For Valentine’s Day: Summon A Tesla Model S With Roses On Board


Flower Delivery Via Tesla Summon Mode

Flower Delivery Via Tesla Summon Mode

Because it’s Valentine’s Day…

“What could make the perfect Valentine’s gift for a romantic young couple?”

“How about 100 giant Ecuadorian red roses, a bottle of Cristal and an iPad, all brought straight to you by your invisible chauffeur – a “summoned” Tesla Model S P85D. Or can that be bettered? Watch to find out.”

Of course, this is an advertisement for a flower company (located in the UK), but since it includes a Tesla Model S, we figured we’ll share it here.

Oddly, the video uploader notes that Summon Mode wasn’t actually used in the video and says that it’s just a “SIMULATION for FUN.”

But we do sort of like the idea of delivery via a self-driving Tesla. It does have that wow factor.

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Go the extra mile? I’ll say. I got my girlfriend a box of candy.

Maybe they put a Very short person in there hiding in all those roses, so you couldn’t see them driving it….viola ! The autonomous mode ! l o l ..

“viola” in French is “raped”.. not very appropriate for today 😉 … or any day for that matter…

Sorry Wrong spelling . Perhaps Vua La’ or something close will suffice ?? aha

You probably meant, Voilà!


Et voilà qui est mieux!

Ironically and tragically, all four members of up and coming British indie rock band Viola Beach and their manager were killed in a car accident in Sweden yesterday when their car drove off an opened bridge and plunged into a canal. R.I.P.

Wow. Great acting / directing! And what a lovely way to advertise both this flower company, and Tesla.

Very nice. 😀

I want a car like that and a girl like that.

Yup,she has a nice rear end…I mean the car of course…

How much you wanna bet they actually only had one red Tesla?

WOW free advertising for Tesla…GO TESLA GO SAVE THE WORLD ONE EV AT A TIME