Ford Escape PHEV Spied Under Wraps


The PHEV would be part of a potentially rather large powertrain range for the next-gen Escape.

Previous spy shots have caught a new generation of the Escape (Kuga in Europe) under development, and now photos have revealed that a plug-in hybrid variant could be part of the lineup. Given the Blue Oval’s decision to drop most of the cars from its lineup, a PHEV version of the crossover would be a way to get back some of the possible drop in average fuel economy across the whole range.

This test mule looks nearly identical to the ones in previous spy photos, except for the additional flap on the driver side fender that hides the spot for plugging in the Escape. Powertrain details for the PHEV remain a mystery at this point. We expect the model to use something new, though, due to the age of the tech driving the C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi.

Up front, the new Escape appears to retain the current model’s broad grille and narrow lower fascia. The headlights continue to run up the fenders, too, but they seem more angular here. At the rear, Ford’s engineers use panels to hide the shape rear, but it appears that there is a far sleeker shape back there that would lend the model a lot more style.

There aren’t details about the next-gen Escape’s cabin but expect it to share tech with the latest Focus because they ride on the same platform. A more advanced infotainment system and better driver assistance are among the likely improvements. Ford also intends to offer a three-row version, but so far details are sketchy about whether this version would be physically larger or just have extra seating in the back at the expense of less cargo room.

There are more concrete rumors about the non-PHEV Escape’s powertrain. It would reportedly come standard with the 1.5-liter EcoBoost with cylinder activation that comes in 148-horsepower (110-kilowatt) and 180-hp (134 kW) tunes in the new Focus. Range-topping versions would allegedly get a turbocharged 2.0-liter.

Ford will reportedly unveil the new Escape in 2019, and it’ll be on sale for the 2020 model year in the United States.

Ford Escape Energi

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Yes, it really has been a trail of tears for Ford. I think soon they will just have the F-150, which is a great truck, but it’s days are numbered, at least in it’s current form. Peak car is really going to hurt, as clearly evidenced already, with models being dropped by manufactures like soiled diapers. No one wants the smelly old things.

It’s the greatest profit margin car in history

Still ugly and unnecessary for most people. And it’s a gas guzzling nightmare.

Uh… is it just me or has this been in testing for a year now?

That might be a test mule. This looks like a pre-production car. We may release it in the next few months.

How long do you think it takes to bring a new car to market? They have almost certainly been testing for more than a year!

I think Ford’s simply proud that at least its windows are electric

Strange camouflage. Ford seems unable to build a proper EV, so they now changed strategy and try to confuse Teslas AutoPilot with optical illusions.

Ford has gotta get more zev credits soon so phev escape makes a lot of sense. Let’s hope they pair it with the weaker 1.5L engine and it has at least 25 AER as well as 35mpg combined.

Third row for escape seems dumb for ford since they sell two mid size SUVs that could actually use a third row without enabling only toddlers in the very back seats.

So, built for limited appeal and for limited numbers.

Escape is the best selling in Ford lineup excluding the F Series pickups.
They should have done this long time ago, better late than never.

A plant in Indiana that made Hummer H2 is now going to make Electric Crossovers. Basically the plant is taken over by SF Motors; a Chinese startup and it will be retooled. I wish other closed plants are also taken over by electric automakers and retooled to make EVs.

I had a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. It was a fantastic vehicle that got great mileage. Last year I gave it to my son and went shopping for a new high mileage SUV. Ford wasn’t even close – they no longer make the hybrid Escape. Looked at CR-V (non-hybrid) and RAV-4 hybrid. The 2018 non-hybrid CR-V (which I ended up buying) gets significantly better mileage than the 2009 Escape Hybrid got. Ford seems to have dropped the ball when they dropped the hybrid powertrain from the Escape line. Maybe the PH Escape will them recover from that mistake.

All I am interested in knowing is
1) What’s the all electric range?
2) What’s the charging speed?

I am interested in knowing where is…..GM’s Voltec Phev SUV???

Another opportunities squandered.

It’ll look like an rolling brick, nothing to hide with camouflage.

It’s about time. Ford was working on a PHEV Escape 10 years ago and shelved it. Went with the C-Max Energi instead. We all know how well that worked out for them. Opportunity missed.

They should’ve fired a Mark Fields 5 years ago ‼️