Following Blackouts, Taiwan Looks To Tesla Powerpacks

AUG 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Taiwan was recently hit by the biggest power outage since 1999, apparently caused by human error, and the government is now exploring the possibility of building out battery energy storage systems.

Tesla Powerpacks

The country’s current strategy is to get rid of nuclear energy by 2025, to better focus on renewable energy sources – which is another reason to install deeper battery storage system, as they help to balance the load during peak times, and when renewables are producing less energy.

One of the choices under consideration for these storage solutions, is Tesla’s Powerpack system, which earlier this year was also chosen by Australia for a massive 129 MWh / 100 MW project.

Via Teslarati:

“Taiwan’s Minister of Science and Technology Chen Liang-gee told reporters that the Taiwanese government would look to potentially form a joint venture with Tesla for the battery project as the government doesn’t have prepared a budget for the project.

Tuesday’s blackout reportedly came after “government-run petroleum company CPC Corporation ran into difficulties while replacing the power supply for a control system responsible for sending natural gas to a power plant.””

Taiwan plans to now send officials to talk with Tesla in the US,

“We will try to check out whether there is a suitable solution…we will get in touch with them,” Chen said.

source: Teslarati

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It’s a joke that Taiwan wants to phase out nuclear when 38% of generation is from coal. I can understand not wanting to build new nuclear, but existing low-carbon energy needs to be milked to its last drop.

Get rid of coal first by building renewables and natural gas, and *then* phase out nuclear.

How old are their nuclear plants ? Nuclear may be low carbon but produces everlasting nuclear waste. And do not forget the risk of a nuclear disaster.

They have a brand new one just built that the current government refuses to allow into operation because politics. DPP voters and their representatives are thugs and morons. By all means they should build more coal and gas power plants, keep burning that fossil fuels while increasing Taiwanese lung cancer rates.

When you are on the ring of fire you won’t think twice when you have the opportunity to close out a nuclear plant. Ask Japan why.

You pay more than you know. You pay coal with bad air and climate. You pay nuclear with high total costs and risk. You always have to include risk. What most people do is to say: Ah… its propability is nearly zero, so pretend it is exactly zero, which is wrong, wrong, wrong.

They should talk to Samsung directly instead.

Yes, because we’ve all heard about *Samsung’s* battery storage system success stories, haven’t we!

Well Tesla seems to think they are good.


Maybe ‘Tesla Energy’ will not be just supplying batteries / Powerpacks for installation, but become a partner in Power Production and Distributed Generation in Taiwan?

Having a Dozen well placed and Distributed Sites, each with 5-10 Tesla Powerpacks, might be best, instead of just one large site, with 60-120 Powerpacks all together!

Or, make one larger site, with, per my example, 60 Powerpacks, and 12 smaller sites, each with 5 Powerpacks, for the same total #, but a spread between Centralized, and Distributed Energy Storage!

Or, install 2-5 Powerpacks at each Mall, with power controls that manage from grid power and from battery power, in a load sharing, peak shaving, backup potential program?

Have Separate Energy Storage for Traffic Lights Management!

In a similar idea to using a Computer UPS, right at the Computer, Tesla could develop Smaller ‘Power Bricks’ of 2-4 kWh, that (for example) are used between the Plug and an Appliance, like a Refrigerator, Freezer, or an Air Conditioner, that is either always topped up from the grid, and can power the appliance if the grid goes down, like Emergency Lighting; or, it draws from the grid at low load periods, but supplements or replaces the grid power to the Appliance, at high load periods, for Appliance Specificate Peak Shaving!

This concept could be applied, like Emergency Lighting, in Elevator and Escallator Power, too.

Same for Traffic Lights Power, but those likely have some switching controls already, where the localized Energy Storage could be Added.