Ford CEO Discusses Automaker’s Recent Electric Car Investment – Video

DEC 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

New Focus Electric - 100 Miles Of Range, DC (CCS) Fast Charging - Arrives Next Fall

New Focus Electric – 100 Miles Of Range, DC (CCS) Fast Charging – Arrives Next Fall

Ford CEO Mark Fields was recently interviewed by Bloomberg Business to discuse severals topics, including Ford’s latest $4.5 billion investment in 13 new electrified models by 2020.

Mark Fields confirms that EVs are fun to drive and that consumers appreciate electric cars. Compeling drive experience and emission regulations drives the automaker’s investment in further electrification, despite low gas prices.

What’s interesting is that Ford’s CEO noted that they are second largest plug-in brand in the U.S. and first if we look only at plug-in hybrids.

Ford offers three models:

  • Ford C-Max Energi
  • Ford Fusion Energi
  • Ford Focus Electric

So far this year, Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi together managed to outsell the struggling 2015 Chevrolet Volt (15,700 to nearly 13,300), but the broader picture shows “lack of progress” this year (sales decreased in fact from 20,446 in 2014 to 17,190). Ford will need to increase volume to justify the $4.5 billion investment (only part of the investment goes directly to more plug-ins).

Ford plug-in electric car sales in U.S. – November 2015

Ford plug-in electric car sales in U.S. – November 2015

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Oh my, he sounds so much like a salesman that he’s hard to listen to.

Most corporate executives come from sales, that is where the money comes from, without it the company goes broke.

Ford will make more hybrids, and their only BEV sales suck.


The Ford Focus Electric is a nice little car, it is a lot more fun to drive than the Leaf. But the lack of much of a boot turns some people off and the complete lack of interest in selling the car on Ford’s part is a pretty effective kiss of death.
The lack of range is rapidly becoming an embarrassment for Ford. If you can’t build a model with at least 100 miles of AER, you aren’t serious. Until Ford builds an electric car from the ground up they might as well admit that they are going to be sitting on the electric car bench. Their hybrids are not bad though.

Lack of L3 charging is also a big disappointment for current gen FFE (at least that’s the reason I picked up a LEAF instead).

You can pester guys at to hurry up with Chademo mod for FFE. Tony “announced” the plan for FFE in forum few weeks ago.

I wonder if the refreshed 2017 FFE with Combo Charger will address the boot space issue, along with Ford offering an Combo Charger upgrade option for current FFE models.

Doubtful in both accounts. But at least it’s a sign that Ford is serious about keeping up with the industry, even if they aren’t leading.

Note so sure… The FFE exists only for credits, and the controlled sales volume shows it.

Ford leaders have often repeated their belief that hybrids are the right answer for now, not BEVs.

I would be extremely surprised if Ford offered a fast charging upgrade for the existing Focus Electric. There just aren’t enough of them sold to make that an good economic choice.

Nissan toyed with the idea for the non-CHAdeMO LEAFs but then never did it, and Ford doesn’t have much regard at all for their existing FFE fleet drivers. If they wanted to learn from existing drivers, they’d probably be in more contact than just sending me oil change coupons.

The Combo fast charger and improved range had me considering another FFE when my lease is up on my 2014 model.

But for me, American manufacturing is a very important element of a car purchase decision. The current Focus Electric is virtually all American; frame, motor, battery, power system, final assembly; all Michigan-made.

I’ve got personal experience on how hard it is to replicate a Michigan assembly line in Mexico, so the move of Focus assembly there in 2018 doesn’t make me enthusiastic.

I’m actually surprised that Fields did this interview with a Focus Electric in the background; last time I saw him interviewed about electrification, he did it from the F-150 assembly line.

The only thing slower than the Ford Motor Company moving to EVs is gold eroding, which doesn’t.

It’s amazing the amount of PR vapor produced by the auto industry.

Gold is a very soft metal it will erode very quickly in even modest wear applications, I think you mean corrode.

Ford is also part of the CharIN e. V. Initiative that is bringing 150kW EV charging capacity to support the 200+ mile EVs.

The Ford representative is Wolfgang Selle:

“Wolfgang Selle is responsible for E-Mobility, EV-Infrastructure & Standardisation within Ford of Europe (FoE). He joined FoE in 1988 and held a number of positions within Manufacturing and Product Development. In 1988 he took over the strategic planning for large cars within Powertrain Planning. Since 2009 he has been in charge of different functions within Electric Vehicle and EV-Infrastructure. He represents FoE in public bodies like VDA and NPE. “

If they were serious they would just introduce the Escape PHEV as they were originally promoting. The C Max is a great car but a PHEV Escape with 20mi range would dominate the sales charts.

Yeah, I think an Escape PHEV would do well. They should also make a Ford Focus Energi with a min of 40 mile AER.

Hello, kdawg (***mod edit:name removed***):

Still remember me? I absolutely agree with you, I hope GM and Ford would invest all their fortune in EV/PHEV business in spite of poor sales, once they devote all their resources to produce 2 million EV/PHEV annually, the market would warm up and the price would drop, they would reap the benefits. Detroit would be the booming capital of the universe due to huge profits made by GM. As of right now, GM is doing pretty good, 4-5 billion annual profit, not too bad considering Toyota only makes 20 billion yen each year, which is about 200 million dollars per year.

“Still remember me?”

I just want to point out that this $4.5 Billion investment into electric vehicles reveals that the $5.9 Billion ATVM loan was really just a stealth bail-out of Ford.

I get tired of the sycophants that hate GM and say Ford didn’t take a bail-out . . . Ford did take a bail-out, just more discretely.

There are a host of companies like Uber and Lyft? Say what? Not simply vague and inaccurate, just completely wrong.

Regarding most of the rest of what he said was just corporate speak. ‘We are continuing to produce appealing vehicles that speak to what Americans want…blah..

The 2016 FORD Focus EV has 100 mile range and a Fast Charge port. I have a 2013 FFE and the batteries are still full capacity even in our Phoenix HEAT and well over 20 k miles.

I only hope they make the Air Cond /Heater an efficient Heat Pump that uses 1/2 the energy. Go FORD.

I welcome Ford’s belated investment, but cannot fathom their almost unbelievably unambitious new Focus electric! 100 miles in a 2017 model? That’s less than the 2016 Leaf, Soul EV, and MUCH less than cars that arrive before or along with the Focus – Hyuandai Ioniq, Chevy Bolt, next gen Leaf, and several others. Ford is PLANNING to offer half the range of the Bolt!! An I supposed to think they want to sell EVs?!?

Alan Mulally called it their fast follower strategy.

Like Avis, they make a virtue out of being #2.

I would be more interested in hearing about the rumored partnership with Google on the self driving (and I would assume, electric) cars. That could be a bigger deal than Ford’s own electric models, which aren’t really that well known.