Ford Expands Workplace Charging

OCT 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

Report: Ford Is Rushing To Debut A 200 Mile Range Electric Vehicle Of Their Own


Ford announced a plan to increase workplace charging stations at its facilities as part of its commitment to plug-in electric vehicles.

As of today, Ford has installed (since September 2014) 145 stations available for employee use at 43 Ford offices and manufacturing facilities in 6 US states and in Canada.

That’s not that much, but let’s try to look at it as new charging stations installed every second day on average (we are trying to believe in Ford’s commitment).

The new plan is to add 20 more stations in the near future. “Ongoing discussions” also could result in more charging spots in the long-term, according to Ford.

“Since installing the first workplace charging station in 2014, Ford and its employees have saved more than 6,000 gallons of gas, enough to fill a Ford Fusion Energi 428 times. The system is also capable of diverting 70 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually when using green energy sources. More than 349 Ford employees are using the charging stations, which have delivered nearly 92,000 kilowatt-hours of energy, enough to power up to 10 homes annually.”

On the solar front Ford teamed with DTE Energy to build one of Michigan’s largest solar arrays at its company headquarters.

“DTE Energy funded the 360 covered parking spaces under the solar array which help power buildings on the Ford World Headquarters’ campus. Ford Land, a real estate and commercial development agency formed by Ford Motor Company in 1970, installed 20 charging stations at the Ford World Headquarter complex for plug-in electric vehicles such as Ford Fusion Energi and Ford C-MAX Energi. Additional charging stations may be installed as employee use increase.

The solar canopy has enough capacity to generate 1.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually to power buildings throughout the Ford campus. The electricity captured is enough to power 158 average-sized homes while offsetting an estimated 794 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.”

Cynthia Williams, Ford associate director, environmental and regulatory planning said:

“Providing a charging network at Ford facilities not only benefits our employees, but builds upon our commitment to the electrification program and developing environmentally conscious vehicles. Ford is striving to deliver quality products and sustainable manufacturing, and to make eco-conscious vehicles easier to use.”

Stephanie Janczak, manager, Ford sustainability and vehicle environmental matters adds:

“Ford has a deep commitment to sustainability. We are working to make people’s lives better by creating great products and by investing in the communities where our employees work and live. Expanding our network of charging stations throughout North America is an extension of our commitment.”

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This and the fact that Ford only recently started advertising the rather old Focus EV lead me to expect a new EV product announcement from Ford in the not-too-distant future. Will it be a revamped Focus EV or an all-new vehicle?

I think Ford is seriously undervalued in *EVs circles.

They are doing damn good job of moving from compliance car’s sales into major player in USA. I think that they did not planed it. Maybe they have seen Leaf/Volt/Tesla S sales, and decided that they can do no better then compliance. But right now they do better.

I also think that they can not do much better then that. For one, they need to build up supply. For other their current platforms really do not account for *EVs needs.

There is simply not much (or non at all) space for extra kWh’s there!

Hence Ford need next gen platforms for single-model sales like Nissan. But they take 3rd spot when we count brands. That is what Ford is right now aiming at.

So the big question:
How long till Ford produce next gen platform?

They need to start including DC fast charging on the Ford Focus Electric already.

Agreed on all points. The Focus EV is a good car, but it could be great with QC. The Energi PHEVs are good cars, but could be great with a better battery placement and/or longer AER. Ford makes good-but-not-great plug-in cars, which is why they are solidly in 3rd place.

The competition is about to heat up, and Ford is privy to the same press releases we are regarding the Bolt, Model III, Leaf 2.0, etc. They know that they need to do something if they want to stay in the race, let alone the top three. Ford was incredibly quiet ahead of the Focus EV and Energi launches. They seemed to come out of nowhere. I would find it hard to believe that Ford isn’t working on the next gen right now.

Ford was #2 in 2014 and looks to repeat in 2015

Brian: I was thinking just the same thing, that Ford is putting out those FFE commercials for a reason. Might be just to keep the Ford name I front of people, showing that they have done some good things with technology(you know, as if to say Tesla doesn’t have all EV technology locked up, nor does Chevy). There are a few reasons why they might want to do this before they have a truly top of the line BEV entry. But I suspect that the commercials were a sneak peek at Ford doing more than the PHEV models. Somewhere not too long ago I had read a press release(?)about Ford’s own 200 mile BEV. Would love to see one. I have seen one FFE(ever)and it was an attractive car. From what has been written on this site by FFE drivers, they got a lot right about that car, but the lack of QC, non-hybrid heater and the reduced trunk space are deal killers for a lot of us.


