted that this isnt an electric truck as it has a tail pipe. I will not go to this site anymore if you remove this comment because to me it shows you are posting fake stuff.

Your comment went into automatic moderation while I was sleeping. This happens from time to time. I apologize. I have cleared it.

Fake Ford Propaganda… It’s got an exhaust pipe… This is Ford making it look like they are ahead of the competition. They’re not..

Always important to have trained your eyes.

It seems Elon has succeeded into prodding Ford to make electric trucks, kudos!

Ford made electric trucks in the EV ranger before Tesla made a single roadster. For has been making hybrids for decades too.