Focus Magazine BMW i3 Test Drive Review – Video


Focus Magazine Reviews BMW i3

Focus Magazine Reviews BMW i3

“This year, the Formula E championships will see battery-powered cars tear their way around some of the world’s biggest cities. With the series well under way, Focus decided to find out what the current crop of electric cars can do for day-to-day motorists. Next up: the BMW i3.”

States the video description.

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It’s funny to watch international auto journalists deal with i3. Brits call it a “supermini”, yet it’s not part of BMW’s MINI corporate brand. The mini-minivan stature of the vehicle makes much more sense for ye olde European roads and byways due to their oft-narrow stature, but car guys still wrestle with this car – coming from THIS company. After all – it’s weird to look at, and weird to drive. It’s expensive, and in many ways makes little to no sense for the amount of money BMW asks for it. The technological forays BMW has entered into to produce this car are fascinating, and the applications to their vast fleet of ICE SUVs and cars obvious. It is weird, though. So weird. Yet guys like this skirt around that issue with aplomb. I am happy he mentions the oddball doors. He doesn’t touch the odd black panels that try to cover up this attempt at futurism of basically a stubby box with cart wheels! I mean, it’s out of respect, no doubt. But if Suburu, Toyota or KIA came out with such a beast, the auto publications would be having a field day knocking this car about. The biggest… Read more »

And yes – I have to mention to the BMWarati here that, yes, I know i3 is RWD. In any configuration – the performance is not up to any BMW product previously exported.

A look at i3 and i8 show cars not targeted at Tesla, or any other competitor, really. Just very bold attempts to comply with ever-increasing zero emission and mpg mandates.

The car test I wish to see ( badly! ) in the coming months is Chevrolet Volt v.2 vs. LEAF vs. eGolf vs. Golf GTE vs. i3 around a track.

I believe the ’16 Volt will embarrass i3 in any performance parameter. Then, how will BMW justify such a price for a city car?

i3 seems the precursor to the coming onslaught of Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Infiniti “econo-luxury” cars soon to hit our shores.

I think it’s going to be ugly. Watching these companies attempt to convince us all that their econo-fwd models are worth a price premium over such established efficient ICE subcompacts as have existed in our market for a long long time.

New platforms are incredibly expensive to develop. These international models designed to skirt ecological mandates reach our shores because each company has to reach out and try to create new markets spreading those costs thinner. In the end, though, in markets like the USA and Canada – people frown on BMW-branded MINIs or Mercedes eco-boxes.

After watching enough “Alex on Autos” reviews I have a hard time watching these other guys. I understand Focus Magazine is Eurocentric, however. I just prefer the high level of detail and knowledge supplied by Alex.