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The InsideEVs team truly appreciates that readers choose us as their source for electric car news, reviews, features, and auto show coverage. Now, our new Google News feed makes it even easier to stay up to date on everything that we publish.

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8 Comments on "Follow InsideEVs On Google News To Stay Informed On The Go"

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Thanks for posting!

Google news ! Ugh!

Not to be critical but constructive InsideEV need a much better comment platform. Use Discus like electrek

Well, then we will not see the number of downvotes.

This should no longer be a problem with the Dissenter browser extension.
As it is, any comment can be submitted for a web page or content regardless of whether the original hosting news service supports a comment section or not.

I don’t see any EV guys in Dissenter. I bet most EV guys are not conservative.

Yeah, I’d rather use a platform that didn’t have a data breech.