Ford Begins Trials Of Plug-In Hybrid Vans In London – Video

JAN 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

The Ford Transit Connect plug-in is back!  Well, kinda.  

Ford has announced trials of some Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid vans in London, which is scheduled to launch in the Autumn of this year.  In total, 20 vans will be tested over a 12-month period by select London businesses.

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford secured some £4.7 million ($5.8 million) for the project via a grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre and is supported by Transport for London.

Sadly there is no details about specific battery capacity, all-electric range or other technical data.  Which seems fairly counter-productive to promoting the vans…but we digress.

“Commercial vehicles in London make 280,000 journeys on a typical weekday, travelling a total distance of 8 million miles (13 million km). Vans represent 75 per cent of peak freight traffic, with over 7,000 vehicles per hour driving at peak times in Central London alone.

Ford will provide 20 PHEV Transits to a range of commercial fleets across London, including Transport for London’s fleet, to explore how such vans can contribute to cleaner air targets while boosting productivity for operators in urban conditions – the toughest working environment for vehicles. The project is supported financially by the U.K. Government-funded Advanced Propulsion Centre.”

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

“The Transit Custom PHEV vans in the London trial are an advanced design that allows them to be charged with mains electricity for zero-emission journeys, while featuring an efficient on-board combustion engine for extended range when longer trips are required. Ford is the first volume manufacturer to offer PHEV technology in this segment of the van market.

The trial fleet will operate in everyday use across a cross-section of city-based businesses, using a Ford telematics system to collect data on the vehicles’ financial, operational and environmental performance to help understand how the benefits of electrified vehicles can be maximised.

Development of the 20 Transit Custom PHEV fleet trial vehicles has been supported by a £4.7m grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre. The vans are being designed and engineered at Ford’s Dunton, U.K., technical centre, and at Prodrive Advanced Technology in Banbury, U.K., with programme support from Revolve Technologies.”

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Jim Farley, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe said:

“Ford is the No. 1 commercial vehicle brand in Europe and it’s now going electric. Teaming up with our London partners, we will also be able to trial software and telematics with enormous potential to reduce emissions and costs in the city. This new type of partnership demonstrates our evolution to both an auto and mobility company. We have lots of work to do, but everyone is so energised by this breakthrough opportunity.”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London said:

“The freight sector’s transition to ultra-low emission vehicles is central to cleaning up London’s toxic air. Transport for London continues to lead by example by increasing the number of its own vehicles that are electric and will find the data from these trials an invaluable resource for the LoCITY programme, which encourages the uptake of low emission commercial transport.”

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Why does Ford “the largest automaker in Europe” need a 5.8 million dollar grand to do a 12 month test of a mere 20 vans in late 2017? Are we still wondering what Ford will need to do remain relevant in the coming decades? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Good question. They could have bought 200 Nissan fully electric vans instead.

That’s Fords full size Van. Towing capacity 3800-6200 lb for the US gas version so this is pretty interesting IMO.

It would be nice to know some of the engineering details of the power train.

One of Fords slides says:

“Battery pack in floor”.

That’s a good sign!

Ford: Pay Me, Then I’ll Innovate, at the demand of Government.
Why Tesla will take it’s marketshare.

Introducing the all new
Ford Courtesan…

Perfectly ready to be converted to a miniRV.

Waste of (UK and/or EU) taxpayer’s money.
10 years ago, maybe. No justification at this point in time to subsidize any pilot like this… Or not come out directly with a commercial product.
Boo Ford.

Watching the LoCity videos of actual commercial consumers, they are all wanting a full electric van. No body is talking about a hybrid. And they also mention the Nissan EV van they have is too small and want an electric Transit van.

The commercial consumers in London save so much annually by going electric. Once that gasoline engine fires up, so burns the savings.

Ford needs to offer a 200. mile electric van. I wonder if it can have the same batter pack of the upcoming 300 mile small SUV.