Flux Capacitor Hits The Track – Video


The cute little car that could!

The cute little EV that could!

Great Scott! The “Flux Capacitor” hits the track for the first time

If you are not aware of the Flux Capacitor, or need to get reacquainted with it, don’t watch Back To The Future.  Instead, click here… But you can watch Back To The Future if you’d like, but you won’t see this Flux Capacitor in the flick.

While this little EV is modified to go very fast, it did not travel back in time when it hit 88 MPH..

We’ve never seen someone so enthused to take their vehicle out on the track. For the tiny little EV that it is, we think it put on quite a show!

“She’s alive! TV presenter and journalist Jonny Smith takes his modified 1970s Enfield electric vehicle to Santa Pod for the first time – with incredible results.” -Video description.


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A thousand horsepower in a car the size of a shopping cart? It had to be done.

i had to figure out the horsepower. Guessing the car weighs 2000lbs with batteries and driver, 200 Horsepower to the wheels would put it at a 12.56 quarter mile. This is from a horsepower/quarter mile equation thats very accurate and assumes a perfect launch and putting all the power to the ground. Using his power numbers of 1400 amps and 220 volts, i come up with 308kw or 412 hp. So this car has plenty of more power in store and much quicker quarter mile times to show us. I can’t wait to see the flux capacitor beating a Model S 90 in ludicrous mode. Elon might have to release Plaid Mode sooner rather than later.

Sounds like he’s losing about 100 shaft HP to bad bearings.

If it was a real Flux Capacitor, it would deliver 1.21 gigawatts of power! 😀

If it was a real Flux Capacitor, it would consume 1.21 gigawatts of power!