Ford C-Max Energi Production Comes To An End

NOV 10 2017 BY MARK KANE 30

Ford C-Max Energi sales in U.S. – October 2017

Dan Jones, Ford’s North America Car Communications Manager, has revealed that the C-Max Energi production has ended, while the C-Max hybrid will live on into mid-2018.

Of note:  We did a little further digging, and Ford is planning for regular C-Max production through early May of 2018.

Ford C-MAX Energi

The C-Max series really didn’t fulfill Ford’s expectations in terms of sales volume, and will be replaced by some new models in near future.

Further to that, with the Ford Escape Energi/plug-in on the roads testing now (and arriving later next year), and also the Focus Energi on the apparent horizon – the C-Max Energi’s days have long been numbered.

Since October 2012, through the end of October 2017, Ford has delivered 40,690 C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids…in a very consistent fashion:

  • 2012: 2,374
  • 2013: 7,154
  • 2014: 8,433
  • 2015: 7,591
  • 2016: 7,957
  • 2017 YTD: 7,181

Historically, the C-Max Energi has always been one of the top 10 most popular plug-in models in the U.S., but has never really had a moment in the sun like the Toyota Prius Plug-In, Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV , Nissan LEAF or Tesla Model S near the top of the list.

The only other plug-in hybrid that Ford produces now is the Fusion Energi, which utilizes the same powertrain.

Ford C-Max Energi sales in U.S. – October 2017

It’s also a little sad that Ford recently crossed the milestone of its 100,000 plug-in car sales in the U.S. at the same time as the C-MAX Energi cessation.

Ford plug-in car sales in U.S. – October 2017

source: Green Car Reports

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That’s too bad. I had hoped with the lower trim levels that they’d be able to sell more, but Ford dealers didn’t do a great job selling them and the trunk configuration was always a hack job.

It works great for my family though – but I bought it used, which didn’t help Ford much.

Seems like a great vehicle platform. The problem is how Ford shoehorns the batteries in and sacrifices cargo space.

If they didn’t do that with their Energi models, the sales volume would be much higher in my opinion.

Yet the Energi twins (quietly) sold around the same amounts as the more attention getting Voltec drivetrain combo. Also, the Fusion hybrid has lately been the best selling hybrid in the USA; more than the latest, greatest Prius!

Totally agree….the lack of cargo space is what is preventing our purchase.

At least sales weren’t falling off a cliff. Hopefully this means we’ll get a replacement soon.

Maybe a PHEV Escape?

I’ve been driving a C-Max Energi since 2013. It’s been a test plug-in car for me (my first) and overall is pretty good and a fine commuter car. But, I’d say I like it more than love it.

Just saw my first one. It’s a European car. In Europe if I understand correctly, it has sliding doors like a small minivan. The Mazda5 was like that. It was a great vehicle but not to US tastes. So Ford tried putting doors on it here. I guess US customers just aren’t in the mood for economical hatchbacks. Put some ugly plastic cladding on it, raise it an inch, and call it an SUV and people line up. I guess people would just rather buy an Escape. Interestingly 2017 would appear to be the energi’s top sales year.

” Interestingly 2017 would appear to be the energi’s top sales year.”

That’s doubtful. In a normal year maybe they would, but they’re selling off what’s left of 2017 production. No new ones are being built. Sales will fall off the cliff in the next couple months until they’re all gone.

Here in Europe you Get two models. C-Max Compact (Same as in US) and Grand C-Max. A bigger one with 7-seats and sliding doors.
No energy versions at all in Europe! And the car is a flop..

“Put some ugly plastic cladding on it, raise it an inch, and call it an SUV and people line up.”

Exactly. I had an identical but much better selling Ford Escape park next to my CMax Energi at a hotel. I noticed that in addition to the things you listed it also had larger, more inefficient wheels/tires but otherwise the vehicles were nearly identical (even had same paint). Sigh….

You have to open the hatch back to see the difference between the CMax Energi and the Escape.

We have been driving a cmax Energi since 2013. Great car and we love everything about it except for one thing. We can barely put one stroller in the car because the batteries consume the cargo space.

If Ford actuality comes out with a plug in Escape next year then we will be getting one. Pending Ford puts the battery’s under the floorboards where they belong. It is foolish to assume people are buying Escape because they have 1” more ground clearance.

It is too bad that Ford is discontinuing the CMax Energi. They should just upgrade the model and complement it with the Escape. The CMax competes with the Prius. Is Ford going to have a plug in Focus to compete with the Prius?

I know a couple of people who have these and like them. However, they never really had enough All Electric Range to appeal to me. I wouldn’t even want to buy a charger and plug it in for 20 miles of range. Hopefully, Ford is planning replacement models with more range and better battery placement. The Escape EREV could potentially be a great seller to compete with the Niro and Kona.

I leased one in July 2016. The lease was massively subsidized so that my TOTAL payments for the lease, including CA sales tax and after the CA rebate are $4200 (less than $4/day!!!!) for the three years. And, for what its worth, the lease included free level 2 charging.

This does not include DMV fees and full coverage insurance (required for a lease) which are actually a little more for the three years.

The federal tax credit goes to the lessor which helps cover the huge depreciation, but still, nobody made any money on on this deal (except the money I saved by not having to get a different vehicle)

Its actually a nice car IMHO and I get 20 to 25 miles from a charge driving gently around town w/out using the Heat and AC.

