Ford C-Max Energi And Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Listed Among Top 10 Deals Of The Month


Ford C-Max Energi Deals As Listed By KBB

Ford C-Max Energi Deal As Listed By KBB

“This month’s list of standout lease and financing deals includes a fuel-efficient diesel sedan, two cars you can fuel-up from a wall socket, and at the other end of the spectrum, a big 3-row SUV being offered with $6,000 cash back.”

States Kelley Blue Book in assembling its Top 10 automotive deals of the month for June.

Here’s a look at the KBB listed deals on the two vehicles (Ford C-Max Energi and Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid) you can “fuel-up from a wall socket.”

We certainly know many Americans feel that the Prius PHV is currently a screaming deal as the Toyota set a new sales record in May with 2,692 copies sold.  That result also moved the electric Prius past the Chevrolet Volt as the 2nd best selling plug-in in the United States.

Editor’s Note:  The Ford C-Max Energi efficiency numbers have been reduced recently and is not reflected in the above graphbic – so ‘the deal’ is not quite as good as Kelley says it is.  The combined MPG of the C-Max Energi dropped from 43 to 38, while the all-electric range fell from 21 miles to 19.  (full story on that here)

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Deal As Listed By KBB

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Deal As Listed By KBB

Source: Kelley Blue Book

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Kelly was always designed to lead the blind.

I thought Ford had to revise the C-Max to 19 miles of AER? Infographic shows 21.

And I though the MPG in CS mode was reduced as well?

Indeed, their infographic is not accurate. I’ll put a note/link in the story updating it.

MPG moved from 43 to 38
Electric range from 21 miles to 19 miles
MPGe fell from 100 to 88

Local Ford dealer told me they are having a tough time selling C-Max of any type. They still have 2013 Energi models on the lot that were built in June 2013 (can’t imagine what state the battery is in).

Apparently people are buying the Escape ICE instead because it looks better and holds more cargo. It has a trendy CUV look compared with the homely C-Max.

BTW the Fusion Energi has some massive rebates as well, mainly because it was overpriced in the first place.

Does an $850 check make up for a trunk that is terminally small?

Gotta hand it to them. Ford discovered how to lower range, before a single battery cycle. At least they have a friend, in KBB.

It seems to me that June is the month to buy an EV with all the incentives that are available. Has this been the case in previous years?

I don’t get it. The Volt after the federal rebate costs less than both and costs less to operate per mile. I guess it gets immediately disqualified because it doesn’t have a 5th seat?

I agree with your point, but I think KBB is looking at the current factory incentives. If a buyer was previously on the fence on one of these models, and did not know about the current incentives, it is useful information.

$3-$4k cash back AND 0% is some strong factory support for cars in this price range!

Oddly the Ford C Max is the first time I have seen TV Commercials for on the local TV for any type of plug in car.

The C Max energi trunk is so small it doesn’t even fit a suitcase unless you take the cover out. Then the sales guy will say that the car is great for commuting due to the battery. But who is going to pay almost 30K for a car that’s just good for a commute ? I can get a Chevy Sonic for 16K that gets 38 mpg overall. The difference in price allows me to buy a lot of gas.

But you can take off the “shade”. And drop one or two of the rear seats. We’ve packed 3 people and all their gear from a dance weekend (think extra changes of clothing) without any trouble. It holds groceries. I’ve even driven it with my husband and his bicycle, and (on a different occassion) my daughter and her cello.

We ruled out the sedan due to it’s tiny useless truck, but the Cmax’s hatchback is okay.

Just got an ad from a Silicon Valley Ford Dealer:
C-Max Energi: $159/mo 24mo lease $0 customer down
Fusion Energi: $199/mo 24mo lease $0 customer down
Focus Electric: $199/mo 36mo lease $0 customer down

However, they have some strange Ford contributions in the deals like “Competitive Lease Conquest Rebate” or “Trade-In Assistance Rebate”. The payments also don’t include tax, title & license.

The Focus Electric lease had a $11,000 contribution (cap reduction) from Ford and after all is said and done, it qualifies for the CA $2,500 rebate also.