I find it hard to get excited about these figures. “….enough to power 10 homes…..” or “….fill up a fusion 428 times…..”?

These are for the whole of Ford America and Canada? If we assume 4-8 hrs of charging per day this means that there are less than 50 Ford employees charging every day.

That’s pretty good considering that there are only 145 stations but I would have thought a company as big as Ford that makes electric cars would have at least 10 times that amount.

Ford sales PHEVs too. Those have too small batteries in comparison to BEVs. So numbers may not look so good, but number of drivers enjoying benefits of electric ride should be higher.

…and he’s also assuming each driver must charge at work, every day. If that’s your case you planned poorly. Or, electrification lets people sprawl even further out, and we’ve gained nothing- textbook Jevon’s Paradox.

But demand is increasing anyway sans efficiency. So if you purchase an electric car then your demand for electricity increases. That has little to do with the expansion of the network.
Though one could argue that the expansion of the network contributed to the purchase that increased demand.

Sorry, “50 employee’s a day” average, might not be the same employee’s, it just means on an average day less than 50 Ford employee’s are charging at work, even it that was 100 it is pretty poor. PHEV drivers are the ones that would probably most benefit from charging at work as these drivers are the most likely to get to work with a depleted battery. I would think that if Ford was seriously trying to encourage PHEV and BEV adoption that free work place charging would be a pretty easy and low cost perk. It is certainly not as big a perk as the preferential finance or discounted prices that motor company employee’s typically get. It really doesn’t matter what the average daily use is, 92,000 kWh over 2 years is not very much at all for a company the size of ford, that is supposed to be encouraging EV and/or PHEV adoption. Google installed 300 work place chargers in 2011 at it’s headquarters. This press release basically says “We Ford are really excited about the fact that we have almost half as many work place charging stations across our whole north American operation than one location at a… Read more »

Charged EVs reported the 145 chargers were for “Some 349 Ford employees are using the chargers”. Interesting how this number is roughly twice the number of chargers. Taking the number of employees using the chargers into account, Ford adding another 20 chargers is lack luster at best.

Or maybe they live within their range, and aren’t pushing a priviledge.

You know, living close to work and other stuff. Like a sensible human being.

In terms of privilege, I had a quick look online and ford has a program called “AXZ plan” under which:

“Ford Motor Company employees and retirees are allocated four personal identification numbers (PINs) per year that they may use or give to immediate family members to purchase discounted vehicles.”

So Ford is happy to give 4 discounts per year on a new vehicle to every employee and their family but workplace charging is a privilege to be used sparingly?

20? Really?
According to
Ford has ~83K employees in North America (46% of 181K).

20 would be worth PR it were a regional restaurant chain with 40 locations…
Really unimpressive for any large corp… Even more so for a company the size of Ford… And yet more given that they have a BEV product.

If I were Ford’s PR, I’d try to hide this type of announcement rather than publicizing it.

Now now, let’s not make better the enemy of best it is an improvement. at one time im sure ford had no EVSE’S anywhere. There was not a gas station on every corner either in the early days of motoring it’s coming we just have to be patient.

Now if they just made an EV worth buying. Just had my C-Max Energy in the shop for another recall.

If that battery would get upgraded already, they’ve have more sales.

I have no complaints with my Ford Focus Electric. Yeah it doesn’t have quick charge and only gets 75-85 miles on a charge, but it drives great and I have had 13K trouble free, fun, no range anxiety drama miles thus far. I cant wait until they throw their hat into the ring in a couple of years with a 200 mile quick charge car.

Good to know. Glad the car is doing well for you.

I have read through my comments and am very aware that I have come across as very anti-Ford. That is really not my intention, I quite like ford as a company and I think their 3 plugin offerings are pretty good.

I think I am frustrated by the fact that they have made 3 decent cars and then not pushed them with as much vigor as they could. This is pretty much true for a lot of the big car companies who are starting to make pretty compelling vehicles but then not showing any interest in “selling” them.

What they don’t mention is that these charging stations are limited to Ford vehicles ONLY. Any plug in from any other manufacturer are prohibited from using them. The majority of the time these stations sit unused because so many employees are either ignorant of the benefits of an EV or are prohibited from using them because they chose to buy something else.

No matter how loudly Ford beats the environmental drum claiming to be committed to making lasting positive changes they are not. After seeing what goes on the inside Ford it is obvious that every decision at every level is always about making money. EVs are a positive byproduct of the latest marketing campaign.