I will turn it in at the end of the lease.

Screw Ford. They don’t even care about preserving the fed tax credit. Instead they send thank you notes to the GOP reps that helped draft the bill to kill the credit!
And Tesla saying nothing too. Wtf?

Don’t know about Ford, but Tesla has half a million people waiting to buy the Model 3, most of whom won’t be eligible for the full tax credit anyway. So it doesn’t matter to their business whether the tax credit goes or stays.

Ford has only sold ~100K plug-in vehicles so far, so one would think they would want the credit extended. That is assuming they really want to sell PEVs. Their $5B investment announcement a month ago would seem to confirm that. But then, they make their money on ICEs, so who knows.

Right – Tesla can sell all they can possibly make at whatever the price is because they have unlimited demand. sarc

Yes – people will still buy the 3 in fantastic numbers but to think that $7500 doesn’t matter at all is not true. More people may grab autopilot, more people grab the LR to get the TC, all sorts of things that help Tesla

Bought the Cmax Energi when it first appeared on the market in Detroit. Always has been a daily commuter with great gas mileage, and totally reliable.With the government rebates it was very affordable and would have been more so had gas prices remained high. I intend to keep my little car a few years more yet and continue to enjoy 40mpg daily without even plugging it in. Thanks Ford for an excellent little commuter with tons of interior space and comfort and of course GREEN.

Fotd is really slipping. I went in to see if I could buy an escape hybrid and they don’t even make them anymore. So now I have to go to Kia who makes the most reliable one on the market apparently. And this is after having purchased over 30 Fords in my life time. My F150 ecoworst is a joke as well. My Lincoln hybrid is OK after they sent the rebate for deceptive mileage estimates.

The Ford C-max is a nice looking car. The problem with the Plug-in model is the low electric range (20 to 25miles) on a charge. How come they never decided to increase the battery size in order to offer at least 40 miles of range on a charge?. After all, according to the sales chart, the C-max is a better seller than the Focus EV, and they redesigned the Focus not long ago.

I used to be able to charge at work and and get 35 miles on my used Ford cmax energi maybe I filled the tank once every three weeks it was awesome. The cmax needed a 50 mile battery, if the volt could’ve seated five I would have bought it instead only for that reason.

Great car for gas savers like me. But I drive 100 mls a day, I really WISH Ford would come out with a 100 mls battery soon. That would be awesome and Ford could sell more cars…!

If you are driving 100 miles / day, then you should consider Volt which has 53 AER or up coming Leaf.

I leased a Cmax energi for three years. It was a nice car averaging 69 mpg over its life. At lease end I had expected Ford would have a greatly improved version comparable to the Bolt. But Ford has not invested in EVs so they have lost my business. Ford’s senior mgt was replaced just for that reason

On my second CMax Energi.
Love it a lot.
I’ve driven a Prius and Volt and Leaf. CMax is way better than all Of them. Comfiest seat, Highest ride for a small car. 67 mpg.
Guess I’ll get an Escape next time.

Ford’s initial plan was to sell a gas,hybrid,plugin,electric versions of Focus. Later they changed and took the European C-Max, added hybrid system and other features to make it 20% heavier than Prius which dipped its mileage to a very low 40 MPG and it failed to capture the mileage conscious hybrid buyers. Plugin version followed the hybrid and with a low 19 mile AER and 39 MPG and a hefty $ 32K price tag, it ended as a low volume. What’s even bad is the battery behind the rear seat taking up trunk space unevenly that 2 suitcases cannot be filled. The $4,000 price decrease did help it sell well in the face of competition and another $2,000 decrease could have made it sell well thru the end of next year. Anyway Ford is planning to come up with an entirely new model and hope it will have the same height as C-Max and AWD trim and will be classified as a Crossover since this segment is fast growing. What’s more important is a more decent 30 AER and at least 45 MPG and a price tag of around $25K because of increasing competition. Pricing should be done in light… Read more »

Sad to see Ford is ending production on this car, but they really let this car wither away. It was in dire need of a battery upgrade and better thermal management.

I have a 2013 and will be holding onto it for awhile, overall has been a really good car. Yes the battery pack intrudes into the hatch area but have never had any issues with:

-Costco/Sam’s run.
-picking up relatives both times from international flights so they had more than a carry-on.
-fits my dads wheelchair (both standard issue and the fold able one by Driven) with ease.
-my sons Britax B-Agile fits fine with room to spare.
-and we’ve taken multiple road trips from OC to SD and numerous trips to NCAL with no issues.

I’m still enjoying my 2013 C-Max Energi. It’s a pleasure to drive. Since my wife and I, at this stage of our lives, rarely drive more than 20 miles a day, we seldom put gas in the car. The days when we hauled our kids’ stuff to college or to new digs are over, and so the inconveniently tiered storage space is not a problem. For our purposes now the car is great. I’m sad to see it go. I’ve owned Priuses, too, and the C-Max is more fun to drive, has better headroom and visibility.

My C-Max Energi (Elaine) is perfect for me. My daily short commute and errands are covered by the overnight charge on a regular home outlet without any noticeable change to my electric bill. Highway excursions always come in well over 40 MPG. The car is very comfortable and I love all the safety features. Hoping Ford comes up with a new plug-in hybrid by the time Elaine and I part ways.

I am driving my second cmax energi plug in and love it!