Ford Expects To Only Sell “Around 25” Focus Electrics In The UK Next Year

AUG 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 15

Despite new “local European production” on the Focus Electric that began June 12th (that story here), Ford does not expect to sell many Focus EVs in the UK in 2014, despite a launch later this year.

So what is the problem?

The Electric Ford Is Expecting To Have A MSRP Starting Around £25,000 After Gov't Incentives

The Electric Ford Is Expecting To Have A MSRP Starting Around £25,000 After Gov’t Incentives

  • It might be the price
  • It might be the cost of tooling up dealer infrastructure

But one thing it is not is a unwillingness of the locals to buy plug-in vehicles – as of July 2013, 1,855 EVs have been sold this year, that’s up over 70% from this point in 2012.

All told, Ford says it is expecting to only sell “around 25” units according to Oliver Rowe, Ford’s Product Affairs Manager.

Ford has stressed that they will not be losing money on the Focus Electric in Europe, and that shows in the pricing.

For the UK, the car is expected to have a price tag of around £30,000 ($46,800USD) before UK incentives of £5,000 ($7,800 USD) when the first cars are delivered this fall.  The Focus EV has already been priced in Germany (where it is made) at €39,990 ($53,000 USD).

Hrm, The Plug On The Euro-Spec Ford Focus Electric Looks Mighty Familiar - Perhaps A Cost Saving Measure?

Hrm, The Plug On The Euro-Spec Ford Focus Electric Looks Mighty Familiar – Perhaps A Cost Saving Measure?

For right now however, Ford is pointing the finger at the dealership model for the lack of expected sales in 2014 not pricing, saying that a nationwide roll-out of the Focus Electric would mean the equipping of 520 Ford dealerships with specialized equipment and knowledge to sell and service the vehicles – something Ford is unprepared to do yet.

So if you want a Focus Electric in the UK, it is going to have to be acquired via their fleet program.

Tim Holmes, Director of Communication and Public Affairs at Ford Motor Company, reflected on the UK plug-in market to TheGreenCarWebsite (UK) during a recent media event:

“The electric vehicle market is still very immature (but) you have to be in the market and even though demand is very low, we have to be ready for when that changes.  We think there’ll be demand eventually. The economy has to come back and in the immediate, people will have to get more confident about owning an EV as their main vehicle. I think people will buy an EV and something else, this is to do with the single and multi-mission vehicle.”

Mr. Holmes added that Focus EVs would be only sold as they were demanded in the UK for now.

Video below: “B-Roll Footage” of Focus Electric production in Germany

Source: TheGreenCarWebsite

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25 … why bother ?


Give it up, Ford. It is an expensive conversion kludge with no trunk space.

Build an EV from the ground up, not this half-baked car. Sorry, Magna, your conversion kit was not good enough. The Tesla Model S has shown EVs can be much better and the Chevy Spark EV and Nissan Leaf have shown they can be cheaper.


Conversions don’t have to be as bad as the FFE, either. The i-MiEV retains all its cargo and passenger space compared to the gas version. The Fit EV only loses its “magic seats”, but otherwise remains unscathed.


Well, the MiEV proves that a conversion can be even worse by starting with an old, inferior ICE design. Rear cargo area in the MiEV is over 1 cu ft less than the FFE. Also, its passenger volume is 6 cu ft less than the FFE. And the MiEV has glacial acceleration as well as substandard range. Talk about a bad conversion.

By the way, the Fit EV lost those magic seats AND about 8 cu ft of cargo space behind the rear seats. It only has 12 cu ft back there, even less than the MiEV.

Get your facts straight, Aaron. Your constant attacks on the FFE are starting to sound like “sour grapes”.. I’m thinking that you wish you had one!



And… if anything might be true in this discussion, it’s how “bad” the i-MiEV is simply *as a car*. I saw one driving down the road with a mother and her kids in the back. God the thing was tiny. Then it struck me how irresponsible she was as mother, driving her kids around in it. “Going EV” is great and all, but those poor kids would not stand a chance in a serious collision. The i-MiEV does not look like it should have a 4-star NHTSA rating. In any case, the i-MiEV scored only 2’s and 3’s in some of the impact categories

The FFE received a solid 5 stars in all categories.

Plenty of trunk space in the i-MiEV, though… and that’s what’s important.


That’s unfair. The FFE isn’t a “bad” conversion, by a long shot. *Other* than somewhat compromised trunk space, it’s an extremely quite, smooth-driving, peppy Focus, which is a great small car line. The electric version is fun to drive and looks great.

If you judge a car merely by how much trunk space it has, you’re missing all sorts of other factors. Not everyone even cares about trunk space. Personally, I hardly ever use the trunk *on my commute to and from work*, so my FFE works great for my purposes. It has plenty of room for groceries or medium-sized cargo loads, which is still plenty of functionality.

I would gladly (and did) make a (rarely used) trunk space trade in order to have a great little EV. Sure, I could have gone with a Leaf, which performs about the same as the FFE, but I personally did not like the styling.

In any case… I think it is great that we have already reached a point in the evolution of the EV market where people can begin making purchase decisions about *which* EV they like best.

Alan Campbell

Just like the BMW i3 is 34,995 Euros in Europe, but only $41k in the states and not $46k based on a straight conversion.

The Focus Electric manufacturer pricing at 30k Euros does not convert equally from Euros vehicle pricing in the states in dollars. The version they get in Europe is ‘their’ high Titanium trim level, but at 30k euros, instead of the $35k here in the states.

But Ford tends to lowball sales expectations, which allows for consistent press for exceeding sales expectations month after month.

The Focus is the #7 best selling car in all of Europe. #2 in the UK behind the #1 Fiesta. With the high cost of fuel in Europe compared to electric power, it should be easy to justify the price variance.

David Stone

I disagree.
As a european, all my calculations show that fuel costs are small compared to the high cost of the vehicle unless you drive alot.

And with my driving habits, I would need over 12 years to break even.

Ford just isn’t serious, shown by pricing a mid-class car that high.

Glenn Marcucio

In my opinion Ford has never put any effort into trying to sell this vehicle. At least in my area of upstate New York they haven’t. I have called Ford dealers to inquire about the Focus EV and the dealers didn’t even know they existed. I was never a fan of Ford products and their lack of interest in the EV segment makes me even less interested in their products.


They put some effort into it. It was on Leno. It was on Letterman. There was an internet campaign. But the Leaf was $32K and the Ford Focus Electric was $40K. How could it really compete?


And the Leaf is now $28K…

Rick Danger

Leno and Letterman are both EV aficionados. It wasn’t much work on Ford’s part to get them airtime with them.

Jesse Gurr

Is that a picture of a J1772 plug on the european model? Will that even work over there?

Future Leaf Driver

Wow, a whole 25 units! Way to shoot for the sky!

Maybe drop the price in the US and you might sell a few more, lol!!!

Rick Danger

That, and fix the annoying habit they have of dying in the middle of the road.
How are you supposed to forget Found On Road Dead with this crap going on?
I’m starting to feel like Dan, these people are all morons. The truth is, none of them want to make electric cars.