Ford Approaching 60,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In U.S.


Ford plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. are approaching 60,000 units, but there was not much forward progress in 2015.

In fact, sales of three models: (Focus Electric, Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi) each were lower in 2015 than in 2014, although we do expect Ford to pick up the pace as it refreshes/adds to its plug-in lineup in the 2nd half of 2016 (more on that from NAIAS in Detroit very soon).

Ford plug-ins sales in U.S. – December 2015

Ford plug-ins sales in U.S. – December 2015

Total share of plug-in cars compared to Ford’s overall sales account for less than 1%.

Ford plug-ins sales in U.S. – December 2015

Ford plug-ins sales in U.S. – December 2015

The first plug-in from Ford – the all-electric Focus – isn’t able to break out from 100-200 sales a month pace and ended 2015 with 1,582 sales compared to 1,964 in 2014.

Maybe something will change late in 2016 with the 2017 model year introduction with 100 miles of range and DC fast charging?

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric sales in U.S. – December 2015

Ford Focus Electric sales in U.S. – December 2015

Two plug-in hybrids – the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi – are in retreating sales mode too, although we have to note more strength in the Fusion Energi to end out the year, and a refreshed look/more MPGe 2017 model year was just introduced at the NAIAS in Detroit this week; so the trend may be turning for the plug-in Fusion.

Fusion Energi had 9,750 sales in 2015, compared to 11,550 in 2014.

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi sales in U.S. – December 2015

Ford Fusion Energi sales in U.S. – December 2015

The Ford C-Max Energi moved back from 8,433 in 2014 to 7,591 in 2015, and (unlike its sister car, the Fusion Energi) sales seems to have weakened over time, and ending out 2015.

Noteworthy is that plug-in hybrids still account for 35% of all C-Max sales (base version is a hybrid).

Ford C-MAX Energi

Ford C-MAX Energi

Ford Fusion C-Max sales in U.S. – December 2015

Ford Fusion C-Max sales in U.S. – December 2015

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18 responses to "Ford Approaching 60,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In U.S."
  1. David Murray says:

    I’m amazed they aren’t going to upgrade the range on the energi cars. Also i was expecting to hear the introduction of a new PHEV because I highly suspect the C-Max has one foot in the grave already. Thus, they need to find a different model for a PHEV.

    1. liberty says:

      I’m not suprised they are trying to push down price with cheap gasoline, they want a smaller premium.

      Ford is working on a dedicated hybrid for 2019. They are going to replace the c-max but it takes time.

      1. Sting777 says:

        a “dedicated” hybrid? for 2019?
        The race will be OVER by then.
        No one will care.

        Time to sell your Ford stock.

  2. ggpa says:

    Has anybody tried to publish a total kWh for each manufacturer? I think it will put Tesla, Nissan and GM way ahead of the rest.

    1. RexxSee says:

      I just did!

      Dark green is BEV, lighter green PHEV, i/ is the exception.

      Tesla is way ahead, Ford not so well if not for the Focus. Fiat is good!

      1. RexxSee says:

        not i/ of course, BMW i3 is correct.

      2. RexxSee says:

        Not really kWh, but Miles from EPA data, which is near.

        1. ggpa says:

          Really nice analysis, thanks!

  3. blandman says:

    I am continually disappointed with Ford’s approach. I’m happy in general with the C-Max Energi I purchased in 2013, but they have haven’t done much with the Energi line since then.

  4. Speculawyer says:

    Imagine if they built something good.

    1. Anon says:

      I’m waiting for them to announce a long range Mustang BEV. *grows old, dies*

      1. Mark C says:

        I too would be interested in a lightweight Mustang EV with more than 100 miles range at a good price. Who wouldn’t love America’s pony car with the thrust of a ’68 Cobra Jet Mustang and the miserly efficiency of running on electrons!

        1. KUD says:

          Like this one 🙂

  5. Josh says:

    Kind of off topic here, but not sure where else to ask…

    Is Ford done at the NAIAS? Is there no new plug-in announcement?

    1. Kakkerlak says:

      Monday’s introductions were mobility services and the refreshed Fusion (including a mild refresh of the Fusion Energi). Monday night’s big under-the-tarp reveal was the NASCAR racing Fusion.

      I don’t expect a super secret 200 mile BEV reveal at this show, and if there are technology hints about it I have not seen them.

  6. Sting777 says:

    Ford proves TESLA will wipe them out.
    From the turtle management style at FORD you can clearly see TESLA’s technology truly is Disruptive.

  7. Lou says:

    Kind of interesting that Ford is pushing information about their electrified vehicles, just after GM announced the 200 mile Bolt. Anything to take a little bit of the shine off of GM. Same for the other OEM’s bragging about their 19-20 miles PHEV’s. Nice cars but already outdated. Just got an e-mail from Nissan in regards to the 2016 LEAF. I sense some real concern, they just might be irrelevant shortly.


  8. james says:

    2017 update… /yawn

    No range or battery increase, but nebulous ‘increased efficiency’ and little lower cost but with a more expensive trim level option.