For Valentine’s Day: Summon A Tesla Model S With Roses On Board


Flower Delivery Via Tesla Summon Mode

Flower Delivery Via Tesla Summon Mode

Because it’s Valentine’s Day…

“What could make the perfect Valentine’s gift for a romantic young couple?”

“How about 100 giant Ecuadorian red roses, a bottle of Cristal and an iPad, all brought straight to you by your invisible chauffeur – a “summoned” Tesla Model S P85D. Or can that be bettered? Watch to find out.”

Of course, this is an advertisement for a flower company (located in the UK), but since it includes a Tesla Model S, we figured we’ll share it here.

Oddly, the video uploader notes that Summon Mode wasn’t actually used in the video and says that it’s just a “SIMULATION for FUN.”

But we do sort of like the idea of delivery via a self-driving Tesla. It does have that wow factor.

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13 responses to "For Valentine’s Day: Summon A Tesla Model S With Roses On Board"
  1. ffbj says:

    Go the extra mile? I’ll say. I got my girlfriend a box of candy.

  2. evcarnut says:

    Maybe they put a Very short person in there hiding in all those roses, so you couldn’t see them driving it….viola ! The autonomous mode ! l o l ..

    1. RexxSee says:

      “viola” in French is “raped”.. not very appropriate for today 😉 … or any day for that matter…

      1. evcarnut says:

        Sorry Wrong spelling . Perhaps Vua La’ or something close will suffice ?? aha

        1. Guy L says:

          You probably meant, Voilà!

        2. an_outsider says:


        3. RexxSee says:

          Et voilà qui est mieux!

        4. sven says:

          Ironically and tragically, all four members of up and coming British indie rock band Viola Beach and their manager were killed in a car accident in Sweden yesterday when their car drove off an opened bridge and plunged into a canal. R.I.P.

  3. Anon says:

    Wow. Great acting / directing! And what a lovely way to advertise both this flower company, and Tesla.

    Very nice. 😀

  4. Nigel says:

    I want a car like that and a girl like that.

    1. ZLL says:

      Yup,she has a nice rear end…I mean the car of course…

  5. Foo says:

    How much you wanna bet they actually only had one red Tesla?

  6. Mister G says:

    WOW free advertising for Tesla…GO TESLA GO SAVE THE WORLD ONE EV AT A TIME