Focus Electric Battery Warranty Comes Up Short

APR 25 2012 BY MARC LEE 3


When asked how the warranty on the Focus Electric battery warranty would compare with the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, Ford has repeatedly stated that the warranty would be competitive with the industry.

Longevity of the battery in an EV is naturally of great concern to would be buyers.  The Leaf and the Volt have a very reassuring 8 year/100k mile warranty.  Although the Volt warranty is reportedly better because it guarantees at least 70% of the original range through year 8.  The Leaf makes no range guarantee, but only warrants that the battery will deliver the peak rated power to the motor.  It fails however, to specify any length of time for delivering said “peak power” which calls into question if there is any worth to the Leaf warranty.

There has been no official announcement from Ford, but a recent post on showed the following warranty info:

5YR/60000 ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is also reporting the same warranty info for the Focus Electric.

If this is indeed the warranty for the battery on the Focus Electric it is deeply disappointing that Ford is not matching the warranty being offered by its competitors.

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I think the long-run future of the electric car needs to involve battery exchange to reduce range anxiety. The concern that batteries represent a potential “out-of-warranty” expense for consumers adds to my belief that this is the long future of electrics.