Ford Doesn’t Expect Focus Electric Sales to Increase by Much in 2013


2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

Even with 900 EV Certified dealers set to be ready for action in Spring 2013, Ford says sales of its Focus Electric likely won’t increase substantially.

Focus Electric window sticker

Focus Electric window sticker

Despite reduced lease rates and expanded availability of the Focus Electric, Ford sees only lukewarm sales of its only pure electric vehicle in 2013.

According to Ford, sales of its lone pure electric vehicle, the Focus Electric, will likely comprise no more than 5 percents of its electrified (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-only) vehicle sales, at least in the foreseeable future.  In 2012, the Focus Electric, with sales of only 685 units, represented just 2 percent of Ford’s total electrified vehicle sales.

Plug In Sales Scorecard

Plug In Sales Scorecard

But tepid sales aren’t actually a disappointment to Ford.  As the automaker’s group marketing manager, C.J. O’Donnell, told the Detroit News:

“Overall, it’s meeting our expectations in the marketplace.  I think as we expand the footprint, by definition, we will get more customers.”

O’Donnell isn’t suggesting that sales of the Focus Electric will soon boom.  Rather, he sees slow but gradual growth.

As expected, nearly 90 percent of Focus Electric sales have been in California, but O’Donnell says it’s not a compliance vehicle.  His response is that he hears the mention of compliance and believes it’s too strong a word.  O’Donnell says that Ford’s goal is to “offer customers choice.”  And that’s why the Focus Electric is available across most of the nation.  If customers want it, then it’s available.

To sum it up, Focus Electric sales will likely increase in 2013, but not by much.

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8 Comments on "Ford Doesn’t Expect Focus Electric Sales to Increase by Much in 2013"

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Bob, I will bid 2000…

My bid is less than 1000. We are clearly in a hybrid environment. Ford has failed to market the BEV Focus. Without marketing support sales will not occur.

Once the Focus was available nationwide, sales were consistently over 100/mo. I’m betting they will sell over 1200 next year. Probably around 1500.

And by “next year”, I mean “this year” – 2013.

I appreciate the choice, Ford. I really do. But there are so many others who don’t even know they have a choice. Even if Ford doesn’t heavily advertise this car, they need to get it into show rooms so that people may at least test drive it.

With Ford targeting the 100,000 mark with their hybrid/plug-in and electric vehicles combined, at 5% the Focus EV should hit the 5,000 mark for 2013.

To make that happen, Ford will need to actually market the car. To date there has been ZERO print/tv marketing for the Focus EV, C-Max or Fusion Energi plug-in vehicles. Not even in CA where the majority of ‘word of mouth’ sales are.

But that should change when marketing kicks in this spring, and 900+ dealers nationwide able to sell the vehicles. Clearly, dealers would not invest in electrification infrastructure, if Ford was not going to provide the product marketing to make the venture profitable.

There is a reason Ford is getting the buzz going in the media about the expanded dealer network and this Spring.

If Ford can drop the price by $5000 while moving the batteries out of the trunk space and adding a quick charger, they should be able to sell a few.

Would help if they spent some money on a magazine ad and a nationwide commercial. The EV competition is heating up in 2013. If Ford doesn’t get some good market share, this Focus going to fade to compliance car levels….

It seems word is spreading that the 2014 Focus Electric will get the same 10kw charger like the Tesla Model S. Reducing 240w charging to 2 hours from empty.